imageEven before Ted Cruz concluded his speech last night in Cleveland, it was obvious he was not going to kiss the brass ring of the 2016 republican presidential nominee. The angry and boisterous crowd began to realize an endorsement was not going to be forthcoming so they began voicing their displeasure with the Texas senator without realizing thier own nominee never expected or wanted an endorsement in the first place. In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in late March, Mr. Trump insisted he didn’t need an endorsement from Ted Cruz. He wasn’t even expecting one.

As for those who are upset and bent out of shape that Ted Cruz renounced his pledge to support the eventual nominee, Donald Trump renounced the same pledge back in March. So get down off your convention chair and shut the fuck up! If your boy can’t win without the endorsement of someone else, that’s your own damn fault!

What goes around comes around in the world of politics. You would think that these imbecilic delegates in the convention hall would understand this. Not only did their guy with the brass ring walk away from his pledge to support the eventual nominee, he was ok with the idea of the other guy doing the same thing. So stop all the whining about what Ted Cruz didn’t do last night in Cleveland. Donald Trump brought all of this disunity on himself by insulting every single candidate down the line. What good is a pledge if your boy with the brass ring doesn’t follow it himself?