Obeying the Law?

imageWhy should anybody in Ferguson, Missouri have to obey the law when their own president doesn’t? If brain dead individuals who vote for far left nut bags want to destroy their own neighborhood, go ahead!  Just stay out of mine.

lThe president  proudly bragged yesterday in a Chicago appearance that he violated the constitution by changing the immigration laws all by himself. You will notice that after this statement is made he is applauded by young, mind numb, clapping seals who are cheering wildly in ignorant jubilation.

Never mind that in the past when he was running for president he would say that issuing executive orders were more of a danger to our freedoms than the, “patriot act.”  Obama would swear to never use this dangerous instrument if he was ever elected president. Again, you will see the usual low-information, clapping seals joyously approve anything that comes out of the mouth of our lying, community organizer-in-chief.

In March 2011 obama told a Univision audience that “the notion that I can suspend deportations through executive order is just not the case.” Here the president is uncharacteristically telling the truth. He seems to understands what a danger it would be to our constitutional republic if a president strayed away from the legal constraints of our constitution.

So, as our president blatantly disobeys the constitution as well as the laws of our land, it is quite natural for his supporters to do the same. Keep in mind that the cities that are witnessing this organized violence are actually run by far-left, progressive democrats. When you have the far-left running the show, this is what you get. Remember that when 2016 rolls around.

Empty Promises


It looks like Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will be the fall guy for failing to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for our pajama boy president. Proving once again that whenever Obama makes a promise, that promise will most likely never be kept.

Back in the 2012 reelection campaign joe Biden boastfully declared that American forces, “Would be out of Afghanistan by 2014. Period!” He had to say that to get his kook base out and vote on Election Day.

Obama would echo this at the 2013 State of the Union speech when he too would falsely promise that, “all combat troops would be home by the end of 2014.”

In a news dump late Friday afternoon the administration reported that they were prepared to leave U.S. Forced in Afghanistan well past their purported 2014 deadline.  You can only imagine how irate and shocked Obama had to be when he learned about this news while reading his newspaper. It is no wonder that on the following Monday Hagel would be forced to resign. Again, when Obama and Biden make outrageous promises that are impossible to keep, someone else gets the blame. They sure don’t.

Where have we heard bragadocous promises before from these lying scoundrels? Oh yea! I remember. Lying to pass a Marxist healthcare plan was essential with the current regime. Remember, Stalin said the key to socialist state was healthcare!

After Obamacare was illegally passed by the socialist democrats in the Senate through a technicality our dear leader would say, “he was sorry” that many Americans would now lose their own privately bought healthcare plans due to the new law. This after telling Americans you can keep your plan if you like your plan.


Ultimately, the number of people who would lose their healthcare plans will be significantly higher than people who are forced to sign up for an Obamacare plan.

This is what all Marxists do. They regulate industry with onerous government regulations that in the end cause the collapse of that particular industry. As a result, the government then grows larger as it swallows up the failed industry that their laws destroyed.

When you have the Jonathan Gruber’s and Chuck Hagel’s of the world telling anyone who cares to listen to the truth about the lies that were told to ram through Obamacare or the misleading announcements of bringing troops home prematurely. that’s a sure sign that the many promises that were made by this administration were factually inaccurate and wrong. In the end, many of these promises became empty promises because they were ones that could not be kept.

Getting, “Grubered!”

gruberPresident Obama threw his good buddy Jonathan Gruber, “under the bus” this weekend and said that his healthcare bill was, “debated for over a year.” The president claimed Jonathan Gruber was never in his cabinet even though he was paid well over a million dollars to be his healthcare adviser. The president and his political allies continue to distance themselves from the incriminating statements made by Gruber. While at the same time, they continue to support Obamacare even after Gruber willfully admitted that Obamacare was sold to the American people as a lie.

The president’s government takeover of the nation’s healthcare sector was never debated because the bill was never read. It was crafted by the socialist liberals in secret behind closed doors without the input of republicans. Today, polling by Gallup shows approval of Obamacare is at 37%. An all time low.

Back in 2006, Obama was developing and selling his healthcare plan during his presidential run. He touted Gruber and extolled his good friend’s knowledge and healthcare wizardry. His ideas were endorsed by Obama.

The House speaker at the time of the bill’s passage was Nancy Nancy Pelosi who now says she doesn’t even know Jonathan Gruber.


Back in 2009 Nancy Pelosi, like Obama extolled Jonathan Gruber’s brilliance on the matter of Obamacare. Back then she wanted every American to idolize Jonny G.

In 2009 the democrat majority leader in control of the Senate quoted Jonathan Gruber from a cheerleading article from the uber left-sing newspaper called the Washington Post. The leader would falsely promise that with the passage Obamacare, premiums would go down 60 percent.


Democrats can’t run away fast enough from their association to Jonathan Gruber. Americans are finally waking up to the cold reality that Obama and his party have been lying to then regarding the passage of Obamacare. Ironically, it turned out they aren’t as “stupid” as Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber has insinuated. Why? Because most Americans are finally waking up to the fact that they were lied too. In other words, they are also beginning to come to grip with the realization that they have been,”Grubered” by Obama and his devious administration.

Trashing the Rule of Law Abroad

DICKTATORWhere does our delusional president escape too after his socialist agenda was soundly rebuked by the, “stupidity of the American people?” Where did he go to lick his wounds and retool his unwanted agenda? Where would he possibly go to congregate and dress similar to like-minded thinkers? Why not go to the dictator conference being held at the Star Wars Bar in the totalitarian country of The People’s Republic of China? I have never seen our dear leader look so happy and comfortable. He seems happy as a clam in the Communist controlled country. A country by the way that has murdered over 1,000,000 citizens.

This repressive country also believes, “that power, the dictatorship of the proletariat, must be used to tear down the old feudal or capitalist order and rebuild society and culture to realize this utopia.” Their philosophy believes It’s really quite permissive to murder people for the progress of communism. No wonder our dear leader is having so much fun over there. Their into fundamental transformation too. But, somebody forgot to tell our boy genius that chewing gum in public is rude. No one cared to tell Obama that fact because it is assumed Obama knows everything.

He is having so much fun over there hanging out with his dictator buddies it’s no wonder that he begins thinking and behaving like one himself. While he has been away we learn he is emboldened to; illegally take over and regulate the internet, unconstitutionally waiving immigration laws to grant amnesty to 5 million people in America; illegally and without congressional approval of congress sign an agreement with a Chinese dictator that will ruin the American economic engine for years too come.

We know from experience that our constitution-hating president never feels the need to follow the rule of law here at home. Even when he travels abroad, he seems to relish and take pleasure in trashing the rule of law for his own. Interestingly, he does this when in the friendly company of despotic dictators who ironically do the same exact thing.

“A Lack of Transparency Is a Huge Political Advantage”

transpareancyI would be crying too if I toiled and spilled my soul for a narcissist, ideologue leader who lost in a devastating and embarrassing election. In fact, I would expect to be fired for my inappropriate high expectations. The reason I would be blubbering away is not because I was getting fired, but because my leftist commie ideology was no longer appreciated by the so-called, “Stupid Americans that don’t know what is good for them.”

Don’t these uneducated rubes in flyover country understand that the leftist, elitist A-holes are forcefully enacting socialism for their own good? Leftists today are successful using lies and deception. Polling has always indicated that most Americans have never wanted the totalitarian shackles of socialized healthcare. Why would an elitist professor and fellow traveller who worked with Obama care what the people of this country thought anyway? That is why leftists practice the art of lying and deceit. Jonathan Gruber, the chief architect of Obamacare admitted publically that in order to sell The bill to the public they needed to all lie about it and that, “A lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.”

Add to the fact that our socialist, biracial, choom gang president received a total butt kicking like no other president in American history. It is understandable why the commie peacock network went apoplectic on election night. They had to sadly admit that Tuesday’s election was a humiliation for their Messiah and a “Wave Election” for the republicans.

What isn’t so hard to understand now is that after six years, you learn Onama’s standard operating procedure is to lie and use deceit in order to hide his Marxist agenda. He does this with the help of his slavish liar czar media. After all, you can be effective with that strategy when you have a compliant media that dutifully hides the truth to the American electorate. That ended on election night. As of last Tuesday, only president Obama and his useful idiots in the media continue to live in a utopian fantasyland that is devoid of all reality. The American people on the other hand have not only rejected their false reality, they have had enough of it.