In Allah We Trust?


With the disturbing news that Obama will use unconstitutional and dictatorial powers to nationalize the Internet tomorrow, he will also be issuing more illegal executive orders that will allow millions of illegal aliens the ability to waltz across the border to become new United States citizens at a snap of his finger. What could he possibly do next? How about letting the most dangerous regime in the world build a nuclear bomb?

For the past 6 years Obama has been hard at work in building an Islamic Caliphate. It started when he helped force out a reliable and stable ally in Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and replaced him with the Islamic terrorist organization called the Muslim Brotherhood. An organization that our own State Department has called a terrorist organization. Fortunately, after a year of their dictatorial rule they would be thrown out of power by the Egyptian military at the behest of the Egyptian people. Obama would follow this bad chess move with the illegal war to destabilize another friendly ally in the war on terror, Libya. The Libyan war would be fought with NATO air power and Islamic extremists would be used as ground forces using American weaponry. After the death of Khaddafi, our Ambassador and three other brave Americans, Libya is now in complete chaos with the Islamic State (ISIS) now in complete control. With two American allies out, Obama would focus on destabilizing Syria who at the time was fighting al Qaeda. What side would Obama take in that war? Not surprisingly, he would fight on the side of al Qaeda.

Obama creates and fights wars using al Qaeda fighters. He has also helped ISIS gain huge swaths of land in the Middle East and North Africa. He has enabled al Qeada and ISIS to ethnically cleanse and murder thousands of Christians, Jews and moderate Muslims all in the name of Allah. While all of this is going on Obama lectures America on the great virtues of Islam and how it was woven in our founding while trashing Christianity, his supposed faith. Listening to this clown you would think that our founding motto is, “in Allah we trust” instead of, “in God we trust.” The former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani was right on target when he said, “Obama does not love America!” Obama and the socialist democrats don’t love America. They never did. You don’t transform something you love. Period!

Government Takeover of  the Internet

Government Takeover of the Internet


Our petulant know-it-all boy president has once again issued another illegal executive action. This new executive action requires a federal takeover of the internet. Obama’s action is a clear violation of the first amendment and bypasses the consent of congress. The move comes after the Federal Communication Commission five member panel voted on the illegal executive action in a 3-2 party line vote.

The illegal government power grab will cost Americans billions of dollars in new fees and allows the Federal Election Commission to monitor and prohibit political speech of opponents of the Marxist democrat machine. Obama’s desperate power grab was issued just days after the embarrassing 2015 mid-term election defeat and begins at the end of February. It is a similar effort much like that of the IRS and DOJ in 2010 in which the Marxist democrats and their willing accomplices in their Liar Czar Media illegally conspired to stifle and stop conservative organizations from legally obtaining tax-exempt status. If you can’t win elections fair and square why not eliminate your perceived enemies altogether? This is exactly what Obama’s executive action does barring a court injunction.

So just like Obamacare, Obama wants to have federal government control of the internet. It is just another Marxist redistribution plan that takes money from one and gives to another. The unheralded move will make internet users pay more for less quality that will ultimately cause less economic freedom and growth in the private sector of what was once the most powerful economic engine in the free world.

This is what happens when you vote for a skinny biracial, community-organizer who himself believes is an, “African-American.” When one lies about who he is what more can one get away with? Apparently a lot. Newscasters get fired for this kind of thing. It’s too bad president don’t.

Understanding the Contempt and Anger

imageGoodbye Brian Williams! You and all the rest of the Obama Liar Czar ass kissing teleprompter readers in the media don’t understand the contempt and anger that average Americans have towards you multi-million dollar talking heads. The arrogance that exudes from these morons is on display everyday on our television screens for the whole world to see. All we the people want is to live in a free society with limited government which enables more Americans to obtain more freedom and economic liberty. Mr. Williams, we cherish these liberties because it is we who know more about what we want for ourselves and our families. For an arrogant jackass like Brian Williams to label individuals who believe in the founding principles of the United States constitution as people who are being fueled by, “raw anger” is appalling.

Mr. Williams, our founding documents are what sets us apart from the rest of the world. They were written to keep every American, regardless of color, free from any oppressive form of government. When Americans begin to see their individual freedoms stolen from them by redistributionist loving socialist politicians who have nothing on their peanut sized brains but reelection, they get a little pissed off. When you have adoring media members butt kissing these politicians in Washington that further undermines and threatens our constitutional republic. The good news is that people are waking up to the fact that the Obama Liar Czar media complex is not about reporting real news. Its about promoting an unpopular big government agenda that erodes and endangers individual freedom for every single American.

You can gauge the distrust that people have with the media in viewership levels and polling. The evening news casts have taken a precipitous drop in viewership since 1985. People getting their news from the three evening newscasts fell from 48 million people in 1985 to just 24 million in 2013. That’s a 50 percent drop in 28 years. Half the people in the 18-29 age group do not watch the evening newscasts. Sadly, for Mr. Williams and NBC only 15 percent of people in the 18-29 demographic know that Brian Williams is a news anchor. How are you going to build up your brand using those numbers. Perhaps this is why NBC brass has Williams going on late night comedy shows to build up his credibility with the young demographic viewership. The ratings decline at NBC’s ultra liberal cable channel MSNBC is even worse. Only 55,000 people in the 25-54 demographic watch MSNBC in the daytime. That’s an all time low since 2005. In every other demographic category MSNBC has fallen by 17 percent in 2014. People’s faith in the media to tell the truth is at all time record low. In 2014 distrust in the mass media has hit an all time high at 60 percent. Interestingly enough, that is the same number (60%) who now believe that president Obama is a habitual liar. That’s something that Brian Williams and Barrack Obama have in common.

The problem this country faces today is that the liberal elites in Washington D.C. seem to falsely believe that they have all the answers for every problem we each individually face. They believe in the same failed socialist ideas that have never worked in any civilized society. Today, we have dishonest people in government working hand in hand with dishonest people in media in hiding their unpopular socialist agenda that sets to fundamentally transform America back to a land where King George of England once ruled. It’s a shame that in this country we have dishonest news jerks like Brian Williams of NBC News and other news organizations joining forces with dishonest government agencies like the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice to undermine and mock a genuine grass roots movement that represents the ideals that founded our great country. Why go through all the fuss in celebrating the Declaration of Independence every July 4th in the United States when on every other day of the calendar year those same ideals are ridiculed and mocked? That may be a good question to ask Brian Williams and the folks at NBC after their MACY’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular show is over.