Legacy Accomplishment?

To show you just how out of touch with reality the fake media is with average Americans, all one needs to do is watch what they report on everyday. For instance, after the senate healthcare vote to repeal Obamacare failed, NBC gleefully hyped the fact Obama’s legacy accomplishment was thankfully saved! For NBC to celebrate the notion that somehow Obamacare is a legacy accomplishment for Barack Obama is truly bizarre to anyone who actually lives in the real world.

What was most important to NBC wasn’t the fact that after the signage of Obamacare, tens of millions of Americans were forced by the new law to lose their doctors and health insurance plans. NBC wasn’t interested to report hundreds of Obamacare health exchanges set up all across the country by the federal government were shutting down due to the lack of financial stabilization. NBC didn’t even seem to care that after the signing of Obamacare in 2010, millions of Businesses were forced to decrease their work staff due to the punitive laws and regulations of the disasterous law.

NBC and their liar czar news friends don’t care about the destruction that  Obamacare is doing to the tens of millions of Americans who are medically suffering and financially hurting from a law that has to be bailed out at the tune of $200 200 billion dollars a year. The fact that the law has to be bailed out every year proves to everyone the concept of government run healthcare is a total fallacy. The fact that these folks at NBC are heralding a disiasterous piece of legislation as an Obama legacy accomplishment is truly bizarre to anyone who actually lives in the real world.

Total Repeal Of Obamacare?

The holiday season is over and all the Christmas gifts have been unwrapped. Everyone knows exactly what he or she got. However there is one gift that we were all promised that we never received. What we thought we were getting for the new year was the total repeal of Obamacare. Remember when Trump promised everyone that repealing Obamacare would happen on day one of his presidency? Unfortunately, that promise has turned out to be untrue. According to a CNN interview with rep. Chris Collins, who happens to be on Trump’s transition team, Obamacare will continue to be a disaster for the American economy for years to come.

Turns out it was nothing more than a campaign issue. These worthless republicans were never going to keep their promise of repealing Obamacare. Instead, they are keeping Obamacare around so they can continue to campaign on the issue for the foreseeable future. This is what their strategy has been since this disastrous law was passed in 2009. It was successful for them when they were in the minority. When they utilized this strategy in 2010 they won the house. In 2014, the won the senate. Now, they have won the White House. You would think that now they have the majority they can now finally repeal the law. Right? They aren’t.

Do republicans think that the American electorate is going to continue to believe their repealing mantra crap? These feckless republicans remind me of the shepherd boy who continued to trick the villagers by crying wolf all the time.  Time after time nobody believed the boy’s claims until one day not only did the wolf eat his sheep. It ate the boy. If republicans think they can continue to successfully campaign on repealing Obamacare in perpetuity, then they will most likely hold the same fate as the boy who continued to cry wolf. They will eventually disappear. Along will their strong majorities.

Obamacare Doesn’t Work At The White House

We learned a teachable moment at the White House today. During the last presidential press conference by Barack Obama, a reporter from the press corp fell ill proving once and for all that Obamacare doesn’t work. Not even at the White House.

Seriously, the end of this administration can’t come soon enough. When it finally does, we will be able to totally dismantle this unaffordable healthcare fiasco. Then and only then will we all be healthier and happier as a nation because of it.

Happy Holidays everyone!

That’s Nothing To Laugh At!

imageOne of the many lies Americans were told by president Obama during his failed presidency was, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” That orchestrated lie was knowingly placed into his sales pitch by the president’s speech writers again and again to prop up an ill advised healthcare bill they all knew was a fabricated lie.

Last night on The Charlie Rose show, Charlie’s guests were Jon Lovett and Jon Favreau. They were the speech writers who were responsible for concocting the infamous lie. When the subject about Obamacare came up the two men laughed about the lie and confirmed what we all knew back in 2009. People were not going to keep their doctor after all. Even Charlie couldn’t help but laugh.


This confirms what we have known since 2009. The Obama administration and the Liar Czar Media sold the American people the big lie called Obamacare. That was 2009. Today, we are witnessing the collapse of this utopian monstrosity before our very eyes. As more and more government healthcare exchanges go belly up unable to sustain the heavy costs more and more Americans will no doubt lose their doctor. It’s a shame that instead of dealing with the economy in his first term, the Obama administration waisted it and over two trillion dollars on a doomed healthcare plan that was nothing but a lie. That’s nothing to laugh at!

“Consistent with the Obama’s Strategy?’

imageWhite House spokesperson Josh Earnest said last week that it is entirely “consistent with the Obama strategy” to have our Navy personnel get captured, then be held hostage at gun point and then get released by the number one state sponsor of terrorism, Iran. It’s exactly what the Prime Minister of Israel warned us about last year when Bibi Netanyahu said, “when you reward bad behavior, you get more of it.”

The question was asked by a Fox News reporter. It’s a shame that no other reporter from any other news network would dare ask or follow up on a question regarding the murky nature of learning any real news detailing in the capture, the holding and then finally the release of U.S. Navy personel by the Iranian government.

It’s another example of the Obama administration false assertion that, “they are completely transparent” on any given issue when in reality, all they do is play the “news blackout” game designed to keep the truth hidden from the American people. This same strategy was used by this administration when dealing with other Obama scandals such as, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, Berghdal terrorist swap, the Veterans Affair scandal, funding failed energy companies, illegall immigration scandal, Obamacare and the Associated Press spying scandal.

It is a shame that the American people will never get to learn the real truth of what really happened to our Navy soldiers in the Persian Gulf. You can be rest assured that the Obama administration and the Iranian government know exactly what went down.

Be Careful What You Wish For?

imageRemember the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for because it may come back to bite you in the ass?” It turns out that the political idiots on the left that lied about the virtues of  Obamacare were the ones getting the big kickbacks while most Americans knew they would eventually be the ones getting bitten in the ass.

In December of 2009, an email was sent from Obama adviser Jim Messina to AARP representative Nancy LeaMond congratulating her company for jumping on board with the newly crafted Obamacare bill. The email went on to say the White House wanted to use AARP’s membership database to robo call Nebraska senator Ben Nelson to seal the final vote for the unpopular bill. Senator Nelson would vote for Obamacare only after he was promised a kickback. At the time this email was sent out, 59% of Americans were against the president’s bill. Even worse, by a margin to 14 to 1 AARP’s own members disapproved of the bill. Why would AARP support a highly disliked bill such as Obamacare? Money. It turns out AARP would throw its 37 million members under the bus for a deal that would make the company one billion dollars.

Today, AARP’s healthcare insurer United Healthcare told investors that because of Obamacare’s deteriorating side effects on the industry it ultimately plans to leave the Obamacare exchanges all together after 2016. When asked if the nation’s largest health insurance company could go on and carry health insurance policies past 2016 a company spokesman said, “No.”

When United Health and other health insurance companies are forced to leave the marketplace due to the high costs of Obamacare, this will pressure the remaining insurance companies to pick-up the slack. Those remaining companies will have to take on more high-risk enrollees prompting them to raise rates or exit the market place altogether. You can blame AARP, president Obama and the democrat party for passing their socialist healthcare plan in 2009. They have finally proven that healthcare coverage mandated by the federal government at the cost of 2.7 trillion dollars is a gigantic utopian disaster that was destined to fail.

It turns out the only people who wished for the passage of Obamacare were the socialist democrat politicians and their crony businesse partners  in Washington, D.C… Sadly, the majority of Americans never wished for the passage of Obamacare, because they instinctively understood that in the end they would be the ones who would get bitten in the ass by it. How right they were.

Fails to Deliver


There is no difference between socialism and liberalism in the democrat party today. The two ideologies have colluded together to from the National Socialist-Democrat Party. When asked what the difference was between the two political philosophies, the chairwoman of the Democrat National Committee couldn’t give an answer. The answer is they are one in the same.

This is why you have the socialist senator from Vermont, who is running for president in 2016, drawing over 100,000 people at his campaign stops. Bernie Sanders is not only drawing huge crowds, he seems to be gaining on Hillary Clinton in the newest Gallup Poll. The poll indicates that Sanders is outperforming Hillary in the favorability category. The more Sanders promotes collectivism the more people seem to like him. It seems people favor the idea of Socialism. The idea promises big government programs with giveaways that ultimately creates higher taxation rates on every single individual which correlates to the erosion of one’s own personal freedom. People don’t seem to understand that when they crave for free things that are provided to them by the government someone winds up paying for them in the long run. What the socialist politician won’t tell you is that the person paying for the free stuff in the long run is you. This is true whether it is, “free” education, housing, food stamps, internet or healthcare. Al Sharpton understood the concept of socialism when Obama was ramming Obamacare down the throats of all Americans whether they liked it or not. In 2009 Al Sharpton, who holds the record for visiting the White House, admits to what transforming America was all about.

Our American government was founded on the principles of limited government and free market capitalism because the founders understood from their own history how dangerous big tyrannical government was all about. They lived under the tyranny of the King of England and wanted no part of it. They brilliantly set up our new government with checks and balances afforded by the constitution that would insure the safety of the citizenry from an out-of-control big government apparatus. Those checks and balances the founders wisely set up over 239 years ago to safeguard our individual liberty from tyranny are being eroded by big centralized government. Today we are seeing our individual freedoms we once cherished vanish before our very eyes for the false hope of a collectivist ideology that fails to deliver wherever it is has been tried. It’s called socialism.