The Rights Of Citizens Who Live Here?

During president Trump’s speech to congress last night the house democrat leader and her party proved they don’t give a damn about jobs for American citizens. To Nancy Pelosi and the American left, welfare creation is more noble and desirable than job creation. They are more concerned about foreigners who live outside our country than they do about the rights of citizens who live here.

Perhaps, this is why over the previous eight years economic growth and job creation has been so patheticly weak. The leftists in our government showed their contempt for the American citizen when they voiced their displeasure over the president’s commitment to setting up a government affairs ofice to assist in providing help for American citizens who have unfortunately become crime victims of illegal immigrants.

Last night, the socialist democrats in our government repeatedly showed their disgust for the American people. For the party that claims to be the party of compassion, they showed none of it when it came to the well being and safety of the American citizen. It is distgusting to learn that to American leftists, the imaginary rights of foreigners who live in far off countries are far more important than the rights of citizens who live here.

Breaking Rules And Traditions

You can always count on the socialist democrats to break the rules and traditions that have stood the test of time on capital hill. Whether it is passing unfavorable legislation through little used budget reconciliation acts, placing political nominees in positions of power without the consent of congress or releasing prisoners from Guantanamo Bay without notifying congress. Whether they win or not. It is always full speed ahead with their totalitarian agenda. Damn the rules and traditions.

Take for example socialist democrat senator Cory Booker. He wants to break another tradition. There once was an idea that no senator would ever speak unkindly about a fellow senator in any way. It was a tradition that kept the senate cordial and respectful. It seems Mr. Booker has a problem with his colleague Jeff Sessions from becoming the new attorney general. Mr. Booker is speaking out and opposing his nomination over his own fears that Mr. Sessions is somehow a racist bigoted, homophobe.

This isn’t an unusual charge due to the fact that socialist democrats and their friends in the media label anyone who doesn’t believe in their totalitarian agenda as a racist, bigoted homophobe. That’s part of their playbook. Ironically, it was just a few short months ago that Cory Booker was publicly praising his fellow senator for working with him on civil rights legislation. He wasn’t a racist then. He was his best buddy.

Cory Booker isn’t any different from the rest of his socialist democrat buddies. They talk through both sides of their mouths. One day your their best buddy. The next day your a piece of crap. It’s politics 24-7, 365 days a year. That’s why Booker’s party was thrown out of power over the last three election cycles. Cory Booker thinks his actions will propel him towards the 2020 presidential nomination. Good luck with that. You can be sure that discarding the rules and traditions used on capital hill for over 200 years just to trash fellow colleagues will come back to bite him and his party in the ass.

The Politics Of Racism?

OAK BLUFFS, MA - AUGUST 11: (AFP OUT) U.S. President Barack Obama reacts as he golfs on the first hole on Farm Neck Golf Club on the first day of his vacation August 11, 2013 in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. His foursome included aide Marvin Nicholson, White House chef Sam Kass and Robert Wolf, a Wall Street consultant. The First Family is on vacation in Martha's Vineyard from August 10-18th. (Photo by Vincent DeWitt-Pool/Getty Images)
Obama golfing 8/16/16

Remember when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans back in 2005? The liar czar media establishment and the socialist-democrats blamed it on George W. Bush before, during and after the storm hit. That’s all you saw on your television sets non-stop, day and night. That being said, George W. Bush visited the area several times to survey the damage and direct government agencies to help the people that needed it the most. At least he made an honorable effort to address the problem.

Today, well we have a whole different story. In the aftermath of the deadly flooding in Louisiana, there seems to be no accountability on our first biracial president. Seemingly, Obama has no responsibilities whatsoever regarding the people of Louisiana. Apparently the only responsibility Obama has is to continue working on his golf game at his luxurious vacation spot in Martha’s Vineyard. Obama doesn’t get the same outrage from the national press like George W. Bush received. Could it be because Bush was a white republican? The democrat party today is the anti-white party. Just ask the person who gladly huddles around the racist Black Lives Matter group at the White House. That guy happens to be a hypocritical righteous fool.

The only person addressing the problem facing Americans living in the southeast today isn’t Barack Hussein Obama or Hillary Clinton, it’s Donald Trump. He is the only person who is leading any effort to address the problems facing Americans down in Louisiana. He isn’t taking the day off vacationing like Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. Those two only pretend to fix problems when it comes to people who vote the party line. For the people suffering from the disastrous flooding in Louisiana, the real reason that Obama and Hillary don’t give a damn about their plight is simple.  Their problem doesn’t revolve around the politics of racism. If it did. Obama and Hillary would have been down there A.S.A.P. But it doesn’t. So why bother?

“You Lie!”

imageRemember at the 2009 State of the Union speech when representative Joe Wilson yelled, “you lie” at president Obama when the president defiantly declared that illegal aliens would not be provided free Obamacare benefits?  It created a media firestorm and Mr. Wilson would later be formally rebuked by the socialist-democrats in the house chamber for even suggesting that the president was lying.

It turns out that Joe Wilson was correct. The president was indeed lying to the chamber and to the American people when he made his deceitful statement. Six years later the truth has finally emerged detailing that up to 500,000 illegal immigrants have been given Obamacare subsidies since 2009 at whopping cost of $750,000,000.00.

Furthermore, we were told by the Liar Czar Media that Obamacare was president Obama’s number one signature achievement. When the bill was signed into law it was broadcast on every single cable channel imaginable. Even the Weather Channel aired what was heralded at the time as an historic and momentous event.

Obamacare is nothing more than an ill-conceived socialist, utopian flop that was never read by the politicians that voted for it. It was hastily passed without any republican input. If it was such a great deal how come only 11,000,000 people have it? It was supposed to insure 30 million people who didn’t have healthcare insurance. Fast forward to 2016 and what you have is a total disaster. The eleven million people who have essentially signed up for Obamacare have actually enrolled themselves into Medicaid Expansion. The reason for the low number of signups is that the president illegally rewrote the legislation to remove the employer mandate. Removing the employer mandate meant that millions of people who received their healthcare from their employer will be exempt from the president’s healthcare plan. The only people who actually love Obamacare are the people who receive it for free. And contrary to what the president promised back in 2009, that happens to include 500,000 illegal immigrants.

Forever Destroying Itself From Within


Allahu Akbar”.

Like the United States, Germany is beginning to understand how dangerous socialist governments can be when they advocate for open borders and path-to-citizenship policies. The influx of illegal immigration is destroying both countries to the point that the populace is rising up to try to stop it. The immigration problem in Europe is so out of control that people are rushing to purchase guns. They can foresee that things are becoming outright dangerous.

The brain dead leftist politicians always love to brag  about their overall goodness and compassion of their socialist policies. They are in fact quite the opposite. These same idiots always decry how white a society is to somehow shame the majority into thinking the color of the majority’s skin is somehow a pejorative. The leftist political kooks in this country have had this preposterous idea since the sixties. That’s when they found out they weren’t winning the white vote at election time. This is why Ted Kennedy and his deceitful allies in congress evilly concocted the The Immigration Act of 1965. From 1924 to 1964 immigrants assimilating was successfully taking place amongst the people in America, It created a booming middle class that was well-off and flourishing. Despite this positive news about immigration assimilation, the democrats weren’t winning the presidency so things had to change.

After the bill was passed and signed into law on 1965, America has had an influx of well over 1,000,000 illegal and legal immigrants per year. Many of these immigrants who continue to flood into America illegally are from third world countries who lack a ninth grade education or less. They can’t speak the English language and lack the cognitive skills to enter our schools or join our work force. When large masses of people enter a country without the proper skills to cope within in it, tribalism and balkanization occurs. Assimilation doesn’t. Thus, they don’t become part of the common nationalistic culture. A majority of the immigrants entering our country illegally are eligible for food stamps and other government benefits the minute they step on American soil.

Whether it is Germany or the United States, there is nothing positive resulting in the leftist politician’s immigration agenda. The only thing that could be possibly construed as positive for the socialist liberals is an ever growing voting block of a permanent underclass that will need the assistance of government welfare to ultimately survive. The bad news is that we will begin to see our freedoms and traditions here at home slowly erode. This will occur when this new immigrant voting block starts to rise up and vote for the America hating agenda of the left. That agenda will be against the traditional common nature of assimilation that took place in your grandparent’s and your parent’s America. Shortly after the 1965 Immigration Act was signed, Ted Kennedy wrongly proclaimed, “this law will not cause American workers to lose their jobs!”

Because of the passage of The 1965 Immigration Act, the American left has gotten just what it wanted. A non-inclusive, multicultural voting block built to divide the nation with tribalism that is continually in a war with the the ideology and traditions that founded this country. America has become a nation of multiculturalism that resembles that of a dying Europe. It is sad to witness an erosion of the traditions and values of a once proud, healthy nation. One that held a common nationality that peacefully bound its citizenry in a cohesive and civil way. Leftist policies time and time again have proven to the world to be damaging and dangerous. If America continues on with this downward immigration spiral that mirrors that of Europe, it will forever destroy itself from within.

Telling a Lie Long Enough and Loud Enough…..

Remember the old adage that if you tell a lie long enough, and loud enough people will believe it is true? That’s what our main stream media outlets sells us everyday to shape their socialist narrative. This technique was on display Friday night on a seldom watched cable news show in which an old, blubbering idiot continued the far left narrative that there were never any weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq.

This is a bold face lie many on the left continue to facilitate to discredit the war in Iraq. In reality there were plenty of weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq and there are numerous print stories that belie the leftist false narrative. In 2006 Fox News reported that WMD’s were found in the country. In that same year a report from had another story that WMD’s were found on the battlefield in Iraq. Later in 2008 other news stories were reporting that WMD’s were found in Iraq according to the New York Times and NBC News. In 2010 as reported by documents revealed WMD’s were found inside Iraq. Another report in 2014 disclosed that large quantities of weapons of mass destruction were quietly removed by the pentagon so that Obama’s Syrian Rebels could not get their hands on them. With all of this information out for the world to see we still have leftist propagandists in the media still fantasizing that weapons were never found in Iraq.

Unlike Obama’s unauthorized and illegal war in Libya, George Bush asked and received congressional approval twice for the use of force in Iraq. Without the approval of democrats in congress the war in Iraq would never have taken place. Ironically, one of the politicians who voted for the war in Iraq is a well respected person of high esteem who just so happens to be the political darling of the socialist-democrat party. She is their presumed presidential nominee and her name is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Even Mrs. Clinton would go on to say in 2003 that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

It’s interesting to note that Hillary Clinton never really receives any of the type of scrutiny from the liar czar press for her role in starting an unjust war in a country that we are constantly reminded never had any weapons of mass destruction. Therefore,  you would think that the press would have vilified and treated her as someone who is certainly by no means qualified to serve as president of the United States. The socialist left and their media conveniently forget that Hillary was implicit in starting the 2003 war in Iraq. That’s why you can never forget the the old adage that, “if you tell a lie long enough, and loud enough people will believe it is true.”

Participating In Their Own Demise

baltThe Baltimore, Maryland and Ferguson, Missouri riots have nothing to do about young men dying in confrontations with police officers. It has nothing to do about the rule of law either. It is about spending more taxpayer money to build more government programs that in the end create more inner city problems. Creating dependency in the inner city leads to more poor people who become addicted to big government socialism. Liberal democrat politicians are all in with that. They run on that message and the voters always fall for their inane emotional message of helping the little guy. In the end it creates devastating results. What these rioting idiots are really doing is participating in their own demise.

Since the war on poverty began in the 1960’s American taxpayers have spent 22 trillion dollars to fight poverty. After that war began over fifty years ago the same number of people remain in poverty. So if this war strategy is proven to be not working why not change course and try something different? If young men believe that there is no hope for a better life in their communities in which they live in would it not be in their best interest to vote differently? Would it not dawn on them that voting for a socialist democrat for all these years actually hasn’t helped their lot in life? Why do they let leftist politicians incentivize them into staying in their poor neighborhoods and survive on meager welfare payments that only keeps them existing on government handouts for the rest of their forgotten lives?

You gotta love how the socialist democrat politicians who routinely whine about income inequality are actually the self righteous ignoramuses who create it in the first place. Cities with the highest rates of income inequality are run by socialist democrats. It’s because they run on helping the little guy and the little guy always falls for it and votes for them waiting for something better to happen to them to make their so called burden in life a little more bearable. In the end all that happens to them is that more people begin to see more people in the same predicament as they are in. Instead of lashing out at the socialist democrat politicians who have created this mess, these people start displacing their anger out on society in general and the people who have been hired to keep society civil are the police officers.

When the angry people begin to understand the true nature of who is responsible for their plight in life, only then will they hopefully look for something different. If the last 50 years of experience doesn’t explain anything then nothing will. They need to understand that voting for people who only care about the little guy only creates more little guys. When all these little guys start getting together to release their frustrations and anger at being a little guy, they need to understand that it is they who are responsible for themselves and it is they who are actually participating in their own demise.

The Commando or the Community Organizer?

Watching the Prime Minister of Israel speak before congress today was a breath of fresh air. Why? Because unlike our lame community organizer, Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to members of congress instead of speaking at them. That is what our dear leader does.

It was something Americans haven’t seen in over six plus years. We saw a leader speak before us today about his love for not only his country but ours. Netanyahu spoke to the dangers that Islamic regimes pose to the survival of nation’s that were founded on Judeo Christian values. Many socialist democrats in congress boycotted the speech of our ally and friend from Israel on the grounds that it disrespected our first biracial president. All the members of the socialist front group called the Congressional Black Caucus embarrassingly boycotted the speech at the request of Barack Hussein Obama forgetting the fact that the biggest civil rights leader of our time was a staunch supporter of Israel and believed it had the right to defend herself.

Many members of the socialist left who just happen to be Jewish also embarrassed themselves by walking out on the speech from.a man who only wants to ensure the safety of the Jewish nation from a dangerous Islamic republic hell bent on destroying them with a nuclear bomb.

All that went on today from the American far-left is really not that surprising when you understand recent history. Back at the 2012 Democrat convention the socialists tried to strip Jeruselem and God out of their platform at the request of their demonic community organizer. A vote had to be taken several times in order to find out where their allegiances stood.

Listening to the former Israeli commando was a breath of fresh air for those of us who have grown weary of watching all of the grandiose high pitch verbiage that we now know leads to nothing more than false promises from a weak and despotic president who is always lecturing the American people about how they are the root cause of the world’s problems. What we finally heard today was that America wasn’t the problem. America is the solution. Who are you going to believe? The commando who fights for his country or the community organizer who works to tear down his?