Who are the “Real Terrorists?”

chippy422When I look back a year ago to the horrific terrorist bombings that took place along the finish line at the Boston Marathon that killed three people and maimed hundreds more,  I can remember media outlets eagerly hoping to pin the massacre on right-wing extremists. This was reported to America before and after anyone in the Obama liar czar media had any facts. CNN jumped to that conclusion.




Even NPR got into that analogy without any evidence.

After the Tsarnaev brothers became the lead suspects, MSNBC was still identifying the Tsarnaev brothers as right-wing extremists.

Chris Mathews had to weigh in and report, with no evidence, that the bombings were probably carried out by “far-right extremists.”

And, who can’t forget what liberal God Michael Moore tweeted on the day of the bombing.

It’s hard to believe that today the actual terrorist in custody in Boston gets more fawning press coverage  and adorning magazine covers than one individual rancher in Nevada who has not killed or injured anybody.


He is merely concerned about his private property rights and the liberty and freedom that is bestowed upon him because he is simply an American citizen.


Note that the commentators attacking Bundy and his supporters work for MSNBC. They are propaganda dupes of the leftist media conglomerate called Comcast. By watching the media these days it’s hard to figure out who are the real terrorists?

Let’s look at some of the facts.

Tamerian Tsarnaev along with his brother Dzhokhar constructed and placed two pressure cooker bombs that were to be detonated purposely along the marathon route where innocent American citizens would be spectating. FBI interviews suggest the brothers did it in the name of Islam and the Russian government warned American officials of their concern.

On the other hand, Cliven Bundy the Nevada rancher is sticking up for his state property rights and sticking it too an out-of-control federal government agency called the Bureau of Land Management. The BLM officials set up armed officers and snipers along the ranch and used a stun gun on one of his sons. They even shot up his herd from helicopters and placed the dead cattle in mass graves. The only people looking and reacting like terrorists are the swat teams from the Bureau of Land Management, an agency of the Federal Government.

The Tsarnaev brothers and Cliven Bundy don’t get the same media treatment. It doesn’t make sense until you understand why. It is the liberal mindset. To the left,  Tamerian Tsarnaev is a poor, young immigrant from a far off land (Chechnya) who happened to make his way with his hard luck family to America. To the left, America is a country that was founded by “old white rich people”  who were inherently racist. Thus, the Tsarnaev brothers were victims of a perceived unfair and rigged-system. On the other hand, using the same leftist drivel.  Cliven Bundy iis an “old white rich guy” who happens to own too many acres of land that he really doesn’t need. In their eyes, they see this as an unfair situation and having the federal government intervene is righteous and nobel. On top of everything else, Cliven Bundy wears a cowboy hat and rides a horse to boot. That represents old, out-dated western ideals such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.. Lefty wackos can’t stand this crap! Drives them up the wall!

To liberals, Clive Bundy is not complying to them. His beliefs and ideals are out-dated and foreign to them compared to today’s moral collectivism that is being shoved down the throats of all Americans by the socialist left and their sock puppets in the media. The Tsarnaev brothers plotted and succeeded in killing and maiming hundreds of innocent people and they are the victims?  Yes, because they had a reason to “hate America.” Cliven Bundy on the other hand is assailed as a dangerous terrorist without even actually killing anyone.  Why? Because what Bundy believes in is diametrically the opposite of what the socialist left believes in. This is why Cliven Bundy and anyone else who agrees with him are the real terrorists. They are the threat and must be stopped.

The New Rock Star of the Left and the White House

commie_cocksuckersThomas Piketty is a young economics professor from France. He is a socialist with a brand new book trumpeting more taxes and bigger government. Thus, instantly making him the new “rock star” of the left.
In his new book, “Capital, in the Twenty First Century” Piketty speaks to the idea of imposing a world tax on the rich and calling for more wealth redistribution.

He is of course a blithering fool who thinks a world  tax on the wealthy would be just the ticket. Yea! Great idea! This is why Europe needs to be bailed out!  Of course, that would never work here because our constitution would not allow it.  But who is to stop that silly little notion with president Obama in office.

Last week Piketty met with Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew. He has also admitted that the democrat party and the Obama administration have been “using his findings for a long time.”

If this is true. No wonder we are floundering as a nation economically. Mixing Free Market Capitalism with Marxism/Socialism isn’t a recipe for anything good. It’s a recipe for disaster. The two philosophies can’t work together in any shape or form. This has been proven to be true with Obamacare.

We will not survive as a free country if we keep electing these smug, college elitist punks who are now legislating this marxist bull crap in Washington DC. Unfettered markets will always work themselves out. They always do. They will not with people who believe in failed european ideologies such as Thomas Piketty, Jacob Lew and Barack Obama.

Rebranding the Maoist in the Pantsuit

hagAlmost half of the people in America can’t stand Hillary Clinton! In a new poll 45% viewed Hillary as unfavorable, while 49% viewed the walking pantsuit as favorable.

With this new reality facing team Clinton, rebranding their damaged leader couldn’t happen at a better time. Oh wait! Look who is pregnant! 

IT is quite possible and very likely that there will be more rebranding and rebuilding from this crowd along with helpful advice and imagery from their liar czar media friends over the next 2 years that some may need a secret communist/socialist decoder ring to figure it out. No worry here! We can figure it out without the decoder ring.

Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! FKN’ Blah!

A new study has come out this week indicating 60 percent of the American people believe Barack Hussein Obama lies to the country most of the time.

With this in mind, I can’t stop thinking about a certain HTC commercial airing on television these days…..


So whenever our president walks to the podium and begins to address whoever, I will use my remote to turn off my television. Why bother?

p.s.:  KingCambo adds: …Think of all the carbon credits you will rack up; by turning off the idiot box. NBC/Universal said go green baby!

The Truth Behind Bundy-Gate

photo (2)Isn’t it ironic that in times of political and economic trouble overseas with regards to failed diplomatic policies by the Obama administration in foreign hotspots such as EgyptLibya, SyriaIran,  Venezuela and Ukraine; our president, Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder, who are both in deep political trouble themselves…

turn their attention to a lone Nevada rancher.

His name is Cliven Bundy who is 67 years old, white and loves his country and the freedom it provides. The problem they have with Mr. Bundy  is that some of his cows have been grazing on public land. A practice that has been going on for several decades.

Why all the fuss about a few cows now?  It has come to light that the Bureau of Land Management, the federal agency fighting with Mr. Bundy, is run by an old adviser to Senator Harry Reid. You see Harry and his son Rory represent a Chinese solar company called ENN Energy Group. ENN and the Reid family want to build a 5 billion dollar solar farm on the outskirts of Mr.Bundy’s ranch.  It’s all part of a BLM project for a 7 state plan in the southwest to turn public lands into solar farms involving Chinese companies.

It seems to me that Reid and his son could reap millions in fees from this Chinese solar energy deal.  This deal needs to be investigated by the proper authorities. It seems to be getting rammed down the throats of concerned citizens who live in the area.



Instead of investigating this questionable deal, what does the federal government do? They send the full arsenal and force of federal law enforcement to stake out and harass Mr. Bundy’s family and friends.   Why? To instill fear in Mr. Bundy and also to let every American know that the Federal Government has the absolute power and ultimate control over it’s land and its citizens. All for big campaign money and another failed green energy company. Hello Solyndra!

All this harassment, upheaval and turmoil for an energy source that creates 0.1% of the electricity generated in the US?

It’s a quid pro quo deal between Obama’ s socialist friends in congress who vote for “green energy projects” and in return receive campaign cash from Chinese corporations in Beijing. Even Hillary Clinton is getting into this scam.

Boy do I smell a rat. Because this whole “green energy” bullshit brought to us by the communist left stinks to high heaven. It doesn’t produce any real usable energy. It only produces campaign cash for socialist/marxist democrats in Washington DC.