“It Shouldn’t Reach our Shores!”

wolfboyRemember the story,”The boy who cried wolf?” It was a story about a shepherd boy who repeatedly lied that a wolf was attacking his sheep. The boy would make the claim so many times that the townspeople grew weary and didn’t believe him when one actually did. Ironically, the boy would lose all of his sheep to the wolf because the boy’s credibility was lost with the townspeople.

This brings to mind the credibility gap that the American people now have with our current commander-in-chief. After six years of so many false and inaccurate claims and statements such as; “You can keep your doctor if you like your doctor”, “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan”,,”My stimulus plan will provide shovel ready jobs” or “There isn’t a smidgen of corruption at the IRS” and the famous campaign promise of 2012. “Al Qaeda is on the run.” With all these mistruths and inaccuracies it’s hard to take Obama at his word.

We have a new catch phrase from our president that was notoriously uttered a week ago on,”Meet the Press” concerning the Ebola threat to America. Obama inaccurately predicted that, “It shouldn’t reach our shores!”

Today we have learned that Ebola has not only reached our shores but may have infected more than one case reportedly in Texas. The victim had contact with school children and the possibility of another person infected has now surfaced.

The situation is so dire that a three page alert has been issued by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to American funeral homes all across the country on how to handle the bodies of the victims of the disease because Ebola still is contagious in the postmortem stage. Knowing that undeniable fact it has been learned that the State Department is on high alert and looking for hazmat suits and Disaster Assistant Teams were notified months ago that they would be needed in October to deal with a disease the president promised, “would not reach our shores!”

So whenever our commander-in-chief predicts an outcome that sounds reassuring and truthful you can be assured the reality of that prediction is quite the contrary. Like the boy shepherd in charge of his herd, Obama has lost all credibility with the American people and because of that future prognosticating by him will most likely fall on deaf ears.