Legacy Accomplishment?

To show you just how out of touch with reality the fake media is with average Americans, all one needs to do is watch what they report on everyday. For instance, after the senate healthcare vote to repeal Obamacare failed, NBC gleefully hyped the fact Obama’s legacy accomplishment was thankfully saved! For NBC to celebrate the notion that somehow Obamacare is a legacy accomplishment for Barack Obama is truly bizarre to anyone who actually lives in the real world.

What was most important to NBC wasn’t the fact that after the signage of Obamacare, tens of millions of Americans were forced by the new law to lose their doctors and health insurance plans. NBC wasn’t interested to report hundreds of Obamacare health exchanges set up all across the country by the federal government were shutting down due to the lack of financial stabilization. NBC didn’t even seem to care that after the signing of Obamacare in 2010, millions of Businesses were forced to decrease their work staff due to the punitive laws and regulations of the disasterous law.

NBC and their liar czar news friends don’t care about the destruction that  Obamacare is doing to the tens of millions of Americans who are medically suffering and financially hurting from a law that has to be bailed out at the tune of $200 200 billion dollars a year. The fact that the law has to be bailed out every year proves to everyone the concept of government run healthcare is a total fallacy. The fact that these folks at NBC are heralding a disiasterous piece of legislation as an Obama legacy accomplishment is truly bizarre to anyone who actually lives in the real world.

The Truth Be Damned?

Lying comes naturally for people in the press. That’s why they are there in the first place. To protect fellow left-wingers at all costs. The truth be damned. This is what NBC employs Chris Mathews to do on a daily basis. For example, back in early 2014 Mathews was a guest on NBC’s “Meet The Press” to prop up the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton. He did so by defending her decision to blame an internet video for the murder of four Americans in Benghazi in 2012. In the clip below Mathews defends not only Hillary Clinton, but Susan Rice. She was the person who was sent out to lie for the Obama administration about the Internet video.

At the time it was quite obvious to many who can think for themselves that the Internet video explanation was a complete fabrication made up to protect the president’s chances of getting reelected two months later. Any known terrorist attack would simply be kept quietly by the liar czar media in order to get their dear leader reelected. Their plan on that ultimately succeeded.

However, they couldn’t conceal the actual truth behind the attack in Benghazi. Through a freedom of information act we would soon find out the administration’s internet video defense was indeed a bold face lie. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Susan Rice and others in the Obama government knew immediately that what caused the deaths of four Americans was not done by a video, but by a calculated terrorist attack.

When breaking news came out yesterday that revealed Susan Rice as a key figure in the illegal unmasking of intelligence information on Trump administration officials, Chris Mathews was the first person to cast aspersions on the claims and blame the accusations on right wing republicans who were only out to politically damage Mrs. Rice because she happens to be a woman of color. When the left is devoid of the facts, all they have left to throw around are the same old charges of racism and bigotry.

Susan a Rice has a long history of lying for the Obama administration. In fact, she is so skillful at her craft she was promoted instead of demoted. Liar Czar media members also have a long history of doing the same thing regardless of the authenticity of the facts. To them, their socialist ideology must always be protected. The same goes for those who are employed to sell it. The leftist ideology and the people who are paid to promote it must always be protected at all costs. The truth be damned.

From Adulation To Resentment

img_0509The liar czar media spent the last eight years covering for and protecting the presidency of Barack Obama. They did so because they held the same dangerous leftist worldview he had. Barack Obama was treated like a coddled, little baby Jesus. So much was promised by Obama with so little achieved. We were told he would fix the economy, create jobs, stop racism and save the world from rising sea levels. Well, he did none of that. We were told he was a historic, messiah like superstar we all were waiting for. Turns out he wasn’t that either.

Thankfully, the media’s slobbering love affair for their president is coming to an end after eight wonderful years of a bliss and matrimony. One can only imagine how sad it must be for MSNBC’s Chris Mathews? By mid January, he will no longer be getting a thrill up his leg for the president of the United States.

What about fellow liar czar, boy wonder Brian Williams? What about his bromance with Barack Obama? I wonder what it must feel like for him to no longer have the ability to walk his good presidential buddy back home after a hard day of hanging out in the Oval Office? And then bowing to him. Geez!

How must It feel for NBC weatherman Al Roker? For the past eight years he has shown nothing but great respect and adoration for the president of the United States. Nothing but love from Al. On the second inauguration of his pal, there was nothing but great joy and happiness from Al and the rest of the NBC crew. Wonder if they will treat president Trump this way? No!

After eight wonderful years of love and adoration toward their failed president, a sad reality check occurred on November 8th. The liar czar leftist media had their whole feel good worldview tuned upside down in a fashion they never would have imagined. What was supposed to be the inevitable dream coronation of Hillary Clinton, turned into their worst possible nightmare. Instead of breaking the glass ceiling, watching fireworks and dancing with The Rolling Stones, Hillary Clinton was soundly defeated electorally by political newcomer Donald Trump. Upon learning their eight year vacation was over, these spoiled brats did what spoiled brats do. They began to cry. Embarrassing!

In the coming weeks when all the crying has stopped, anger and resentment will soon start to set in with these spoiled snowflakes. That’s always the case when you suddenly lose something of great love and importance. For the American left and their media darlings, what they lost wasn’t just a presidential election. It was a total rebuke of their socialist belief system. To suddenly learn that a majority of Americans rejected what they inherently believe in is earth shattering to their very core. It just so happens the two candidates who shared that same failed European ideology lost big time. As did their legacies. Don’t look for the media to all of a sudden treat the new administration in the same manner as they did with Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Their long vacation wasn’t suppose to end like this. It wasn’t expected to end at all. The adulation, love and respect they had for the presidency over the last eight years is suddenly history. That feeling has been replaced by a great sense of anger and resentment.

Macy’s Financial Interests with the Clinton’s

Macy's is a Clinton Foundation Sellout
Macy’s is a Clinton Foundation Sellout

Macy’s has followed NBC and Univision’s lead and has partaken in the character assassination of Donald Trump. All three companies have cut ties to Donald Trump citing derogatory comments made by the presidential candidate regarding the idea that illegal immigrants should be stopped from entering the country illegally. The real reason Macy’s is dumping Trump’s clothing line has nothing to do what he has said. They are attacking Mr. Trump because he is a political threat to their in-house candidate Hillary Clinton. Macy’s has donated to the Clinton Foundation and has a financial venture with Hillary Clinton’s family’s charity slush fund for 4 projects that allocates up to $5,400,000.  Therefore, it is in Macy’s best interest to save their Clinton investment and dump Trump.

Macy’s financial interests with the Clinton Foundation goes all the way back to 2006. The four projects involve selling products that are essentially made by exploiting poor, disadvantaged and disabled people who live in underdeveloped countries to provide cheap labor to make bracelets, handbags and rugs that are ultimately sold by Macy’s and others at a higher markup cost.

One of those projects is called, “Global Handicrafts Support Program.” This project was established in 2006 allowing Macy’s to sell handicraft products made by poor, disadvantaged and disabled people working in Cambodia,Indonesia, Swaziland, Bolivia, South Africa and India. It’s overall expenditure is $1,000,000.

Another project Macy’s and The Clinton Foundation worked on was in 2006 where $1,750,000 was allocated for a project called, “Tapped Out-Addressing the Global Water Project.” The project employed a cooperative of poor and disadvantaged Kenyan women who were made to make cheap and inexpensive, “O” bracelets for Oprah Magazine. Upon completion the bracelets would later be sold at a higher price by Oprah Magazine and Macy’s.

There was yet another profit making project in 2007 that utilized cheap labor involving Macy’s and the Clinton Foundation called, “The Rwanda Pass to Peace Program.” This particular program took advantage of the desperate situation in Rwanda and had women build bamboo hand baskets that were later sold at Oprah Winfrey’s magazine and Macy’s.

The fourth project involving Macy’s and the Clinton Foundation is called, “GoodWeave: From Carpet Looms to Classrooms.” This project was established in 2013 at an overall cost of $2,450,000. It involved making 250,000 rugs that were woven in India and Nepal using cheap labor knowing full well that most of these rugs were made by child-labor. The project tried to certify that the percentage of rugs being sold were child-labor free from 4.5% in 2013 to 6.5% in 2016. Why not take out the slave labor of a child making rugs by 100 percent? The rugs would ultimately be sold by Macy’s at a price tag between $400 -$4,0000 apiece.

For a company such as Macy’s to purposely try to destroy and humiliate someone like Donald Trump is reprehencible. All he is  doing is standing up for what most Americans agree on. A secure border.  It is scandalous and outrageous for giant corporation’s like Macy’s that is worth $30 billion dollars to jump in bed financially with a corrupt politician and her illegal family charity. For a large amount of money corporation’s get to join the elitist Clinton Slush Fund Club where special deals are made with corrupt governments who exploit their masses by using them for cheap labor to manufacture cheap and inexpensive products.  All for the sole purpose of selling them over here in America at an overinflated price. The hypocritical war Macy’s and The Clinton Foundation are waging is not only on Donald Trump, it is on the rest of the free world.

Understanding the Contempt and Anger

imageGoodbye Brian Williams! You and all the rest of the Obama Liar Czar ass kissing teleprompter readers in the media don’t understand the contempt and anger that average Americans have towards you multi-million dollar talking heads. The arrogance that exudes from these morons is on display everyday on our television screens for the whole world to see. All we the people want is to live in a free society with limited government which enables more Americans to obtain more freedom and economic liberty. Mr. Williams, we cherish these liberties because it is we who know more about what we want for ourselves and our families. For an arrogant jackass like Brian Williams to label individuals who believe in the founding principles of the United States constitution as people who are being fueled by, “raw anger” is appalling.


Mr. Williams, our founding documents are what sets us apart from the rest of the world. They were written to keep every American, regardless of color, free from any oppressive form of government. When Americans begin to see their individual freedoms stolen from them by redistributionist loving socialist politicians who have nothing on their peanut sized brains but reelection, they get a little pissed off. When you have adoring media members butt kissing these politicians in Washington that further undermines and threatens our constitutional republic. The good news is that people are waking up to the fact that the Obama Liar Czar media complex is not about reporting real news. Its about promoting an unpopular big government agenda that erodes and endangers individual freedom for every single American.

You can gauge the distrust that people have with the media in viewership levels and polling. The evening news casts have taken a precipitous drop in viewership since 1985. People getting their news from the three evening newscasts fell from 48 million people in 1985 to just 24 million in 2013. That’s a 50 percent drop in 28 years. Half the people in the 18-29 age group do not watch the evening newscasts. Sadly, for Mr. Williams and NBC only 15 percent of people in the 18-29 demographic know that Brian Williams is a news anchor. How are you going to build up your brand using those numbers. Perhaps this is why NBC brass has Williams going on late night comedy shows to build up his credibility with the young demographic viewership. The ratings decline at NBC’s ultra liberal cable channel MSNBC is even worse. Only 55,000 people in the 25-54 demographic watch MSNBC in the daytime. That’s an all time low since 2005. In every other demographic category MSNBC has fallen by 17 percent in 2014. People’s faith in the media to tell the truth is at all time record low. In 2014 distrust in the mass media has hit an all time high at 60 percent. Interestingly enough, that is the same number (60%) who now believe that president Obama is a habitual liar. That’s something that Brian Williams and Barrack Obama have in common.

The problem this country faces today is that the liberal elites in Washington D.C. seem to falsely believe that they have all the answers for every problem we each individually face. They believe in the same failed socialist ideas that have never worked in any civilized society. Today, we have dishonest people in government working hand in hand with dishonest people in media in hiding their unpopular socialist agenda that sets to fundamentally transform America back to a land where King George of England once ruled. It’s a shame that in this country we have dishonest news jerks like Brian Williams of NBC News and other news organizations joining forces with dishonest government agencies like the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice to undermine and mock a genuine grass roots movement that represents the ideals that founded our great country. Why go through all the fuss in celebrating the Declaration of Independence every July 4th in the United States when on every other day of the calendar year those same ideals are ridiculed and mocked? That may be a good question to ask Brian Williams and the folks at NBC after their MACY’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular show is over.

Questioning Authority

chippy0516I remember growing up in the sixties when it was cool to wear tie dye bell bottom blue jeans with the American flag patch stitched upside down on your back pocket.  I wasn’t ten years old but I knew what was cool because the older kids wore the same thing.  We wore our hair long and dressed like the older kids to be fashionable. Nixon was our president and the big slogan back then was, “Question Authority.” It was a tumultuous time when college students protested the War against the communists in Southeast Asia and questioned every policy that pertained to the Nixon administration. Nixon was the establishment back then. The college kids protesting had the allegiance and the assistance of the main stream media. Back in those days that consisted of ABC, CBS, NBC and the New York Times.

Today, those same students, assisted by the media, who were protesting the establishment in the 1960’s as twenty year old kids, are now protecting and covering up the scandals of the current establishment. Why? Because their part of it. It is they who occupy and control the levers of power in government as well as the media. They are in control of their own narrative. This is why there are no real scandals today. To admit to any wrong doing on their part would shine the light on their own hypocrisy. Thats why you cant question their authority. If you try, they start screaming and charging you of being a racist, bigot or a collaborator of a right wing conspiracy.  There are no scandals involving Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservative groups, Fast & Furious Operation involving  gun running to Mexican CartelsNSA spying on citizens and the press  and now the trouble with the VA.
There aren’t any real wars to protest so there is no need for any anti-war marches.

Think about it? If this were the case with Richard Nixon during his presidency, he would have never been forced to resign. There would have never been impeachment proceedings in the house. In fact,  there would never have been television footage or newspaper stories about the student protests, Watergate or the Chicago riots during the Democrat convention.  The war in Vietnam. What war?  Heck, we would have never found out about Kent State  because it would have never happened. After Nixon’s presidential tenure he would have been revered as a great statesman and keeper of the peace by the literary and media elite. He would have been treated as the “Bill Clinton of the right”  making million dollar speeches and doing countless television interviews answering questions from adoring talks show hosts. Nixon would have been praised and admired for starting his own foundation raising and allocating money from questionable associates who resided in dangerous anti-American countries.

In today’s political world we don’t have the media/political collaboration as they did in the 1960’s that exposed government scandals and cover ups. That’s why the sixties movement became a tumultuous and exciting time for many people. They uncovered the truth about the illegal activities of an administration. We don’t have that type of scrutiny of the current administration.  That’s the problem. They don’t question authority when they have it. They only question authority when they don’t.

Remaking America into a Third World Country

chippy0514Monday night the three evening newscasts were devoted once again in trying to scare the hell out of Americans regarding another big lie, Climate Change. You see, it turns out it’s the viewers fault for causing this so-called war on the planet.

In the latest fear mongering propaganda reports from ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN we were told it was up to the whole world to unite and find and answer to this dangerous and inevitable disaster. What was their answer? The United Nations.

With the UN involved you can be rest assured that we will be losing our sovereignty as a nation and our individual rights as US citizens all for the sake of a socialist-commie goal of a more redistributive collectivist planet. Its a dog whistle to the communists worldwide that we intend to deindustrialize and weaken the economy so as to remake the United States into a third world country that is far less threatening to the rest of the world.

NBC rammed home the socialist propaganda piece dictating the perilous time we face. Keep in mind that NBC wants to be owned by a multinational conglomerate named Comcast. Comcast has holdings all around the world and is the fifth largest lobbyist firm in the country spending 19.8 million dollars in 2013. They employed several ex-congressman on their lobbying team and were a major donor and backer of Barack Hussain Obama.

Comcast hopes to get final approval of their merger with Time Warner from the Obama justice department. Should the deal get approved Comcast would become one of the most powerful telecommunications conglomerates in the world. So it is in their corporate interest to partake and partner in big government propaganda. The NBC report begins at the 13:58 mark.


CBS news chimed in to scare uninformed viewers that the ice was melting so precipitously in Antarctica we were in grave danger here in America. CBS is another global entertainment company that would also love to increase its market share worldwide and would do so in a world regulated by the UN. These media conglomerates become friendly to the UN just by advocating and reporting policy beneficIal to the growth and power of the UN.


CNN benefits the same way by holding the hands of Barack Obama, the socialist democrats and the UN while trumpeting the false narrative of climate change. CNN is owned by Time Warner. They hope to merge with Comcast. They started waving the pom poms for our lying president’s report on Saturday, May 10.

The real reason we are being sold this crap is because the leftist media companies who own the big three liar czar television networks are really mammoth multinational conglomerates with large assets around the world. These companies would benefit greatly from legislation that would require world regulations on societies’. As big government grows so does the corporate cronies who pay to be associated with it.

Every big propaganda lie perpetuated by the commie socialist liberals is sold as an emotional issue and if you dare to disagree with it you are a homophobe, islamophobe, racist bigot who hates women and children. Why women and children you ask? Because they are the most emotional and irrational voting block that democrats use to gain political power.

They use the likes of young, sexually starved women such as the Sandra Fluke and feminized boys like Pajama Boy as their national poster people. These people are the base of the far left.  They are the ones who have been the most indoctrinated since youth. This is why the newscasts use fear and lies. Because it helps grow and mobilize their idiot base.

The example of scaremongering last week was the false narrative of the, “Sequester.” This week it is, “Climate Change.” I wonder what the White House itinerary is for next week? You can bet it will have something to do with remaking the United Sates of America.

Scaring the Daylights out of Americans

Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s we were told by the three evening news shows that we were all going to die. We all were going to die of AIDS. It didn’t matter if we had a monogamist relationship, if we had sex with our wives, girlfriends whoever. We were going to die from AIDS. If we used one, two or three rubbers during sex, it didn’t matter….We were all going to die if we didn’t spend millions and millions of dollars for AIDS research. This is what we were told by ABC, CBS and NBC. That was their narrative. Die if you don’t help! Scare the living daylights out of America!

Today the networks still use that same technique. Take for example “The Sequester.” It was a fight between the republicans and the socialist democrats over the budget battle in 2013. The networks were following the lead of their socialist leader who wanted to spend more money that didn’t exist. Obama predicted doom and gloom and predicted that over 750,000 jobs would be lost. As it turns out, only one job was lost. Yea! That’s right. One!

Obama said that the sequester would cause 750,000 Americans to lose their jobs. He also said it was primarily the fault of all those rich, evil republicans. The democrats, of course, didn’t get a smidgen of blame.  The socialist democrats are always portrayed as the people who care more about you. The idiots in the White House Press Corp just sit there and eat this bull crap up. It’s the same class warfare communist clap trap, Scare campaign that’s been going on since 2008.

CBS news told us that if the Sequester took place 7,000 TSA agents would  lose their jobs immediately leading to “3 hour waits and long lines at airports.” we were told that the economic recovery would come to a halt.

Over at ABC Jon Karl questioned members of the Obama administration about their rhetoric of doom and gloom and of the coming layoffs of millions of government employees. Notice at the end of the segment the blonde air-head talking head hyping the inevitable apocalypse.


NBC Nightly News told us the Sequester was brought on by “political disfunction in government” and “that “Washington is broken” and surprisingly questioned the whole idea as overblown. They did however use the Obama government talking point that it will cause major disruptions at airports.

NBC News cable channel MSLSD had the usual partisan idiots “scare mongering” the public into thinking the Sequester would cut a million jobs.

The head liar czar for the socialist democrats of America is the New York Times and their editorial board. Before the sequester cuts took place they blamed the Sequester on mean republicans who purposely manufactured the crisis because they couldn’t stop Obamacare. They further lied about the inevitable harm it would do and “cost millions of people their jobs.”

You see it really doesn’t matter if it’s the 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s or today. The liar czar media gets their radical left wing talking points from the White House if, a so-called democrat occupies it. Its to push a far left socialist/democrat agenda on America.  They will go as far as to scare the living daylights out of you too advance their agenda. On the other hand, If a republican is duly elected by a majority of Americans is in the White House, the media quickly becomes unfriendly attackers and questions that republican’s authority 24-7 and 365 days a year.

All this gloom and doom reporting by the liar czar media on something called, “The Sequester” that eventually, in the end, cost one job!  You can go ahead and watch the evening news scare the living daylights out of you if you like. Or, you can be like me. I pay no attention to them. Their credibility died along time ago.