Karl Marx and the Whiny Left Wing Wannabe’s

marxCommunist philosopher Karl Marx argued, “accumulation of wealth at one pole is at the same time accumulation of misery, agony of toil, slavery, ignorance, brutality, mental degradation, at the opposite pole.” He theorized that the rich were getting richer and the poor were getting poorer. Who was to blame? Why it was the rich business class.

Where do we hear that argument being made in the United States today? You use to hear it from far-left fringe movements like Occupy Wall Street or MoveOn.org. Today the Communist Party USA promotes openly that same message and is actively working with the anti-capitalist democrat party. 25 years ago you would have never heard any kind of anti-business talk from any prominent politician from the democrat party. Sadly, in today’s political landscape you do. They use the technique of, “class warfare” and “envy” to emotionally stir-up their uninformed and disenchanted base to motivate them to go out and vote.

Obama used this Marxist approach when he ran for reelection in 2012. He still uses it today to push his far-left agenda. Interestingly, the American people have caught on and now believe that the struggle between the rich and poor is increasingly growing under Obama’s watch by 19%.

Elizabeth Warren used this Marxist redistribution clap trap when she was running for senate in Massachusetts in 2012. It’s the same simplistic populist formula of taking from the so-called rich business class and redistributing it to a big government agency that ultimately fails to deliver to the poor. Many in her far-left party want Warren to run against Hillary Clinton in the democrat primary in 2016.


It wasn’t so ironic then to hear the presumptive presidential nominee of the democrat party, Hillary Clinton, use the same psycho babble rhetoric at a campaign event yesterday.

It is difficult to listen to a woman who has never built anything in her whole life, besmirch and belittle any individual who has worked hard enough to build a successful business. American businesses create wealth and good middle-class jobs that build the foundation for a productive economic engine. The American business model is the envy of the world. When far-left politicians openly declare, “you didn’t build that?” Thay are saying they have a greater desire to tax more, not less. When you tax more out of the private sector you get less of it. Fewer businesses equatess to fewer jobs. Did redistribution of wealth ever work in building an economy? No. The Obama economic statistics prove it.

It’s ironic that the party that champions itself as the party of the so-called, “middle class” has an anti-business mindset that in reality has destroyed the middle-class. There has been more destruction and degradation to the middle-class here in America than to the ISIS army in the Middle East. The middle-class job market has virtually collapsed witb 58% of all new jobs created since the Great Recession have been low paying and part time jobs. Mid-paying jobs have only accounted for 22% since Obama came into office. Because of the weak job market most Americans work more for less and on average have lost $4,000 per family in take home pay since Obama became president.

Under Obama the poverty rate has stayed at 15 percent and 50 million Americans continue to live under the poverty line. Since the election of 2008, 15 million more Americans live on food stamps and 93 million Americans have willingly or unwillingly left the work force altogether. The folks on Wall Street continue to create massive amounts of wealth due to the FED pumping trillions of borrowed money that continues to artificially inflate the stock market.

Karl Marx had a vision of the perpetual struggle between the Upper and Lower classes. In order for him to achieve this struggle the middle class had to be destroyed. This is what precisely has been going on for the last 6 years

By analyzing relevant economic facts and reviewing videotape of real American leftists, communist philosopher Karl Marx would be ecstatic with the progress being made today by the far-left democrats in America. It is very obvious that for a democrat politician to win an election today he or she must echo the mantra of the communist party. In 9 short days Americans can reverse this socialist spiral that threatens the very existence of America. When the ballots have been legally tabulated, we can then begin the process of turning back the failed vision of Karl Marx and his whiny band of democrat wannabes. They will ultimately wind up where they belong. on the ash heap of history.

“We Must Stay Vigilant?”

vigilantJust when you would think that after a horrific terrorist attack on our good neighbors up north, our American government would clamp down and fortify its own government facilities just in case nefarious actions would be brought upon them. After all, President Obama responded to the Canadian terror attack saying, “We have to stay vigilant.”




The attack prompted NORAD to be put on high alert but, apparently the people at the White House were less than vigilant. They were asleep at the wheel.

An individual was allowed to jump the fence at the White House last night and wreck havoc on the Secret Service and their dog detail in an embarrassing display of lax security.


Any fair minded person would think that after a terror attack in Canada which prompted tightened security around there and in our country, the people in the White House would take the threat seriously and, “stay vigilant” and implement the necessary safety procedures. If the people in the White House aren’t too concerned about the terrorist threats against them, you start to wonder if they take seriously the terrorist threats that face the rest of the country.

The Potomac Two Step – Avoiding the Responsibility

hackThose in government who become embroiled in political controversy whether they deserve it or not, need to quickly shift the winds of dissent by replacing their dance partner; and in Washington D.C. it’s often referred to as the Potomac Two Step. That term refers to a dance that is a popular metaphor for the avoidance of responsibility. President Obama uses this metaphor whenever he gets into trouble and the latest problem for him is his lack of serious problem solving concerning the Ebola epidemic here in America. The epidemic he once promised’ “wouldn’t reach our shores!”

Since the epidemic has reached our shores the president is in a political conundrum because his first Ebola Czar is in big political trouble as she is being investigated for improperly awarding millions of dollars of taxpayer money to friends of Obama for political donations. The woman involved is Dr. Nicole Lurie and she has been working as the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the National Institute of Health (NIH) since 2009. Lately, she has strangely been kept out of the public eye. So. what gives?


Nicole Lurie was hired six years ago after several bills were passed by congress thus creating new departments and agencies during the, “Bird Flu” scare in 2006. This was all created to protect the American people in case there was a flu pandemic such as Enterovirus or Ebola. One of the first jobs of Nicole Lurie’s agency was to find a company that produced a vaccine for Ebola.

With Nicole Lurie’s help she awarded a National Institute of Health grant of $400 million dollars to SIGA, a company partly owned by Revlon billionaire Ron Perelman, a top democrat donor. Another top democrat donor and former SEIU union leader, Andy Stern was also on the payroll of SIGA. Another company Chimerix was competing for the NIH grant. SIGA would eventually beat out any competitor only to file for bankruptcy without producing a successful Ebola vaccine. They continue to receive millions from the NIH. On the other hand, SIGA’s competitor Chimerix has produced a successful Ebola vaccine called Brincidofovir. It is being taken by the second Ebola patient Ashoka Mukpo, who has since tweeted he is, “on the road to recovery.”

The reason the public has not heard of the first, “Ebola Czar” is that she is shrouded in scandal that can harm our young and non-political president and his party. This is why a new, Ebola Czar named Ron Klain was picked today. He has a questionable past. He worked for Joe Biden and is a political hack who knows nothing about medicine; but he sure knows about wasting the people’s money. He was in charge of the failed Stimulus Plan in 2009 that cost taxpayers $800 million dollars that created very little, “shovel ready” jobs.

Mr. Klain was also a key backer of Solyndra. A solar panel company that filed for bankruptcy in 2012 after receiving $527 million tax payer dollars.

Ron Klain also was a lobbyist for Fannie Mae and helped them evade regulatory issues in 2004 that perpetuated the housing collapse in 2008.

Nicole Lurie and Ron Klain are only two examples of what is wrong with big government beaucracy and the taxpayer money that is wasted to fuel it. It’s all done for the creation of a permanent and ever growing federal bureaucracy that never ceases to grow. The only people benefiting from big government are the wealthy political friends who are connected to the inside the beltway politicians who work on legislation on Capital Hill. When the Potomac Two Step is used by those in Washington to avoid responsibility, ultimately the financial burden is left in the hands of everyday, hard working Americans. They don’t get to play the,”Potomac Two Step.” D.C. dance. That’s why in the long run, all American’s outside the beltway inevitably get screwed!

It’s a Matter of Trust

Susan Rice was once again trotted out by the Obama administration to lie on the Sunday news shows about a new US agreement with Turkey that would allows US air forces to use that country’s airspace to help degrade the ISIS army with bombing raids. After she made her announcement the government of Turkey quickly walked back her statement and further denied that there was any such agreement.


If the Obama Liar Czar media lap dogs are willing to allow a proven liar like Susan Rice to continue to appear on their network news shows after her despicable Benghazi performance, not only is her credibility shot but so is theirs. It is a matter of trust. Why would anyone want to watch a so-called news program were everyone on these programs lies including the hosts. It is no wonder that trust in government and the media is at an all time low. That’s why these programs have continued to lose prestige and viewership over the last 6 years.

Somebody needs to notify Susan Rice and the rest of this incompetent regime that Turkey is not an ally of the United States. They are an ally to ISIS. Below is a picture that was tweeted out by the Turkish police showing them saluting the ISIS forces thus proving their allegiance with the terrorist army as it marched near the Turkish border last week.


While Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan promises not to let the Syrian border town of Kobani fall to the ISIS army, his army sits idly by watching the grave situation go from bad to worse. Already 150,000 refugees have fled from Kobani to make shift camps inside the Turkish border.


When both your allies and your adversaries see the American government routinely lie over and over again on the world’s stage, trust is diminished causing old friendships and alliances to wither away while new, dangerous and evil alliances coalesce. This leaves America in an alienated position of not just leading from behind, as some have suggested, but not leading at all. Who wants to be part that?

“Not a Pattern of Behavior?”

chippy101014The White House covered up the Secret Service sex scandal in Cartagena because it involved a 25 year old White House staffer named Jonathan Dach and his prostitute. The scandal was also suppressed and covered up so as to not damage the 2012 election chances of Barack Hussain Obama. At the time of the scandal back in 2012 the White House would give assurances that nobody from this administration was involved and that two dozen Secret Service Agents were reassigned or fired. Even the White House spokesperson would deceitfully say there was, “not a pattern of behavior” from this administration as regards to the scandal.


Carney would then go on and  promise that there would be a full internal investigation into the incident and after all the facts were gathered a report would be issued and therefore he couldn’t comment on anything because the investigation was ongoing.   Where have we seen this disturbing “pattern of behavior” from the Obama White House before?

We saw it with the Fast and Furious gun running scandal that the Obama administration lied about which sent thousands of guns to Mexico that ultimately led to the murder of border agent Brian Terry and thousands of innocent Mexicans.

We also saw this, “pattern of behavior” regarding the IRS scandal in which the Obama Administration illegally used the Internal Revenue Service to attack his political opponents.

We saw it with the Veterans Affairs scandal. The Obama administration knew for 4 years about the problems at the VA and when this scandal broke the administration would start another, “investigation” into the matter.


The “pattern of behavior” continued during investigations into not only the scandals at the IRS, but spying on the Associated Press and Benghazi. Jay Carney says the administration would take appropriate action once the independent reports are finished and all the facts are known.

As you can see the Obama administration has used the same playbook when claiming there is “not a pattern of behavior” when it pertained to their own illegal behavior involving scandals such as  the Secret Service, Fast and Furious, IRS, VA and AP. The administration tells us they only learn about these scandals when they open their newspapers. With the new revelations coming out today in the press regarding the White House involvement in the Secret Service scandal, it’s about time that after six years the press is beginning to investigate the Obama administration instead of the Obama administration investigating itself.