Bomb Bomb Bomb, Then go on Vacation

chippy_0807Our young courageous leader, who finds himself in deep political trouble said today that, “We must prevent a humanitarian crisis in Iraq”. He then bombed Iraq before leaving for a three week vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. Bill Clinton used the same strategy in 1998 when he lobbed cruise missiles at a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan and an aspirin factory in Sudan. He did this while his girlfriend was giving her grand jury testimony which would later lead to his impeachment.

After the 1998 missile strike by Clinton it would be learned that the missile strike only worked in killing 120 villagers many whom were woman and children. The chemical plant that was bombed didn’t have any chemical weapons. It only manufactured aspirin. It is stunningly ironic that after their missile strikes by both Obama and Clinton they would run off to Martha’s Vineyard on vacation.

In Clinton’s case, he was impeached for obstruction of justice and lying to a federal grand jury. Clinton was responsible for his own demise as he signed in to law in 1994 the Molinari amendments to the federal rules of evidence as it pertained to sexual harassment cases. It was an amendment that permitted the plaintiff in a sexual harassment suit to examine the defendant’s personal life in search of examples of similar behavior. This amendment was used against Clinton in the Paula Jones case.

For Obama, Iraq has become his quagmire ever since he failed in obtaining a status-of-forces agreement with the Iraqi government. His decision to pull all American forces out of Iraq left the Iraqi army and its people in grave danger now that the Sunni terrorist group called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has gained control of most of Iraq.

ISIS is using American weaponry to slaughter anyone who doesn’t prescribe to their maniacal and extremist religious views. Their religious aim is to establish an islamic caliphate in the Sunni-majority regions of Iraq and throughout the Middle East making the region dangerous to America and its allies.

Today, Obama is bombing a mountainside outside the Kurdish capital of Erbil in order to scare away the Islamic terrorists (ISIS) who are hell-bent on slaughtering 40,000 Iraqi’s. At the same time, Obama is dropping food and water to the Iraqi’s held up on the mountain. As soon as the bombing stops, the killing will begin, because as far as I know, you can’t shoot an armed terrorist with an MRE or a bottle of water.

When Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama are befallen by terrible political times and the impeachment word gets thrown around on capital hill, they use the same playbook. That’s bomb bomb bomb, then go on vacation and forget about it.