The Original Birther?

IMG_0483Hillary Clinton is desperate. Her campaign is bringing up the birther issue. They are trying to hammer home the idea that Trump started the, “birther” issue in order to label him a racist. Just who exactly is the original birther here? Turns out it is neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton.

It was Michelle Obama. She started this whole idea about birtherism back in 2007. A startling video has recently surfaced with Michelle Obama on the campaign trail in 2007. In the video you can see her campaigning for her husband in front of a friendly audience. Michelle seems so comfortable and very at ease with her people she reveals something we never knew about her husband. At the 2:15 mark on the video, she publicly admits her husband is a, “Kenyan.”

Who knew Obama’s wife would turn out to be the original birther here? She campaigned in 2007, with the knowledge her husband was really a Kenyan. According to the president’s own wife, we have a Kenyan running the country. Who knew that would be legally allowed to happen? The constitution insists a Kenyan is not allowed to be president of the United States. The liar czar media shouldn’t get all that upset when someone questions the eligibility of the president when his own wife openly admits to us he is a Kenyan all along. If Hillary Clinton and her adoring media ¬†are ignorant enough to give Donald Trump a rectal examaniation over his own birther comments, they should do the same examination on Michelle Obama for saying the same damn thing back in 2007.

She Can Barely Contain Herself

Clinton Defender

Clinton Defender

If George Stephanopoulos is in hot water with the head honchos over at ABC for donating to and participating in Clinton Foundation activities, then every other reporter at every other network should be scrutinized the same way.

Let’s take a look at CNN’s Erin Burnett? Although there is no proof that Erin has personally donated to the Clinton Foundation, the parent company that pays her salary has. It turns out Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. has donated up to $25,000 to Hillary and Bill’s foundation leading to speculation that the folks over at CNN are not only in bed with the Clinton’s financially, but politically as well. Interestingly enough, Erin Burnett was a participant in the 10th Annual Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in NYC in 2014 and her participation was advertised in the press release by the foundation. It should also be noted that Erin’s husband is an executive at Citigroup. That financial juggernaut has donated up to $1,000,000.00 to the Clinton Foundation in 2014.

Understanding the fact that Erin Burnett has attended elegant dinner parties in NYC with Hillary and Bill Clinton and other high profile celebrities who represent the hated one percent, you start to understand why she has so much admiration and devotion towards the them. When she interviews Bill Clintom she can barely contain herself. I mean come on. Leave that for the green room for crying out loud! It appears that the Clinton’s are practically like family to her. Erin seems to believe that the election of Hillary in 2016 is a forgon conclusion. Wow!

When you look at the facts and the circumstances regarding¬†Erin Burnett and CNN’s reporting team you come to realize where their political allegiances lay. It’s with Bill and Hillary Clinton. You can find examples of this when Erin interviews opponents of Hillary. She becomes an over aggressive pit bull and an all out apologist for the Clinton’s. As you can see, Erin would no doubt make an excellent White House spokesperson and butt kisser for Hillary Clinton starting in 2016.

With all the scrutiny swirling around ABC and George Stephanopoulos concerning his unethical conduct regarding his political reporting on the Clinton’s political machine and the time and money he spent on their foundation, it is high time that every news organization in this country be scrutinized the same way. It is important to expose this unsavory and unethical alliance between the Liar Czar Media and their socialist-democrat political friends. If this cozy allegiance is allowed to continue our constitutional republic will no longer exist.