Those Bastards Killed…


kennyKenny … no, Russell actually…

Russell 2000 starting to look bitter here, and it’s ETF showing increasing volume on selling. Highest volume in three months or more for that matter.

Ponderous chart points in this 3 minute video here.

Smoke em’ if ya got em!


Brother Can You Spare A BitCoin…

#BitCoin, $BTCUSD, $BCOIN$Holy Shit!



Parabolic MOONSHOT is the understatement of the year on this one…


Holy F’n BitCoins batman!

Who knew?  $34.10 to $147.89 in less than a “mooneth”… Any attempt of technical analysis on this current “instrument” would be entirely futile at this stage of the game. That said here is a quick video clip of the current phenomenon.

Mark my words this currency, and for that matter, whatever digital alternative there is to the existing central banks is here to stay. Maybe its BitCoin, maybe it is not. Some platform will survive because the die has been cast.

Some great resources if you feel inclined to get up to speed on this:

Send me some friggin’ BitCoins!






Some of the guys over at Zero Hedge alert me this morning that Goldman has developed the keen insight to remove AAPL from their “Conviction Buy List” – go figure?


All I know is they best double that dividend soon or it is going to be time again to pass the puke bucket. Down to that 360 and change level. Vast analysis and some chart witticisms in this video of the weekly trend basis here.

Mother of god just make it stop!