The Commando or the Community Organizer?

Watching the Prime Minister of Israel speak before congress today was a breath of fresh air. Why? Because unlike our lame community organizer, Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to members of congress instead of speaking at them. That is what our dear leader does.

It was something Americans haven’t seen in over six plus years. We saw a leader speak before us today about his love for not only his country but ours. Netanyahu spoke to the dangers that Islamic regimes pose to the survival of nation’s that were founded on Judeo Christian values. Many socialist democrats in congress boycotted the speech of our ally and friend from Israel on the grounds that it disrespected our first biracial president. All the members of the socialist front group called the Congressional Black Caucus embarrassingly boycotted the speech at the request of Barack Hussein Obama forgetting the fact that the biggest civil rights leader of our time was a staunch supporter of Israel and believed it had the right to defend herself.

Many members of the socialist left who just happen to be Jewish also embarrassed themselves by walking out on the speech from.a man who only wants to ensure the safety of the Jewish nation from a dangerous Islamic republic hell bent on destroying them with a nuclear bomb.

All that went on today from the American far-left is really not that surprising when you understand recent history. Back at the 2012 Democrat convention the socialists tried to strip Jeruselem and God out of their platform at the request of their demonic community organizer. A vote had to be taken several times in order to find out where their allegiances stood.

Listening to the former Israeli commando was a breath of fresh air for those of us who have grown weary of watching all of the grandiose high pitch verbiage that we now know leads to nothing more than false promises from a weak and despotic president who is always lecturing the American people about how they are the root cause of the world’s problems. What we finally heard today was that America wasn’t the problem. America is the solution. Who are you going to believe? The commando who fights for his country or the community organizer who works to tear down his?