“Feeling What Not Having Hope Feels Like?”

You would think that after eight wonderful years of Barack Obama’s “hope and change,” most Americans would be feeling satisfied about the direction of the country. Not according to Michelle Obama. She admitted to Oprah Winfrey early this week that her husband’s failed policies have left America, “feeling what not having hope feels like.”

I love the analogy she gave in equating Americans to little infants who don’t quite understand how to react when dealing with everyday happenstances. It’s as if we are all infants that need her and her husband’s big government policies to navigate our own lives so we can live a proper existence. This is the problem with liberal socialists. They believe they know what’s better for the average American citizen.

So much for the fundamental transformation of the United States? That’s what Obama’s idea of “hope and change” was all about. It was government mandated collectivism that coerced Americans into conforming to rules and regulations to live their daily lives. With her husband’s presidency winding down, Michelle and her husband need to come to the understanding that a majority of Americans never looked at their government to give them hope. After eight long years this administration has proven that hope is something that government can’t possibly provide.

The Original Birther?

IMG_0483Hillary Clinton is desperate. Her campaign is bringing up the birther issue. They are trying to hammer home the idea that Trump started the, “birther” issue in order to label him a racist. Just who exactly is the original birther here? Turns out it is neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton.

It was Michelle Obama. She started this whole idea about birtherism back in 2007. A startling video has recently surfaced with Michelle Obama on the campaign trail in 2007. In the video you can see her campaigning for her husband in front of a friendly audience. Michelle seems so comfortable and very at ease with her people she reveals something we never knew about her husband. At the 2:15 mark on the video, she publicly admits her husband is a, “Kenyan.”

Who knew Obama’s wife would turn out to be the original birther here? She campaigned in 2007, with the knowledge her husband was really a Kenyan. According to the president’s own wife, we have a Kenyan running the country. Who knew that would be legally allowed to happen? The constitution insists a Kenyan is not allowed to be president of the United States. The liar czar media shouldn’t get all that upset when someone questions the eligibility of the president when his own wife openly admits to us he is a Kenyan all along. If Hillary Clinton and her adoring media  are ignorant enough to give Donald Trump a rectal examaniation over his own birther comments, they should do the same examination on Michelle Obama for saying the same damn thing back in 2007.

Getting Booed Off The Stage?

imageThankfully, the republican convention finally came to a close last night. Many of the speeches given there sounded a lot like a speech you would here at the democrat convention. You could barely tell the difference between the two. At this week’s republican convention the only person talking about conservative principles was Ted Cruz. His speech highlighted  the once held importance of conservative principles such as freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For his effort he  got booed off the stage.

There was much to do about Melania Trump’s speech. She was caught plaguerizing  a 2008 speech given by the democrat wife of Barack Obama. Melania’s speech highlighted democrat talking points that portrayed women as victims. Again, these are issues that democrats use at their convention to portray women as victims. Last night, Ivanka Trump used her speech to portray women as victims much like what you would hear at a democrat convention. In fact,  her speech used the same talking points Hillary Clinton uses in her stump speech on the campaign trail. Does this woman sound like a republican to you?

In this day and age you can’t tell the difference between the two political parties anymore. That’s because there are practically no recognizable differences between the two parties. The two political parties have dangerously become the same big government, collectivist entities that want to grow government larger and larger. Donald Trump’s main theme in his speech was that he alone will make government “smarter.” That happens to be eerily similar to another theme (smart power) that Hillary Clinton has used in the past to describe her perceived brilliance when dealing with her foreign policy decisions.

So what is the difference between the two parties? Why all the fighting and bickering between the two when they are basically promoting the same thing? Why waste time, energy and money on two conventions that basically have the same message? It is actually quite sad to learn that in today’s political world there are no significant differences between the two parties. They don’t stand for the principles and beliefs that founded our once great country. They no longer stand for  freedom, liberty and constitutionality anymore. We always knew the democrat party moored away from those values years ago. Sadly, this week we found out that the Republican Party has done the same thing. We found out this week if someone did stand for up those values, you would get booed off the stage.

Dividing The Country For Political Gain

imageBeing the First Lady of the United States was once a respected and noble position. With so much respect and notoriety that comes with the job one assumes that any woman lucky enough to attain that respect and adulation would be walking on cloud nine each and everyday. Not the current First Lady. This lady, like her husband wake up every single day transfixed on believing white racists are stopping them and everyone else of color from achieving their ultimate goals and desires. Speaking to a graduating class on Friday in New York City, our First Lady had these celebratory and uplifting words for the happy graduates.

When your married to a liberal, community organizing race hustler, your job is to continue agitating and preaching racism and the conventional wisdom of Critical Race Theory. A bogus theory that believes,”white supremacy and racial power are maintained over time with the help of law enforcement.” It also professes that racism is “engrained in the fabric and system of the American society.” This leftist curriculum was popularized in the 1960’s and it is still taught today in many universities across the country. With Critical Race Theory, racism is always alive and well. Even when you have a biracial president and an African American First Lady.

For a First Lady who has achieved this noble position, you would think that after eight years of living the high life representing the country, a little bit of appreciation and gratitude would be more appropriate when delivering a commencement address for a college graduation class. You don’t get any of that from far-left fanatics. All you get is hate and bitterness caused by perceived transgressions that have faded into the dust bin of history. The only reason these old transgressions are brought up time and time again is because of Critical Race Theory. It is a theory that teaches and promotes racism with the intention of dividing the country for political gain.

Ironically, it was only eight years ago this same woman said, “for the first time in her adult life she was finally proud of her country.” For Mrs. Obama, that statement doesn’t seem so sincere anymore. To a radical liberal who believes in Critical Race Theory, racism and bitterness must always transcend everything even when your living in the elegant trappings at the White House. Eight years after the election of Barack Hussein Obama, the people who voted for him are more angrier and dissatisfied than ever. After eight years, that includes his own wife.

Flooding The Zone

fucking_commiesThe democrat party needs poor people so bad that they are willing to steal them from other countries. Why you ask? They need new poor people to play to their Marxist theory “proletariat vs the bourgeoisie.”They need to portray to the American people that there is a perpetual class struggle between the rich and poor. It’s all manufactured propaganda.  They constantly define the republican party as, “the rich” and themselves as, “the poor.” It is very ironic however to learn that today the average democrat makes more money than your average republican voter. This analogy is also true in congress where you will find more democrat millionaires than from the other side of the isle. When democrats are in power, their policies promote the poor and condemn the well off. Statistically, these leftist policies that redistribute wealth from rich to poor create more poor people. It makes it more difficult for anyone to succeed and creates a larger welfare state where the masses depend on government assistance for their overall existence. They sell it to the public with their partners in the media as compassion for the little guy and the downtrodden, but in reality all they are doing is acquiring more power for themselves so they can create a bigger government so as to expand an ever growing and reliable voting block. It’s intentional and really quite simple to understand… it is vote buying.

As American’s eventually start climbing up the economic ladder of success that capitalism ultimately provides for them, democrats quickly begin to realize that their base is abandoning them for a better future. This paradigm quickly creates a new need to replenish the welfare state. So, how do you go about doing that? You create and implement a secret fake crisis of your own making to shore up and replenish your “proletariat” base.  Where have we heard this phrase before? “you should never let a good crisis go to waste!”

If there isn’t a crisis, why not manufacture one when nobody is paying attention? This is exactly what the Obama administration has orchestrated along the southern border. They have let it be known to people in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras that America does not intend to enforce border security along the southern border. Democrat house minority leader Nancy Pelosi admits, “that it’s not a crisis but an opportunity!” It’s  an opportunity for more welfare state voters beholden to the democrat play book.

The Obama administration is even bribing central American countries with a quarter of a billion dollars to have their citizens migrate illegally to America. The day after the State of the Union address of this year a  U.S. government web site advertised that they were looking for companies to provide escort services for illegal aliens in a clear violation of the law. Even today White House press secretary Josh Earnest told NBC that the Obama administration intends to further violate the separation of powers clause in the constitution when dealing with immigration when he said, “We are not just going to sit around and wait for congress to write laws. The real reason this criminal administration wants to bypass congress is that 65% of the American people don’t agree with them on their immigration reform.

We are now seeing hundreds of thousands of illegals being transported all across America to states like TexasNew Mexico and Massachusetts that is causing devastating effects on their local economy. What the president is doing is flooding the zone with illegal aliens to undermine our American heritage and wipe away our fundamental American traditions and laws that are beholden by our constitutional republic. Michelle Obama warned us about that in 2008.


Do you think that poor people who come to America understand and realize the concept of individual liberty and freedom? Why would they if they didn’t have it in their own country in the first place? That’s why they would make ideal subjects for the left to shape, mold and control while using their class warfare strategy. Balkanizing this country will slowly erase all those traditions and freedoms that a majority of Americans still enjoy. Those are the same traditions and freedoms, by the way, that the American left has been trying to eradicate and destroy for over 100 years.

Kleptocracy In The U.S. of A.

kleptoKleptocracy – noun; a government or state in which those in power exploit national resources and steal; rule by a thief or thieves. informala government where officials are politically corrupt and financially self interested…

To wit: President Obama and the First Family left a $16 million dollar tab for taxpayers to pick up for flight expenses on just two trips last year alone.

Michelle Obama wants Chinese take out – rumored here to be a paltry additional $8 million dollars net; to you Joe Taxpayer.  Eric Holder wants free frequent flyer miles, great gig if you can get it! That really must chap Nancy Pelosi’s ass given her private jet got taken away.

And what about uncle Ben Bernanke’s legacy balance sheet which now totals 4.3 Trillion dollars and allowed the biggest transfer of wealth from you the bagholders to the Five White Guys Who Ran Wall Street. The faces have changed but the names not so much: AIG, GS, JPM, MS, BAC and their bumlicking minions, liars and thieves.

Need I go on? Welcome to the United Socialist States Of America!