I’ll See You Guys In New York…

chippy_nyJust as we have learned that Italy has stepped up security for the pope after they learned of an ISIS plot to assassinate him,  Britain has heightened it’s terror level to “severe.” With the new Islamic terrorism threat level being raised across the Atlantic ocean, a new bulletin has been issued here in America of a new threat on our southern border.  It is also no surprise to learn that a Saudi Prince has predicted that the ISIS terror group will arrive in America in a month.

It is no coincidence that after the Obama administration was caught illegally selling U.S. arms to dangerous drug cartel thugs in Mexico, they would outrageously sue the state of Arizona for their audacity to enforce federal immigration law as it pertains to illegal aliens living in the state unlawfully? Encouraging illegal behavior only encourages more of it. If the Obama administration isn’t going to follow the law and protect law abiding Americans, why is it illegal for a governor of a border state to protect and defend her citizens? This was the case with Jan Brewer of Arizona back in 2012.

With the southern border currently wide open for anyone such as a Muslim extremist, armed cartel member, dangerous felon or anyone who has ideas of harming America and her citizens, is it not ironic that today we now have a federal bulletin warning of a terrorist threat along that same border?

As the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) army continues to rape and murder thousands of people all in the name of Allah, what does president Obama proclaim in a strange tan suit at a press briefing about the ever growing and dangerous threat?

It is blatantly obvious to anyone who can see that what is more important to Obama is not the safety of the average American, he is more concerned with people who give him political donations, the guy that cooks for his family and the social justice cable network that lavishly praises and adores every move he makes.

That is what is on his royal plate this Labor Day weekend. In the wake of the new terror revelations Obama will be attending a wedding for the new, “it-couple”  according to Vogue magazine. Then our young president will be attending three fundraisers with wealthy donors who will no doubt be seeking special government exemptions and favors in return for their campaign cash.

While Obama nonchalantly parties it up in New York on this holiday weekend in light of the new terror warning that threatens our southern border, it is also important to know that our president is threatening to bypass congress and issue an executive order allowing legal status to millions who came here illegally.

Considering the dangerous open border policy of the Obama administration along with the knowledge that the president does not have an immediate strategy to confront ISIS, it is not surprising that the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi would boastfully declare when he was released by Obama in 2009, “I will see you guys in New York.”

It’s 2000 All Over Again!

2KAllOverThe year was 2000 and it ceremoniously arrived to worldwide fanfare and fireworks in hopes that a new century would bring peace, harmony and goodwill. Expectations were high in light of the fact that the decade of 1990’s brought us much the same.

This was the same year Muslim extremists would be plotting in America to kill thousands of Americans in an attack on our financial, political and military institutions in hopes of bringing down our way of life. They would be successful in their attack that eventually would kill almost  3,000 Americans but our resolve was clear, we would fight them over on their land instead of on our own. After the dust and debris were cleared and the funerals were held it would later be learned that Muslim extremists were at war with America. The only problem for America is that we were not at war with them. America was asleep at the wheel.

Fourteen years later America is still sleeping. Today, unbeknownst to many in our country as well as our government, a great danger lurks inside and outside our country. The Islamic State of Syria in Iraq (ISIS) is the greatest danger we face today. They have vowed to destroy our nation and the threat they pose is greater than the threat that Osama bin Laden ever hoped to be. Their goal is to fly their Muslim extremist flag over the White House.


During the “Socialists for Obama”  demonstrations in Ferguson, MO a ISIS banner can be seen as an ideologically blinded  CNN reporter becomes a protest tool and inserts himself into the protests instead of covering the protests. The politicians and their media partners are all fools and it’s out there for all to see for domestic and foreign consumption.


When the Secretary of Defense told the world yesterday that ISIS poses a “bigger threat than we have ever seen.” Why is our southern border wide open?

Its all about money and votes. Damn national security! On one hand we have the socialist/democrats promoting open borders so they can sign up poor and uneducated future democrat voters who will ultimately need government assistance that will be provided by the working American taxpayer. On the other hand you have rino-republicans who promote the same thing so the Chamber of Commerce can get cheap labor while they get their coffers lined up with campaign cash.

So while dangerous Muslim extremists continue to receive funding of their own from America’s so called allies such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey  our own politicians are doing the same thing in our country. They continue to keep the border open so as to willingly pander to undocumented immigrants for votes and campaign cash without knowing what country they are from and how dangerous they may be. Einstein said it best – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

It’s 2000 all over again and America is asleep at the wheel.  We have now learned that a dangerous enemy is planning and plotting to harm her. While America retreats from the battlefields overseas and attention and effort is diverted to made-up race wars here at home, our southern border remains dangerously wide open. It sends a message to her enemies that America is bickering needlessly from within and therefore not paying attention to an outside evil that still exists.

Far-Left Hypocrisy on Display

irs_0818As congress continues its investigation into the scandal at the IRS for unfairly targeting conservative/Tea Party 501C-3 groups, the nefarious activities of far-left 501C-3 groups continues to go on without the same scrutiny. The leftist argument is that the conservative 501C-3 groups are biased towards conservative candidates and causes and therefore should not be getting tax-exempt status. This is all very well and good but the same concerns should also pertain to far-leftist groups that pretend to be partisan. What is really on display is left-wing hypocrisy of the highest order.

Tale for example the tax-exempt status of Public Citizen.  It is a non-profit company started by Ralph Nader in 1971. This company and 4 other’s have come together and formed a Texas non-profit called Texan’s for Public Justice (TPR) that aims to tear down Texas republican Governor Rick Perry. Mr. Perry who is considered by some to be a potential presidential candidate in 2016 was indicted on Friday, via a complaint by TPR, for threatening to veto funds for the Public Integrity Unit of Travis County’s district attorney’s office in Texas. It just so happens the woman, Rosemary Lehmberg, who runs this office had been caught drunk driving and abusing the power of her office to try to get off the charges. Under Texas law Rick Perry is not doing anything illegal. The governor has veto power. He is only doing his job.

Helping out the Nader front group, Public Citizen is billionaire money man George Soros. He is donating $500,000 of his Hedge Fund money to infuse capital for the front group called, Texans for Public Justice. They, like many of Nader’s front groups claim to be non-partisan, they aren’t. They never go after democrats. Why doesn’t the IRS flag these 501C-3 groups? Because they are part of the democrat/socialist cause of growing government in Washington DC and stopping those other groups that stand up against them to protect the constitution and individual freedom and rights that every American beholds.

Their liar czar friends in the media are crowing about the (soon-to-be-thrown out lawsuit) indictment for the past 2 days devoting 25 minutes to the bogus story. All this because Texas Governor Rick Perry may run for president in 2016? First they spent millions to take out Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. That didn’t work. Then it was time to take out New Jersey Governor Christ Christie with Bridge-Gate. That was unsuccessful. Now, the little leftists and their nefarious kook outfits are biting the heals of Rick Perry. Why? Because he is the latest threat to their totalitarian utopia. Whether it is illegally using the IRS or indiscreet non-profits that falsely claim to not participate in partisan politics or endorse candidates, you can always leave it to the socialist-democrats to criminalize conservative politicians for successfully doing their job. Because when leftists do their job and apply their ideology, America goes to hell in a hand basket.

Fat People Have No Reason To Live

fucking_hotIs it just me? Or am I the only one who has grown puke inducingly sick and tired, of people who are too fat to walk. You see them everywhere, usually at a Walmart or Sam’s Club. And these obesity challenged cretins need motorized scooters – because waddling down the aisle that has Twinkee’s on sale is too difficult to manage.

This morning I was in the local Kroger just trying to get some cat food and a pack of smokes. Here comes some fat bastard in an electric cart, and she is eating a family sized bag of potato chips, while she is driving the cart! Are you fucking kidding me? And what was in the cart? Six liters of diet coke. Five boxes of Red Baron Pizza (they were on sale for $1.00 off). Three more family sized bags of chips. And of course: “Weight Watcher’s” lasagna…

Jesus god almighty just make it stop! Then, if this is all not enough…I have to stand behind this pant-load in the checkout lane; while she pays for all this crap with a Tennessee state issued EBT debit card. For those of you not from the commonwealth, that is essentially food stamps in a plastic form. Lets raise taxes. It’s only fair!

For god sakes, just get the hell out of here!!!

America, Being Laid to Rest

chippy_0812As another entertainer dies from drug abuse and suicide such as Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Michael Jackson and now Robin Williams, network and cable news outlets always shamelessly glorify their lives as if their deaths directly affect average everyday Americans. The main stream media does this because they know America is a celebrity obsessed nation and putting a picture of a dead entertainer up on the television screen or on the cover of the local newspaper sells big time. It’s also fairly easy and cheap to use B footage of a dead celebrity while getting perspective from other celebrities about their deaths.

Sadly, when this happens the important news gets pushed aside and forgotten only to be thrusted back into the spotlight as old problems never really go away they just seem to fester and get worse. Take for example the problems America faces today with the invasion of illegal aliens on the southern border and the threat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Take the threat of the ISIS. Its current leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was released from an Iraqi detainment camp in 2009 and vowed to reservists from Long Island that, “he would see them in New York.”
On Sunday over 25,000 people died trying to escape the ISIS terrorist group and the situation in Iraq is so grave all America can do is air drop supplies without parachutes from 15,000 feet only to see those same supplies become useless as they explode when hitting the ground upon impact.  Raw footage from today reveals the desperate plight thousands are taking to escape certain death on Mount Sinjar. This video was shot from a helicopter that later crashed killing the pilot because of overcrowding.


Just as Islamic terrorists behead and massacre thousands who don’t comply with their hardline ideology overseas, these murderous thugs are openly promising to take their fight to America. It would be fairly easy for ISIS to take their fight to America because our southern border is currently wide open. It seems the foreign policy of the Obama administration is to let ISIS gain control as much control in the middle east as it wants.

The illegal alien invasion poses as another threat to the survival of our country economically and socially  The immigration laws of our country are currently not being enforced by this administration.  Anyone who wishes to enter our country illegally can.  We are the only nation on the planet that allows this lawlessness at its  border. Even people dressed like Osama bin Laden are allowed to cross the border at will.

When rich and famous celebrities die from bad behavior that they inflict on to themselves they are championed and glorified by the news and entertainment industry as people American’s must idolize and thank for their very existence.

This ogling spectacle goes on endlessly for hours and days and only stops when their bodies are finally laid to rest. It seems that celebrity news infatuation in America is more important than; the murderous genocide taking place overseas by a terrorist group that is vowing to do the same to.America, more important than stopping illegal aliens from entering the country illegally and who may bring death, disease and harm to her legal and law-abiding citizens. If the death of a celebrity is more important than the grave problems that face America and its survival? Then the death of America cannot be too far behind.