The Rights Of Citizens Who Live Here?

During president Trump’s speech to congress last night the house democrat leader and her party proved they don’t give a damn about jobs for American citizens. To Nancy Pelosi and the American left, welfare creation is more noble and desirable than job creation. They are more concerned about foreigners who live outside our country than they do about the rights of citizens who live here.

Perhaps, this is why over the previous eight years economic growth and job creation has been so patheticly weak. The leftists in our government showed their contempt for the American citizen when they voiced their displeasure over the president’s commitment to setting up a government affairs ofice to assist in providing help for American citizens who have unfortunately become crime victims of illegal immigrants.

Last night, the socialist democrats in our government repeatedly showed their disgust for the American people. For the party that claims to be the party of compassion, they showed none of it when it came to the well being and safety of the American citizen. It is distgusting to learn that to American leftists, the imaginary rights of foreigners who live in far off countries are far more important than the rights of citizens who live here.

Getting, “Grubered!”

gruberPresident Obama threw his good buddy Jonathan Gruber, “under the bus” this weekend and said that his healthcare bill was, “debated for over a year.” The president claimed Jonathan Gruber was never in his cabinet even though he was paid well over a million dollars to be his healthcare adviser. The president and his political allies continue to distance themselves from the incriminating statements made by Gruber. While at the same time, they continue to support Obamacare even after Gruber willfully admitted that Obamacare was sold to the American people as a lie.

The president’s government takeover of the nation’s healthcare sector was never debated because the bill was never read. It was crafted by the socialist liberals in secret behind closed doors without the input of republicans. Today, polling by Gallup shows approval of Obamacare is at 37%. An all time low.

Back in 2006, Obama was developing and selling his healthcare plan during his presidential run. He touted Gruber and extolled his good friend’s knowledge and healthcare wizardry. His ideas were endorsed by Obama.

The House speaker at the time of the bill’s passage was Nancy Nancy Pelosi who now says she doesn’t even know Jonathan Gruber.

Back in 2009 Nancy Pelosi, like Obama extolled Jonathan Gruber’s brilliance on the matter of Obamacare. Back then she wanted every American to idolize Jonny G.

In 2009 the democrat majority leader in control of the Senate quoted Jonathan Gruber from a cheerleading article from the uber left-sing newspaper called the Washington Post. The leader would falsely promise that with the passage Obamacare, premiums would go down 60 percent.

Democrats can’t run away fast enough from their association to Jonathan Gruber. Americans are finally waking up to the cold reality that Obama and his party have been lying to then regarding the passage of Obamacare. Ironically, it turned out they aren’t as “stupid” as Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber has insinuated. Why? Because most Americans are finally waking up to the fact that they were lied too. In other words, they are also beginning to come to grip with the realization that they have been,”Grubered” by Obama and his devious administration.

Nothing Like What George W. Bush Had To Hear…

When a republican accidentally resides in the White House it is quite ordinary and acceptable for the opposing party and their media enablers to outright lie, attack and besmirch the president of the United States. If on the other hand, should a socialist-democrat justly occupy the Oval Office any such attacks or criticism is deemed right wing hate speech and brushed off as totally unwarranted. This came to mind this week when house minority leader Nancy Pelosi implied that. “We never treated George Bush they way they treat Obama.”

Shockingly! It’s the first time I heard this blithering idiot actually say something that was factually correct. Pelosi and company did treat George W. Bush differently than Obama. They treated Bush as if he was a loathsome, hardened criminal during his presidency.

On the other hand these same moronic imbeciles embarrassingly suck up to Obama as if he is God’s gift to not only America but the rest of the good earth. Obama can do no wrong even when he is caught doing something wrong.

The media’s love affair with Obama continues even as his approval rating plunges to 38%. They simply don’t report or under-report the bad news.

As Obama ramps up another war in Iraq and Syria that may lead to a wider conflict involving Russia and Iran, remember Bush had a real coalition of 48 nations whereas Obama has none. Congress voted two different times for legislation that authorized the use of military force (AUMF) bills as it pertained to Bush. As of today Obama has no such authorization from congress and intends to use one Bush’s 2001 permission slips to legally justify his military action.

We were told by the rabid leftists and their lap dog media enablers back in 2003 that George W. Bush was a dangerous and war mongering cowboy that needed to be stopped and articles of impeachment were hastily drawn up.

Today, their pampered adolescent is in charge of building a non-existent coalition to wage an unpopular war in a far-off land. What do we hear from the far leftist crazy plebes today regarding this odd reversal of fortune? You can bet it will be nothing like what George W. Bush and the rest of us had to hear 10 years ago.

Lack of Funding?

chippy0523Whenever there are any “allegations of misconduct” regarding the various scandals enveloping the Obama presidency, the American people are initially told that they aren’t real scandals until the president self appoints a review board to study and examine the facts.

When the study is completed and the facts are known the American people are then told that the scandal is nothing more than a misunderstanding of the facts and that the situation will be resolved internally. Finally, with the president’s self appointed review board’s obvious conclusions, the American people are told that the misconduct that occurred was due to a “lack of funding.” They are then lectured and shamed by their president and his socialist acolytes that Americans need to pay more to correct the problem and should anyone disagree with their solution to the problem that they created; you are declared a racist, or a homophobe bigot – who just doesn’t care about people.

Take for example the Veterans Affairs scandal. Democrat minority leader Nancy Pelosi took to the microphone this week to suggest that the problems with the VA are merely George Bush’s fault. Pelosi went on to say that, “Maybe when we go to war, we should be thinking about the long term consequences and its ramifications. You would think that would be a given, but maybe it wasn’t.”  Perhaps Nancy Pelosi has forgotten the 2008 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations bill that George Bush signed into law in 2008. It was heralded as the largest increase in VA spending in 77 years. The law provided 1,000 new claims processors to reduce the backlog of 400,000 claims by mainly Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.

You see, the Bush administration did think about the long term care of the nation’s veterans. Nancy Pelosi even voted for it. She was so excited about her vote she wanted to tell the world about it.  And she did!

For Pelosi to suggest the lack of funding for the VA was inevitably the fault of the Bush administration is disgraceful. Another false narrative about the VA shortfalls is that Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan created more VA patients and therefore inevitably clogged up the system. On the same day Obama falsely declared, “end of the war in Iraq will increase need for resources from Veterans Affairs.”  Looking at the facts Obama and Pelosi could not be farther from the truth.

Only 4% of the VA yearly budget goes to veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thats right 4%! The VA budget has exploded over 193% in last 13 years while at the same time the overall population of veterans has declined by 4.3 million. Obama, Pelosi and the rest of the democrat socialists lie and mislead Americans to think that not enough money is the problem at the VA. The problem at the VA isn’t the amount of money it receives, it’s about where it is being spent and who is spending it?

So don’t be fooled or surprised when the socialist democrats and their lying media shills start blaming the VA scandal on the “lack of funding” or the “Bush’s two wars” spin. Because none of that is true. What is true and the VA scandal proves it is that even with record spending budgets at the VA, which is the second largest department in Washington, big government never works. Spending more money to fix America’s problems only creates more problems for America to fix. That’s seems to be the socialist democrat agenda in a nutshell. The scandal is their agenda and its destroying America.

Kleptocracy In The U.S. of A.

kleptoKleptocracy – noun; a government or state in which those in power exploit national resources and steal; rule by a thief or thieves. informala government where officials are politically corrupt and financially self interested…

To wit: President Obama and the First Family left a $16 million dollar tab for taxpayers to pick up for flight expenses on just two trips last year alone.

Michelle Obama wants Chinese take out – rumored here to be a paltry additional $8 million dollars net; to you Joe Taxpayer.  Eric Holder wants free frequent flyer miles, great gig if you can get it! That really must chap Nancy Pelosi’s ass given her private jet got taken away.

And what about uncle Ben Bernanke’s legacy balance sheet which now totals 4.3 Trillion dollars and allowed the biggest transfer of wealth from you the bagholders to the Five White Guys Who Ran Wall Street. The faces have changed but the names not so much: AIG, GS, JPM, MS, BAC and their bumlicking minions, liars and thieves.

Need I go on? Welcome to the United Socialist States Of America!