Control What People Think?

An NBC liar czar reporter admitted today what we all knew years ago about their cable network’s left wing bias. We already knew during democrat administrations NBC received White House talking points to favorably parrot the administrations news. During an airing of a so-called news program this morning we learned another fact from both anchors. They agreed that it wasn’t the job of a republican president to get out his own message. It was their job so as to control what people think.  

The only problem for NBC and these two hosts is that nobody watches their morning program. How can they have any kind of control over the people when no one is watching? It was easy for these two clowns to control the message during the Obama years because they openly admitted to getting talking points from the White House everyday. Thus, proving to the few people who ever cared to watch they are left-wing propagandists.

These two fools think that information spun out of a democrat administration is pure as the wind driven snow. Should anyone dare dispute that information, whether it is Rudy Giuliani or anyone else, they would be shamed and ridiculed. Well, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Now that a republican runs the White House, thank goodness “The Morning Joe” crew and NBC can no longer try to spin and control what people think anymore


Fading into Oblivion?

imageDonald Trump’s presidential poll numbers continue to skyrocket while Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are suddenly plummeting. Donald Trump speaks to stadiums with enthusiastic crowds of well over 30,000 people while Hillary speaks to a gathering of less than a few hundred. Hillary Clinton was billed by many in the Liar Czar Media as the smartest woman on the planet. We the people were constantly told by her media surrogates that as a presidential candidate she was unbeatable. Just a few short months after her official announcement that meme has all but vanished with new polls suggesting that Hillary is not only beatable, she is already toast. What does a wounded and weak political candidate do to try to stay in the game? You use the methodology of Marxist Saul Alinsky. You pick the target. Freeze it. Personalize it. Then polarize it using your free Liar Czar Media hacks. This exact strategy is being implemented by NBC Universal’s late night court jester Seth Meyers. Below, Mr. Meyers personally ridicules and mocks Donald Trump by comparing him to Jared Fogler. Mr. Fogle just so happens to be the Subway sandwich pitchman who faces a long prison term for buying sex from underage children.

Keep in mind that Seth Meyers is a close and personal friend of the Clinton’s. He has hosted four Clinton Global Citizens awards banquets for the Clinton Foundation slush fund. He has reportedly been paid up to $25,000 for each appearance. Mr. Meyers also works for a media conglomerate that is pro-Clinton. NBC Universal has donated thousands of dollars and free air time to prop up and promote Mrs. Clinton’s foundation using NBC’s on-air-talent.

When the book, “Clinton Cash” came out detailing the unethical and illegal practice of influence peddling between the Clinton’s and foreign governments while Hillary was Secretary of State, Seth Meyers vehemently denied any wrong doing and bashed the book’s author as a typical right-winger and proclaimed, “that republicans would treat the book as if summer is coming!”

In the paranoid world of Seth Meyers and NBC Universal, anyone who dares to expose the criminal and unethical activities of a the Clinton’s, that someone must be mocked and vilified in order to protect their political investment. It isn’t the republicans or Donald Trump who are destroying the political career of Hillary Clinton, it is Hillary Clinton and the Liar Czar Media who have downplayed and suppressed the truth. If it weren’t for the acknowledgment by the FBI, CIA and a few inspector’s generals the public would have never known about Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server that contained classified and top secret information. Someone needs to remind Hillary Clinton and NBC that summer is upon us and they can smear and laugh all they want at any republican presidential opponent. In the end, all that smearing and laughing may not be at the expense of a republican candidate, but at the expense of a democrat candidate whose presidential aspirations are quickly fading into oblivion long before the summer of 2015 concludes.