The Politics Of Racism?

OAK BLUFFS, MA - AUGUST 11: (AFP OUT) U.S. President Barack Obama reacts as he golfs on the first hole on Farm Neck Golf Club on the first day of his vacation August 11, 2013 in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. His foursome included aide Marvin Nicholson, White House chef Sam Kass and Robert Wolf, a Wall Street consultant. The First Family is on vacation in Martha's Vineyard from August 10-18th. (Photo by Vincent DeWitt-Pool/Getty Images)
Obama golfing 8/16/16

Remember when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans back in 2005? The liar czar media establishment and the socialist-democrats blamed it on George W. Bush before, during and after the storm hit. That’s all you saw on your television sets non-stop, day and night. That being said, George W. Bush visited the area several times to survey the damage and direct government agencies to help the people that needed it the most. At least he made an honorable effort to address the problem.

Today, well we have a whole different story. In the aftermath of the deadly flooding in Louisiana, there seems to be no accountability on our first biracial president. Seemingly, Obama has no responsibilities whatsoever regarding the people of Louisiana. Apparently the only responsibility Obama has is to continue working on his golf game at his luxurious vacation spot in Martha’s Vineyard. Obama doesn’t get the same outrage from the national press like George W. Bush received. Could it be because Bush was a white republican? The democrat party today is the anti-white party. Just ask the person who gladly huddles around the racist Black Lives Matter group at the White House. That guy happens to be a hypocritical righteous fool.

The only person addressing the problem facing Americans living in the southeast today isn’t Barack Hussein Obama or Hillary Clinton, it’s Donald Trump. He is the only person who is leading any effort to address the problems facing Americans down in Louisiana. He isn’t taking the day off vacationing like Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. Those two only pretend to fix problems when it comes to people who vote the party line. For the people suffering from the disastrous flooding in Louisiana, the real reason that Obama and Hillary don’t give a damn about their plight is simple.  Their problem doesn’t revolve around the politics of racism. If it did. Obama and Hillary would have been down there A.S.A.P. But it doesn’t. So why bother?

Accessories to Murder

chippy1224What do Al Sharpton, Bill de Blasio, President Obama and Occupy Wall Street all have in common? They are all accessories to the murders of 2 NYPD officers. The legal definition of accessory of murder is a person (s) who assists in the commission of a crime, but who does not actually participate in the commission of the crime as a joint principal. They all have been complicit in the assassination of two New York City police officers over the weekend .

Al Sharpton is an accessory to murder for his constant race-baiting and cop bashing rhetoric. A note written by the deceased shooter stated the killings were retribution for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Just a few short weeks ago after the grand jury decision, Al Sharpton defiantly declared that the, “fight was not over!”

Bill de Blasio is an accessory to murder for letting his Occupy Wall Street protesters get out of hand. Ironically, in 2014 de Blasio won the mayoral race by using their socialist theme, “We Are Living in the World Occupy Made.” Two weeks ago they violently attacked NYPD police officers while illegally shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge and sections of the FDR Drive. Even after video of the attack on the Brooklyn Bridge surfaced the mayor was still defending the protesters by referring to the bridge incident as the, “alleged” incident. Given the fact that the two police officers were murdered, de Blasio is still defending the protestors even today after they chanted for the deaths of police officers three days before the gruesome murders took place.

Occupy Wall Street is an accessory to murder for fueling the hostility and rage against the New York City police. Over 200 of these professional protesters were arrested for breaking the law over this past weekend. Many arrested were well to do rich white people who were organizing for a revolution. When asked what kind of revolution they were seeking,, they couldn’t give an answer. Occupy Wall Street was formed by SEIU leader and fellow White House visitor Andy Stern. It is a movement that wishes to replace the free market capitalist system in America for a communist model. When it first formed it was the darling of the Obama ass-kissing media.

We can’t let Valerie Jarrett’s pajama boy off the hook for his involvement with the deaths of these 2 New York City police officers. It is Obama who constantly uses the race card to rile up his base. They vote on emotions and feelings and are easily moved by the words of a race baiting demigod. Obama and Sharpton are the same in that they both feed off perceived racism. Whether it is real or made up. They realize they benefit off it politically while the rest of society as a whole is damaged by it. That’s why they continue to play the race card.

Obama has used this technique his whole career. Back when he was running for president in 2008 he told a crowd in Philadelphia that, “when they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” referring to his political opponents. Obama is always using race to divide the country, he did so in 2009 when his friend Skip Gates was arrested by a white police officer for resisting arrest in an incident where Obama said the, “police acted stupidly.” Never mind that when the facts did come out it was his friend skip Gates who, “acted stupidly.”

Obama injected racism in the grand jury acquittal of George Zimmerman back in 2013.

Obama, Sharpton, de Blasio and the Occupy Wall Street movement are all accessories to murder. They constantly use racism to perpetuate the big lie. That big lie is that cops and captialism are evil, racist entities. They are all race hustlers who use race as a tool to fool people into accepting the false narrative that America is inherently evil and fundamental change is needed to correct it. With the republicans winning the senate last November what do these revolutiomaries have left to lean on now? The answer is the race card. No wonder a meeting was convened on December 1, 2014 at the White House. The people invited to take part in that meeting by the president were community organizers and agitators such as Al Sharpton, Bill de Blasio and leaders of Occupy Wall Street. We were told the urgent topic of conversation was about improving the relationship between the police and the communities they serve. Unfortunately, what transpired after that meeting was not better cooperation between the police and their communities, but more civil unrest and riots organized simultaneously in cities that just so happen to be run by democrat political friends of Barrack Obama. Also, in a sad twist of fate we got two dead NYPD officers who were assassinated while sitting in their squad car having lunch. What a horrific and sad coincidence.

Racism and the Forgotten Family

IMG_0357Is it me or does it seem like 1997 all over again? That was a time when scandalous reports were coming out of the White House and that an obsessed woman was stalking the first black president Bill Clinton.   It was a time when Mr. Clinton was serving late into his second term. It was also a time when republicans were in control of the house and the only way things could get done was through Triangulation 
Clinton and his handlers dodged and delayed his scandals for a few years, with the media’s help until a stained blue dress was finally discovered.

Fast forward to the politics of today. We are well into Obama’s second term. Multiple scandals have plagued his administration such as; Fast and Furious,
Benghazi,  Spying on the press as well as everyday Americans  and the IRS targeting of his political enemies. Which by the way was used in Article 2 in the impeachment of Richard Nixon back in 1974.

With all these scandals facing Obama and his little minions in his administration, what do they do? They do the same stall, dodge and delay tactics as president Clinton used. Only this time, Obama and his team bring out the race card. They’ve been using this tactic on anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their agenda. We’ve seen this from day one beginning in 2008. This week we get statements from baseball’s Hank Aaron claiming Obama’s problems stem from the KKK and racist white people.

Other examples of Obama hacks blaming whitey are Eric Holder and blabber-mouth troublemaker and NBC cable host Al Sharpton.

Ever since he began running for the White House in 2008, I couldn’t understand why everyone from the DC establishment to the media as a whole, referred to Obama as a “black” man or as “African American.”

For the record, Obama is half black and half white. It’s as if Obama never had a white family. It’s as if they never existed and that no one from his white side even exists now. I would love for someone in the press to find someone from his white family and ask the question. “What is it like to have a family member be the first African American president?” That question would never be asked because it would ruin the whole fake narrative that the media and his handlers created for Obama.  It would also make the “race card” in reality, ineffective.

The socialist democrats can’t hide from their scandals without mobilizing their base with the race card. That’s how they try to “shut up” anyone who doesn’t agree with them on policy. They disguise the truth using false charges of racism. That’s more disgusting than racism itself.