imageWhere was president Obama today? Has he been seen in public? Maybe he is to busy making unlawful transgender decrees that empowers mentally ill people to crap in any bathroom they choose? Whether it’s guys or gals. Maybe he his to busy apologizing to other countries for America to understand that his own country was a liberator in 1944. He could have lost track of the importance of this day while releasing dangerous Islamic terrorists out of Gitmo. Other things must have held higher importance to him such as hosting  terrorist organizations like The Muslim Brotherhood at the White House. Maybe he is to busy releasing more illegal alien felons from American prisons? Whatever this socialist fool is doing today, someone needs to remind him that today marks the the most successful military invasions in American history.

It was the largest allied seaborne invasion in history. Code named Operation Overlord, the purpose of the invasion was to liberate northwestern Europe from the control of Nazi Germany. 160,000 Allied forces fought during this invasion. 29,000 brave American souls died in the successful conquest. It’s a somber day in which the current president of the United States doesn’t seem to give a damn about. Before we had the this disgraceful occupant in the White House, we had a “real” president who loved America and understood the great importance of this day. He was Ronald Reagan. Thirty two years ago he proudly commemorated the unbelievable feat those WW II veterans accomplished in a stirring tribute on the beaches of Normandy.

Obama didn’t even bother to mention D-Day today. There were no solemn remembrance at the people’s house to mark this historic day in American history. Perhaps there were not enough Muslims that fought in that epic battle for Obama to take notice? Or perhaps there were not enough homosexuals or transgendered soldiers in that fight to gain Obama’s attention? Maybe he didn’t care because there wasn’t a majority of African Americans, illegal aliens or feminized militant women in the battle? Perhaps there were not enough disgruntled anti-war protesters at the time for him to deliver a scathing speech to denounce our nation on this day in American history?

Where was Obama today? On June 6 of every year is a day to commemorate D-Day. It’s a day to celebrate and honor those who fought and died to save the world from the growing  tyranny of Nazi Germany. For Obama, American military victories against tyrannical  enemies isn’t something to remember or commemorate. In fact, tyranny isn’t something he wants to defeat or stop. Tyranny is an idea he hopes to help facilitate and foster not only here at home, but to the rest of the world.