Dial It Back?

Liar czar media host Chuck Todd of NBC tweeted this out Friday, “I would hope that our leaders would never believe that any American desires to make another American an enemy. Let’s dial it back.” Chuck was responding to the president’s tweet which stated that the, “American press was the enemy of the American people.”

I’m sorry if Chuck can’t handle a little criticism coming his way. He sure can dish it out, but when it is time to take a little incoming criticism he sure can’t handle it. I don’t recall Chuck ever asking democrat president Barack Hussein Obama to, “dial it back” when he called for his supporters to, “punish his enemies” while he served his time in the Oval Office?

Furthermore, I don’t recall Chuck or anyone else in the leftist media  brigade getting their panties in a wad when their 2016 democrat presidential candidate publically admitted to having republicans on her enemy list? I don’t think anyone ever demanded that Hillary, “dial it back!”

When it relates to republicans, the liar czar media goes out of its way to criticize and inpune them when they may say something that may be perceived as slightly aggressive or a tad uncivil. Interestingly enough, when it comes time that a liberal democrat says the same exact thing, they never demand or ask for that democrat to, “dial it back.”

NBC Has Lost All Credibility


NBC and its parent companies have clearly become official partners with the Clinton Foundation fraud. Comcast and NBC Universal have enriched the Clinton Foundation with thousands of dollars in donations, free promotional programming and free access to a multitude of news anchors and correspondents who work for the once proud and credible news network. Those news correspondents and celebrities from past and present include, Tom Brokaw, Matt Lauer, Jenna Wolfe, Nancy Snyderman, Joy Bauer, Seth Meyers, Maria Bartiromo, Kelly Evans, Jenna Hager, Jean Chatzky. Everyone of these people should be held accountable for their participation in the Clinton Foundation scam. They helped sell and perpetuate the fraud.

NBC News would even go out of their way and hire Bill and Hillary’s under-qualified daughter for what had been reported to be a $600,000 contract in 2011. Chelsea’s new job was to do various reports for Brian Williams short lived show, “30 Rock.” Shortly after Chelsea signed with NBC, Brian Williams excitedly gushed about how remarkable and adept Chelsea would be at reporting. He even spilled the beans to CNN’s Piers Morgan as to why she was hired in the first place. It was because of her, “access” and “last name.”

After a great deal of promotion and fanfare, Chelsea would fail to meet the high expectations placed on her by the network. Sadly, her brief career at NBC would be over in just a few brief months. Shortly thereafter, Brian Williams would be put on a leave of absence by NBC for embellishing his news accounts.

It looks like the folks over at NBC are not only donating their time, money, talent and programming to the Clinton’s and their foundation, they have also given a large salary to their daughter for the sole purpose of gaining access and influence with the Clinton family. When a supposedly well respected global news organization such as NBC News openly decides to becomes a political arm of a presidential candidate all while promoting that candidate’s fraudulent foundation, then that news organization can no longer claim to be well respected and unbiased. What NBC and the Clinton Foundation have now become are deceitful partners in a fraudulent scam. The Clinton’s are allowed to amass millions of dollars for themselves while in return NBC gains influence and access to the Clinton universe. Not only has NBC lost all of its credibility as a news organization, they have become a willing partner with the Clinton’s in perpetuating the fraud that is called the Clinton Foundation. What an embarrassment!

We Had Nothing To Do With?

Remember the solemn occasion at Andrews Air Force Base on September 14, 2012 when Hillary Clinton defiantly told the nation that the,”rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video is something that we had nothing to do with?”

Well it turns out Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did have something to do with the video. They needed an excuse to hide the truth because they were both informed on 9/12/12 by a Defense Department memo that an Islamic terrorist group affiliated with Al-Qaeda was responsible for the deadly attack in Benghazi. According to newly released emails from the state department we learn that Hillary began contemplating using the idea of blaming a video for the attack as early as 5:50am on Friday September 11, 2012. Her email that morning was written well before there were any embassy uprisings in the Middle East. In fact, her email was written ten hours before anyone died in Benghazi.

At 5:50am on September 11, 2012 Hillary Clinton wrote an email to someone whose name is redacted. She cc’ed her assistant, Huma Abedin and asked for a copy of film made by Frenchman Bernard Henri-Levi’s documentary film about the Libyan war. She refers to Harvey Weinstein as someone who showed the film in Cannes. The Frenchman filmmaker is someone who is hated and reviled by many Muslims all across the Middle East and is often referred to as a neocon. Why on that now fateful day in American history would Hillary be focused on a video that was about Libya? Did she know that something awful was about to occur some 10 hours later?

What can be surmised is that as early as 5:50am on September 11, 2012, well before any embassy uprisings and consulate murders had occurred, Hillary and company knew they needed to affix blame to something that was going to happen in the Middle East and the blame certainly wasn’t going to be on their failed policies. What they did was concoct a shameless lie that a video was to be blamed for the carnage that was about to occur later on during the day. In the end they conveniently found an unknown filmmaker who happened to be a U.S. citizen. They quickly and quietly incarcerated him and placed him in a prison in America on a minor technicality due to a previous misdemeanor charge. Even though the world never heard of this obscure individual, the The New York Times explained that he was kept in protective custody for his own safety.

The entire nation was systematically lied to for three and half years by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and their friends in the Liar Czar Media. What the newly released documents reveal today is that the sole purpose of keeping the video lie alive was not only to help Obama’s reelection chances in 2012, but to keep Hillary’s chances alive for her White House run in 2016.

Telling a Lie Long Enough and Loud Enough…..

Remember the old adage that if you tell a lie long enough, and loud enough people will believe it is true? That’s what our main stream media outlets sells us everyday to shape their socialist narrative. This technique was on display Friday night on a seldom watched cable news show in which an old, blubbering idiot continued the far left narrative that there were never any weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq.


This is a bold face lie many on the left continue to facilitate to discredit the war in Iraq. In reality there were plenty of weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq and there are numerous print stories that belie the leftist false narrative. In 2006 Fox News reported that WMD’s were found in the country. In that same year a report from defense.gov had another story that WMD’s were found on the battlefield in Iraq. Later in 2008 other news stories were reporting that WMD’s were found in Iraq according to the New York Times and NBC News. In 2010 as reported by Hotair.com. documents revealed WMD’s were found inside Iraq. Another report in 2014 disclosed that large quantities of weapons of mass destruction were quietly removed by the pentagon so that Obama’s Syrian Rebels could not get their hands on them. With all of this information out for the world to see we still have leftist propagandists in the media still fantasizing that weapons were never found in Iraq.

Unlike Obama’s unauthorized and illegal war in Libya, George Bush asked and received congressional approval twice for the use of force in Iraq. Without the approval of democrats in congress the war in Iraq would never have taken place. Ironically, one of the politicians who voted for the war in Iraq is a well respected person of high esteem who just so happens to be the political darling of the socialist-democrat party. She is their presumed presidential nominee and her name is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Even Mrs. Clinton would go on to say in 2003 that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

It’s interesting to note that Hillary Clinton never really receives any of the type of scrutiny from the liar czar press for her role in starting an unjust war in a country that we are constantly reminded never had any weapons of mass destruction. Therefore,  you would think that the press would have vilified and treated her as someone who is certainly by no means qualified to serve as president of the United States. The socialist left and their media conveniently forget that Hillary was implicit in starting the 2003 war in Iraq. That’s why you can never forget the the old adage that, “if you tell a lie long enough, and loud enough people will believe it is true.”