The Declaration Of The United Nations?

imagePresident Obama’s last desperate plea for a one world government came in an agonizing lecture today before the United Nations. It was there this American president angrily professed his desire to throw away every American’s constitutional right to pursue their own life, liberty and freedoms for the constraints of international law. What an embarrassment!

Obama would also say that these, “ideas are what the United Nations was built on.” He would be correct on this point. Plans for the development of the United Nations were crafted from the State Department in 1939 by Alger Hiss and Harry Hopkins. It would be revealed later that both Hiss and Hopkins were secret spies for the Soviet Union. They were more interested in promoting the collectivist idea of a “Declaration of United Nations” rather than the freedom America promised with the “United States Declaration of Independence.”

The communist hope for the UN was to make it a collectivist power structure that enables them more power and influence over other governments. The whole idea behind this concept was to keep the power of the United States in check using international law. This is what the current president of the United States wishes for us today after eight years as president of the freest country on earth. President Obama does not believe in the freedoms that are provided to every American by the constitution of the United States. He believes we need to castaway those freedoms and be legally bound by the tyranny of international law. Harry Hopkins, Alger Hiss and now Barack Obama. How sad is that?

“When Bad Behavior is Rewarded, It Only Gets Worse”


The world was assured by Obama and his orgasmic news media that the nuclear agreement with Iran was not only a historic piece of greatness that enhanced the legacy of our young and tremendously gifted president, but that it was signed, sealed and ceremoniously delivered. We knew this because they couldn’t wait to tell us.

In what must be an embarrassing twist of fate, it turns out Iran’s parliament along with dictator Ali Khamenei voted against the Obama agreement altogether. They discarded and threw out the Obama/Kerry/senate democrat document and manufactuered their own that calls for the dismantling of Israel’s nuclear weapons program as well as the sanctions that were initially put in place against them.

The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu wisely warned the world at the United Nations last month that, “when you reward bad behavior, you get more of it.”

This is what continues to happen when our young president foolishly reaches out to the clenched fists of despotic dictators whether it is Iran, Russia, China or Cuba.  We can always count on the Liar Czar Media propagandists to tell us that after every meaningless photo op and/or agreement Obama makes with any world dictator that it is earth shattering and historic. They are correct! Dangerously so.

Taking The Mask Off

globalwarmingWhy would an organization such as the United Nations which was founded by a communist spy who infiltrated the United States government in the 1940’s for the Soviet Union; have any credibility on the world stage today?

The United Nations is an organization whose membership consists of mostly socialist and communist countries that are run by tin-pot dictators who rule by an iron fist over their people using totalitarian government to stay in power. These same dictators would love to plant their socialist/communist policies in the United States to bring down the only enduring and successful economic engine that ever existed. That would be America’s free market capitalist system. How would one go about bringing down the most successful and productive economic engines in the world? Climate Change.

Climate Change is a scheme concocted by world communists and socialists to separate money from your pocket to their pocket. It is a redistribution plan that confiscates money from hard working people who live in free countries and then redistributes that money to countries that are run by dictators who are then free to use that money anyway they please. Ironically, these dictators hypocritically receive this money from an economic system that they supposedly despise. The Climate Change con artists use scare tactics while selling the notion that we humans are at fault and therefore guilty of causing the earth to warm and ultimately die. They use faulty computer models to falsely predict futuristic gloom and doom all while your everyday, accredited meteorologist can’t accurately  predict what the temperature will be in your neighborhood next week.

The organizations that supported the “Climate Change” rallies in the streets of Oakland, CA and New York City this past week were pure communist in nature. The rallies were held in conjunction with the opening session of the 2014 United Nations. Among the groups  participating were  Code Pink, Communist Party USA, Socialist Workers Party, Democrat Socialist Party, Eco-Socialist Organization, Workers World Party, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS).

These far left groups are not so much concerned about the lives of polar bears, melting glaciers or global warming. They are more concerned about overthrowing the capitalist system in the United States and replacing it with a failed economic system that mirrors that of North Korea, China, Venezuela and Cuba.

Most of these groups think and sympathize along with the democrat party. They share  a collectivist mindset that abhors individual liberty and freedom. They naively believe that government can and should take care of everyone’s needs and wants through over regulation, punitive taxation and redistribution of wealth. We can already see this in America today as well  over 49% of Americans rely on government subsidies to live, and these numbers will continue to rise as more poor and uneducated illegal aliens continue to flood through our porous southern border from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

With all the problems facing America today it is surprising to learn that 68% of democrats believe that climate change is the biggest danger that faces our country today. Democrats are more worried about the made up lies of climate change than the dangerous realities of Islamic terrorism, illegal immigration (and the diseases associated with it), exploding government debt or loss of individual freedom.

Alger Hiss and his fellow communist friends would no doubt be proud of the effort the United Nations and the American left are doing in trying to destroy our successful economic system in the United States. After all, that was the ultimate goal Hiss and his fellow communist travelers had when they successfully infiltrated a democrat administration back in the 1940’s. Hiss and his buddies did it in a secretive fashion. Today, the democrat party along with the UN, have brazenly taken the mask off and are now showing us who they are not only here in America, but around the world. They are also sending the dangerous message that freedom is being dismantled here in America for the false sense of security under a despotic form of collectivism also known as communism.

Remaking America into a Third World Country

chippy0514Monday night the three evening newscasts were devoted once again in trying to scare the hell out of Americans regarding another big lie, Climate Change. You see, it turns out it’s the viewers fault for causing this so-called war on the planet.

In the latest fear mongering propaganda reports from ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN we were told it was up to the whole world to unite and find and answer to this dangerous and inevitable disaster. What was their answer? The United Nations.

With the UN involved you can be rest assured that we will be losing our sovereignty as a nation and our individual rights as US citizens all for the sake of a socialist-commie goal of a more redistributive collectivist planet. Its a dog whistle to the communists worldwide that we intend to deindustrialize and weaken the economy so as to remake the United States into a third world country that is far less threatening to the rest of the world.

NBC rammed home the socialist propaganda piece dictating the perilous time we face. Keep in mind that NBC wants to be owned by a multinational conglomerate named Comcast. Comcast has holdings all around the world and is the fifth largest lobbyist firm in the country spending 19.8 million dollars in 2013. They employed several ex-congressman on their lobbying team and were a major donor and backer of Barack Hussain Obama.

Comcast hopes to get final approval of their merger with Time Warner from the Obama justice department. Should the deal get approved Comcast would become one of the most powerful telecommunications conglomerates in the world. So it is in their corporate interest to partake and partner in big government propaganda. The NBC report begins at the 13:58 mark.

CBS news chimed in to scare uninformed viewers that the ice was melting so precipitously in Antarctica we were in grave danger here in America. CBS is another global entertainment company that would also love to increase its market share worldwide and would do so in a world regulated by the UN. These media conglomerates become friendly to the UN just by advocating and reporting policy beneficIal to the growth and power of the UN.

CNN benefits the same way by holding the hands of Barack Obama, the socialist democrats and the UN while trumpeting the false narrative of climate change. CNN is owned by Time Warner. They hope to merge with Comcast. They started waving the pom poms for our lying president’s report on Saturday, May 10.

The real reason we are being sold this crap is because the leftist media companies who own the big three liar czar television networks are really mammoth multinational conglomerates with large assets around the world. These companies would benefit greatly from legislation that would require world regulations on societies’. As big government grows so does the corporate cronies who pay to be associated with it.

Every big propaganda lie perpetuated by the commie socialist liberals is sold as an emotional issue and if you dare to disagree with it you are a homophobe, islamophobe, racist bigot who hates women and children. Why women and children you ask? Because they are the most emotional and irrational voting block that democrats use to gain political power.

They use the likes of young, sexually starved women such as the Sandra Fluke and feminized boys like Pajama Boy as their national poster people. These people are the base of the far left.  They are the ones who have been the most indoctrinated since youth. This is why the newscasts use fear and lies. Because it helps grow and mobilize their idiot base.

The example of scaremongering last week was the false narrative of the, “Sequester.” This week it is, “Climate Change.” I wonder what the White House itinerary is for next week? You can bet it will have something to do with remaking the United Sates of America.