imageThe Trump News Channel’s morning show called, “Trump and Friends” had its usual favorite guest on this morning trumpeting everything Donald Trump. This special guest who is encouraged to call in just about every morning, is given a as much free air time as he wishes to bash and insult his political opponents. This special guest is such a good friend to the network that he can get away with spouting any nonsensical conspiracy theory out there without any pushback from any of the program’s cheerleaders. It’s practically a love fest!

This devoted good friend of the Trump News Network is also friendly with the National Enquirer. This supermarket tabloid not only has endorsed their good friend for president, they repeatedly run fabricated hit pieces on their friend’s top political opponent. They splash trashy hit piece’s that are so out there they defy logic and common sense. It is so obvious that the Trump News Network along with the National Enquirer are working together to elect their good buddy in a way that throws their objectivity and integrity out the window.

Most educated people understand that the National Enquirer is a trashy supermarket tabloid that can’t be taken seriously. They also are beginning to realize there used to be a proud cable news network they could rely on that reported the truth. That cable news network once had as its theme, “We report, you decide.”  That network doesn’t exist anymore. Sadly, what exists today is nothing more than a 24 hour political infomercial that promotes their good friend’s political career. It’s called the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign.