Flooding The Zone

fucking_commiesThe democrat party needs poor people so bad that they are willing to steal them from other countries. Why you ask? They need new poor people to play to their Marxist theory “proletariat vs the bourgeoisie.”They need to portray to the American people that there is a perpetual class struggle between the rich and poor. It’s all manufactured propaganda.  They constantly define the republican party as, “the rich” and themselves as, “the poor.” It is very ironic however to learn that today the average democrat makes more money than your average republican voter. This analogy is also true in congress where you will find more democrat millionaires than from the other side of the isle. When democrats are in power, their policies promote the poor and condemn the well off. Statistically, these leftist policies that redistribute wealth from rich to poor create more poor people. It makes it more difficult for anyone to succeed and creates a larger welfare state where the masses depend on government assistance for their overall existence. They sell it to the public with their partners in the media as compassion for the little guy and the downtrodden, but in reality all they are doing is acquiring more power for themselves so they can create a bigger government so as to expand an ever growing and reliable voting block. It’s intentional and really quite simple to understand… it is vote buying.

As American’s eventually start climbing up the economic ladder of success that capitalism ultimately provides for them, democrats quickly begin to realize that their base is abandoning them for a better future. This paradigm quickly creates a new need to replenish the welfare state. So, how do you go about doing that? You create and implement a secret fake crisis of your own making to shore up and replenish your “proletariat” base.  Where have we heard this phrase before? “you should never let a good crisis go to waste!”

If there isn’t a crisis, why not manufacture one when nobody is paying attention? This is exactly what the Obama administration has orchestrated along the southern border. They have let it be known to people in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras that America does not intend to enforce border security along the southern border. Democrat house minority leader Nancy Pelosi admits, “that it’s not a crisis but an opportunity!” It’s  an opportunity for more welfare state voters beholden to the democrat play book.

The Obama administration is even bribing central American countries with a quarter of a billion dollars to have their citizens migrate illegally to America. The day after the State of the Union address of this year a  U.S. government web site advertised that they were looking for companies to provide escort services for illegal aliens in a clear violation of the law. Even today White House press secretary Josh Earnest told NBC that the Obama administration intends to further violate the separation of powers clause in the constitution when dealing with immigration when he said, “We are not just going to sit around and wait for congress to write laws. The real reason this criminal administration wants to bypass congress is that 65% of the American people don’t agree with them on their immigration reform.

We are now seeing hundreds of thousands of illegals being transported all across America to states like TexasNew Mexico and Massachusetts that is causing devastating effects on their local economy. What the president is doing is flooding the zone with illegal aliens to undermine our American heritage and wipe away our fundamental American traditions and laws that are beholden by our constitutional republic. Michelle Obama warned us about that in 2008.


Do you think that poor people who come to America understand and realize the concept of individual liberty and freedom? Why would they if they didn’t have it in their own country in the first place? That’s why they would make ideal subjects for the left to shape, mold and control while using their class warfare strategy. Balkanizing this country will slowly erase all those traditions and freedoms that a majority of Americans still enjoy. Those are the same traditions and freedoms, by the way, that the American left has been trying to eradicate and destroy for over 100 years.

Why Him and Why Now?

sand_nigger642 days after the deadly 2012 terrorist attack on the US compound in Libya that killed 4 Americans. a low level terror suspect of Ansar al-Sharia named Ahmed Abu Khattalah has been detained. This after the now suspected law breaker was openly interviewed by multiple news outlets days and weeks following the deadly terrorist attack.

Why him and why now? James Rosen from Fox News asked this very question to a state department spokesperson today.


Ahmed Abu Khattalah was detained Monday by the FBI and special forces and is now on his way back to America for a show trial in America. This is what Obama has been trying to do too America since he took office. In 2009 Obama wanted show trials for terrorists in New York City only to then be canceled because public reaction became to negative.

Obama wants to blame and shame America and its freedom loving citizens for the perceived inadequacies felt around the world. To the left the problems facing the world are always the result of America being America.  Khattallah is the perfect low level dupe to promote the leftist anti-American mantra for the whole world to see. It’s a win, win for Obama. He can take credit for capturing a so called, “suspected leader” of a terrorist group that killed 4 Americans in Benghazi, then gleefully watch as the suspect rants and raves on in a civilian court of law about how islamophobic, evil and unfair our country is while creating a gigantic spectacle for the whole world to see. Heck. I wouldn’t be surprised if he blamed the anti-Islamic video for his actions.

Khattalah is a low level order taker. The real leader in charge of Ansar al-Sharia is Mohammed Al-Zahawi. He walks freely around Libya even today and often gives opened ended press conferences with the last one openly held on May. 27 , 2014. Why not go after him?

Why? Because it’s all about politics and the polling that comes with it.  With Hillary Clinton gearing up for another run for the White House in 2016 and the president losing support for the disaster they both created in Iraq, they needed to get their foreign policy ratings up to speed and so quickly nabbing a lower tiered terrorist suspect instead of the big honcho fulfills their political needs in a way without upending the terrorist apple cart in the Middle East.

Is it not interesting that on May 29, the same week damaging poll numbers for Obama and Hillary revealed that the majority of Americans felt the two were “deceitful” when it came to their handling of the attack on Benghazi, they set up a secret lunch to discuss strategy at the White House .

The new damaging poll numbers on Benghazi had to be quelled quickly in light of the new revelations concerning the devastating collapse of their foreign policy agenda that we are now witnessing in the Middle East. Arresting a low level terrorist informant on a Benghazi street corner may do the trick and help Obama and Hillary in the short term. But in the long run, trying to silently keep al Qaeda alive in order to save their political legacies will ultimately be doomed by their own short sidedness. The foreign policy fiasco that is unfolding throughout the Middle East should be tied directly to Obama and Hillary. It is a result of their inept short term decision making and the blame for that should fall solely on them and not on to the rest of America.

Is The Phone in the Oval Office Ringing?

chippy_phoneWhile our wonderful president vacations this Father’s Day weekend in California and is busy fundraising, golfing and berating average Americans who don’t believe in his global taxing scheme called climate change, the whereabouts and safety of two Americans is still unknown. Last month the two men were dragged out of their vehicle and beaten by a crazed mob of armed Iraqi militants.  Where are they this weekend?  2 minutes and 20 seconds into the video the crazed terrorist mob finds….”Americans!”

Watch Americans Abducted

It would seem to me that with this administration now willing to negotiate with Islamic terrorists, we could be facing a possible hostage situation on our hands if indeed these two Americans are still alive.  Just this past week Obama lectured Americans that, “we don’t leave anyone, men or women in uniform behind.”


Why do I wonder if the red phone in the White House is ringing? Is there anybody there to pick it up?


A Strong Partner?

In May of 2011 president Obama spoke confidently to the nation from the Oval Office and declared an end of our combat mission in Iraq. Operation Iraqi Freedom would be over. In that speech Obama would not disclose his failure to broker a “status of forces agreement” between the U.S. and the Iraqi government that would have kept a small number of coalition forces in country to help train Iraqi forces and help keep the peace. In his speech Obama would boastfully say, “this milestone should serve as a message to the world that America intends to sustain and strengthen its leadership in this young century.”  Obama defined his speech as a “historic moment.” He ended by saying that, “there will be no doubt that the Iraqi people will have a strong partner in the United States”.

With coalition troops absent from the country for almost three years, we find al Qaeda is now flying their black flags over towns that the U.S. Armed forces once captured using the blood of American soldiers.  Mass killings and beheadings are on the rise in cities such as Fallujah,, Mosul, and now Tikrit . Many towns and cities continue to fall to dangerous Muslim fanatics who are on a rampage and many foreign policy experts now believe that terrorist extremists will ultimately lead to the fall of Baghdad. The American Embassy is being evacuated  and the Iraqi government is so desperate for help they have pleaded for the United States to engage in air support. Their requests have been denied by the man who once promised that America was Iraqi’s strongest supporter. In a sudden reversal of fortune, the country now seems to be on the verge of total collapse. Today, as American diplomats and contractors are being airlifted out of the country in an emergency fashion  the former secretary of state and presumable 2016 democrat presidential front runner Hillary Clinton strangely remains proud of her so called accomplishments in the troubled region.

What American would believe that this would now be happening in a country that was once ruled by a dictator who used chemical weapons and terror on his own people only to be successfully taken out by American and coalition forces?  In a interview from 2009 even Obama had to admit the military surge ordered by George W. Bush in Iraq worked.

In 2010 the Vice President concluded that the war in Iraq was a great success story and that all the credit should go to the Obama administration.

Is America a strong partner of Iraq as the president stated in 2011? The answer is no. It is evidently clear that Obama has run away from the victory in Iraq. In his delusional head what happens now isn’t his fault. After all, Obama is never held accountable for anything that goes wrong. He can say Bush started the war and he ended it. The victory that took place before he ended it doesn’t matter. The democrat socialists/communists who run the democrat party in America are anti-victory and anti-freedom. A victory for Iraq would mean a victory for America and they can’t afford to be associated with any of that. They snatched defeat away from victory for a people who once lived under the iron fist of an evil totalitarian dictator. The democrats finally succeeded in destroying the one chance the Iraqi people had for freedom and stability. With freedom for the Iraqi people all but lost, Obama and the American left can now spend more of its valuable time here at home destroying our own freedoms and traditions that a majority of Americans have grown to love.

Switching Sides

He was supposed to come home as an American hero to partake in a made for television 4th of July parade in his small town surrounded by family members and well wishers.  It was spun by the Obama White House that Bergdahl’s release from the Haqqani terrorist group would create a ground swell of patriotic support through out America and squash any criticism from any Obama denier who doubted his ultimate love and devotion for not only America, but for the service members who serve. After Mr. Bergdahl’s release, the White House was surprisingly stunned and caught off guard by the American people’s initial reaction.


Members in congress felt slighted and dismayed that the president did not consult with them before the prisoner swap was made. After all, they were promised they would be by this administration.

The  swap for Mr. Bergdahl included the 5 most dangerous Taliban commanders held at Guantanamo Bay. All for a soldier who renounced his citizenship and abandoned his platoon and in so doing would endanger those same troops who would later go searching for him. Some of them would pay the ultimate sacrifice in their search for Mr. Bergdahl. Those who didn’t would never forget nor forgive Mr. Bergdahl for the rest of their lives.

An Afghan intelligence service issued a report that concluded the five Taliban military officers would most likely return to the fight in Afghanistan   and the likelihood of more Americans being kidnapped would increase.

As president Obama hands the Taliban a “Great Victory” as Taliban leader Mullah Omar would say, Obama is considering to hand over more victories to the Taliban in the days ahead.  A new study says that under Obama’s watch, the number of terrorists threatening the U.S. has doubled as terrorist groups have increased by more than half.

What was done to America by Obama on a sleepy Saturday afternoon, the week prior to D-Day, was that he aided and abetted a dangerous enemy we are still at war with. What Obama did was twofold. He endangered America and its citizens and strengthened and emboldened the enemy. The same enemy that happened to attack America on 9/11/01. Obama did what no other president has done in the history of the republic. It’s called treason. He switched sides.