imageHillary Clinton’s odd behavior in Cleveland, Ohio today proved to everyone she is not fit to be president of the United States. Instead of running for president, Mrs. Clinton should be running to the nearest infirmary after her campaign speech was interrupted once again by one of her never ending coughing attacks. This is becoming such a regularity for her on the campaign trail that some people are calling it, “The Coughing Hillary Tour.”

This is why America deserves to see Mrs. Clinton’s medical records. It is very apparent that something is physically wrong with her. The harsh reality for her and her campaign is she can’t finish a typical campaign speech without having a violent coughing fit. It makes you wonder what the hell is going on here?

No wonder her campaign people schedule very few events for her.  They know there is a major problem with her. This is why her handlers are trying to run out the clock until Election Day. It’s as if they are trying to conceal something. We are witnessing a presidential campaign with virtually zero candidate interaction between the people and the press.  Something is truly amiss concerning the health of Mrs. Clinton. Whenever she does make a rare appearance on the campaign trail, it’s hard not to notice how badly her physical condition seems to be. Sadly, that’s what we saw today in Cleveland, Ohio.