What Is Rotten In Denmark?

WTF is going on with The 6 Banks in this video – that are some of the core holdings of the EUFN exchange traded fund?

And while I am at it… why in the hell did all the QE2 money go in to funding ad nauseam  foreign banks who simply have domestic branches in “our” country?

It is all laid out quite beautifully by Zero Hedge in this piece here



Where Do We Go From Here…


With “Quantitative Eternity” the order of the day, and the Fed “rat-fucking” capital markets as our new world global mandate – here is some analysis on what might be possible should the Bullwinkle stampedes continue.


I will go over “Scales Of Force” as applied to the DOW, S&P, OEX, NASDAQ & Russell 2000 to try and put a mathematical bend on things.

This is your chart video here!