Radical-Leftist Clown Show?

CNN is certainly becoming one of the main cable news outlets for perpetuating Trump Derangement Syndrome to its insane viewers. It’s becoming an embarrassment. Hours after the horrific assassination attempt on multiple republican members of congress, by one of its ideological viewers, CNN had the gumption to report more fake news. Why not? That’s all they have been doing ever since their mommy lost the 2016 presidential election. CNN continues to prove everyday that they are nothing but a lying, radical-leftist clown show.

After initial reports came out that president Trump and First Lady visited the hospital to comfort those who were gravely injured, CNN White House correspondent naturally had to lie about it.

The fake news story tweeted out by CNN’s liar czar media reporter Jimmy Acosta was quickly scrubbed after a video surfaced of the president and the First Lady visiting the hospital. CNN’s fake narrative didn’t fit the reality of the situation. It never does!

Even after such a horrible day where a crazy left-wing CNN viewer tried to assassinate multiple members of congress, CNN tried to depict the president of the United States as nothing but a liar. In the end, all CNN proved to everyone in America is their news operation is nothing more than a lying, radical-leftist clown show that can’t be trusted.


Hysterical Nonsense?

There once was a time when the American left loved Russia. Somehow, that day stopped existing once Donald Trump won the presidency on November 8, 2016. The crazy leftists in this country still can’t get over that simple fact. Their concocted reasoning for Hillary not winning meant that someone somehow stole the election from her. Their disturbed reasoning is that Russia nefariously interfered with the presidential election causing Donald Trump to illegitimacy win the presidency. A poll shortly after the election found that half of Hillary voters believed the Russians hacked the election results. After four months of this false media narrative, many democrats still believe in this hysterical nonsense.

The democrats are so delusional they even set up multiple committees in congress to investigate this matter. Today, James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence for president Obama testified on Capital Hill. When he was asked if Russia interfered with the presidential election results he said, “no!”

Even though there has been no evidence of Russian interference in vote tallying in the 2016 presidential election, don’t expect the democrats to stop playing up that narrative. There will no doubt be more investigations formed to help foment anger and hate to fuel the resistance crowd that is still deranged over the presidential election. In the end, when all these silly investigations are finally over, we will discover what really happened between Trump and Russia. It will all add up to be nothing more than hysterical nonsense.

Supreme Court Hypocricy?

Democrats continue to suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome after the election of Donald Trump. Take for instance the president’s pick for the Supreme Court slot that was vacated by the death of justice Antonin Scalia last year. The democrats have promised to delay the vote on Niel Gorsuch by declaring the seat was “stolen” or “held hostage” by republicans during the final year of Obama’s term.

Never mind that the fact that no Supreme Court nominee has ever been voted on in the last 80 years during a president’s final year in office. You are also not allowed to remember what the new Senate minority leader said about president Bush’s Supreme Court nominee pick in 2007. Talk about Supreme Court hypocrisy?

According to the actions of Chuck Schumer and the other leftist nut jobs, nothing is ever “stolen” or “held hostage” when a republican sits in the Oval Office. That only happens when cry baby leftists do. Sadly for them, they don’t run the show anymore. The daily temper tantrums we are witnessing from leftists in the media and on Capital Hill is collectively embarrassing and hypocritical. Because of this new viral disease known as Trump Derangement Syndrome, the crack up of the democrat party will continue on in the weeks and months ahead. Time to get the popcorn ready.