Rewarding Dangerous Regimes


It was just six months ago that our fearless commander-in-chief assured our nation that the countries of Yemen and Somalia were strong allies in the war on terror. Obama promised that with the help of these nations we would degrade and dismantle the terrorist extremists.

As it turns out Obama would once again be wrong. The governments of these two key allies in the war on terror are now being over run by these same folks we were supposed to degrade and dismantle. Because of this these terrorists are making our brave and courageous dear leader look like an absolute fool. The government in Yemen was recently overthrown by the Houthis rebels who share the same radical ideology of al Qaeda and just so happens to be backed by Iran. Is it not troubling to anybody with a brain that at a time when our president is negotiating a non-binding nuclear arms agreement with a dangerous Islamic regime such as Iran, that same regime is currently working to destroy our key allies in the area. This past Saturday when negotiations where still taking place the Supreme Leader of Iran openly spoke to a crowd of Islamic fanatics. They all called for, “death to America!

The government of Somalia was supposed to be another ally in the war on terror. They are currently being attacked by the Al Shabaab terrorist group. The group’s ultimate goal is to over throw the Somalian government and install an Islamic government with the intention to implement Sharia law. In 2012, Al Qaeda’s leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Al-Shabaab merged to create working relationship to defeat the west. A video was released a few weeks ago that stated their desire to attack the west by blowing up American malls.

It is a bit mystifying that a president of the United States is rewarding a known state sponsor of terrorism such as Iran with nuclear capability. This will embolden and give Iran greater dominance in a fragile and feudal region. Rewarding the enemy for bad behavior only increases the bad behavior. As the United States sits idly by and purposely watches the fall of ally after ally in the Middle East due to violent Islamic extremists, you can finally start to realize that Obama has reversed the strategy we had developed after 911. Instead of defeating a regime that supports and funds Islamic terrorism worldwide, we are now rewarding and codifying one that supports it.

A Sad and Disappointing Day at the White House


It must be a very disappointing and embarrassing day for the White House. The champagne glasses and caviar were suddenly whisked away and replaced by tissue boxes as the disappointing news from the Middle East began to permeate throughout the hall ways of the people’s house.. The solemn mood was understandable considering there was an epic election in Israel today and the White House’s radical socialist buddy lost big time. Despite sending hordes of immature, “Hope and Change” election dorks to Israel with millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to illegally interfere and undermine the reelection chances of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he triumphantly overcame those obstacles to win and remain a key ally with America in the fight against radical Islamic extremists.

Barack Hussein Obama’s ultimate Middle East wet dream is to weaken Israel in order to strengthen Iran has turned into an colossal failure of epic proportions. It means Israel can stay aggressive as well as responsive to any threat in the region whether it is Hezbolla, Hamas or Al Qaeda. All three terrorist organizations are proxy warriors for the mullahs in Iran. Also, with the hard-line terrorist fighting government staying in power in Israel, Iran’s ambition of nuking up with the willing approval of the Obama administration has thankfully been thwarted.

Obama’s track record of helping fellow radical candidates get elected in America and abroad is statistically pathetic. He lost the House of Representatives in 2010 and then the Senate in 2014. His only big win was his own in his reelection in 2012. Obama, Iran and his political wiz kid acolytes that helped him over the threshold back then, became big time losers last night. The big winner was Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel and the United States of America. When Obama loses, America wins!

The Real Violator of the Logan Act

logan act

It’s hysterical to watch the Obama Liar Czar Media cry and bemoan the fact that 47 republican senators signed a letter that was posted on a senator’s website outlining the lack of constitutionality standing Obama’s executive order has when pertaining to a so-called, “deal” between the United States and Iran concerning Iran’s nuclear weapons. A deal via an executive action means squat! If a republican were to be elected president in 2016 that big and important, “deal” would be nullified instantly by a stroke of a pen. If our dear leader were really serious about making a deal with Iran, he would be working on a treaty with congress like any other normal president. With Obama, nothing is normal because he isn’t. A treaty would need to be ratified by two-thirds of the Senate. The senators posted the letter online to remind our dear leader that his executive action is unconstitutionally non-binding.

Watching the Liar Czar Media spin this as treasonous or a violation of the Logan Act is absurd and ridiculous. The Logan Act is a law that forbids citizens from conferring with foreign governments against the interests of the United States without the consent of the United States government. Ironically, It would be Obama that would be in violation of this law. He cannot make deals with an enemy like Iran that is a state sponsor of terrorism and deemed hostile to the United States without the consent of the Senate.

These same media clowns might want to investigate their own dear leader’s involvement with the election in Kenya by campaigning and illegally raising money for anti-American candidate Raila Odinga in 2006 that clearly violated the Logan Act. Odinga was not only corrupt, but had terrorist ties and wanted to end U.S. intentions of dismantling al Qaeda in Kenya. Odinga also wanted to pursue a charter of sharia law that would forbid the practice of Christianity. After his eventually loss many of his supporters would go out and massacre over 1,500 Christians.

Obama is bypassing the representatives of the American people in order to make unsavory and unbinding deals with a dangerous Islamic regime that has stated their ultimate desire to wipe not just Israel, but America off the face of the earth. He and Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy has been to destroy our allies in the Middle East and replace them with the same type of dangerous anti-American regimes that he is now illegally making deals with. If the Liar Czar Media wants to see who is the true violator of the Logan Act, go take a look at who is living in the White House! The press in the United States is so far up Barack Obama’s ass they fail to recognize that he supports anyone who wishes to do great damage to not only our dearest allies, but to our great country as well. The friends and allies of Barack Hussein Obama are not friends to the United States of America. Period!

It’s 1995 All Over Again!

It’s 1995 all over again. Back then a certain corrupt family well known to American’s for bending and obfuscating the truth for their own political benefit held the highest political office in the land. And by hook or crook they intended to keep it that way.

Today, 20 long and not forgotten years later that same corrupt family is now trying desperately to stay relevant and new eagerly yearns to achieve that same power that they once yielded so as to keep their socialist progressive dream alive by ruling over everyone with a different set of rules for us and themselves.

When the press lets their favorite politicians get away with being liars and crooks in today’s world, whether it is lying under oath or obstruction of justice, there is no law and order anymore. All you have are the haves and have nots in America. The powerful people are the ones who have and the regular folk have not. That is when freedom is lost and tyranny rears its ugly head.

An Aficionado in Hypocricy?



Not only did Hillary Clinton violate State Department rules by collecting money from foreign governments while she was Secretary of State, she may eventually be found guilty of violating the Federal Records Act by using an illegal private email account while conducting official State Department business.. In light of the new revelations regarding Hillary, it’s important to note her glaring hypocrisy when it came to her criticism of the Bush administration supposed email problems back in 2007.

Two years after excoriating the Bush Administration for perceived malfeasance, Hillary would set up her own illegal email system in her house in Chappaqua, New York. When appearing on the Today Show in 2011 she would brag to Savannah Guthrie that she often used her Blackberry device and that she was, “an aficionado” when it came to technology.

It seems that throughout Hillary Clinton’s career she has always proven to be an, “aficionado” in not only technology, but in hypocrisy as well.