Rejecting Socialism, 68 Years Later

rejectIt turns out Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are not the rising political rock stars after all. After yesterdays election results, it is now quite apparent that both have become huge liabilities to not only their brand, but their party. The evidence of this reality was the shellacking the far-left took in the 2014 midterms. Virtually every democrat running in this election cycle wanted no help from the president. He was a liability to their campaigns. Obama was treated by democrat candidates as if he had Ebola. The president was so toxic that some of these candidates would refuse to even admit whether they voted for him.

This election was a referendum on Obama and his socialist, big government policies. The president would even admit to that fact.

When the president’s low popularity began sinking his party’s dim election chances whom would the democrat party ultimately look too for help? They would look to their 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton as their savior. After all, they presume she is unbeatable. It was believed by many on the far-left that Hillary is the rock star that would ultimately save the sinking ship. It was Hillary who was urgently dispatched to appear at campaign events and endorse socialist loving, far-left candidates. She was supposed to save the day for their party with her brilliant reputation and exemplary oratorical skills.

Half of the candidates Hillary Clinton endorsed lost. Sarah Palin has a higher winning percentage picking candidates. Obama, Hillary and anyone that agrees with their socialist agenda were dealt an historic body blow by a disapproving American electorate not seen since 1946. Back then the country became tired and weary of the failed socialist agenda of the Roosevelt administration. Today, in 2014 and 68 years later the American people have once again voted to reject the failed socialist policies championed by Obama, Hillary and the far-left. For Hillary Clinton, her message may be one that the American people never forget when the presidential election cycle begins in 2016. Socialism was rejected in 1946 and again in 2014. Why would anyone assume it would be popular in 2016?