imageWhy should anybody in Ferguson, Missouri have to obey the law when their own president doesn’t? If brain dead individuals who vote for far left nut bags want to destroy their own neighborhood, go ahead!  Just stay out of mine.

lThe president  proudly bragged yesterday in a Chicago appearance that he violated the constitution by changing the immigration laws all by himself. You will notice that after this statement is made he is applauded by young, mind numb, clapping seals who are cheering wildly in ignorant jubilation.

Never mind that in the past when he was running for president he would say that issuing executive orders were more of a danger to our freedoms than the, “patriot act.”  Obama would swear to never use this dangerous instrument if he was ever elected president. Again, you will see the usual low-information, clapping seals joyously approve anything that comes out of the mouth of our lying, community organizer-in-chief.

In March 2011 obama told a Univision audience that “the notion that I can suspend deportations through executive order is just not the case.” Here the president is uncharacteristically telling the truth. He seems to understands what a danger it would be to our constitutional republic if a president strayed away from the legal constraints of our constitution.

So, as our president blatantly disobeys the constitution as well as the laws of our land, it is quite natural for his supporters to do the same. Keep in mind that the cities that are witnessing this organized violence are actually run by far-left, progressive democrats. When you have the far-left running the show, this is what you get. Remember that when 2016 rolls around.