commie_cocksuckersThomas Piketty is a young economics professor from France. He is a socialist with a brand new book trumpeting more taxes and bigger government. Thus, instantly making him the new “rock star” of the left.
In his new book, “Capital, in the Twenty First Century” Piketty speaks to the idea of imposing a world tax on the rich and calling for more wealth redistribution.

He is of course a blithering fool who thinks a world  tax on the wealthy would be just the ticket. Yea! Great idea! This is why Europe needs to be bailed out!  Of course, that would never work here because our constitution would not allow it.  But who is to stop that silly little notion with president Obama in office.

Last week Piketty met with Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew. He has also admitted that the democrat party and the Obama administration have been “using his findings for a long time.”

If this is true. No wonder we are floundering as a nation economically. Mixing Free Market Capitalism with Marxism/Socialism isn’t a recipe for anything good. It’s a recipe for disaster. The two philosophies can’t work together in any shape or form. This has been proven to be true with Obamacare.

We will not survive as a free country if we keep electing these smug, college elitist punks who are now legislating this marxist bull crap in Washington DC. Unfettered markets will always work themselves out. They always do. They will not with people who believe in failed european ideologies such as Thomas Piketty, Jacob Lew and Barack Obama.