The Willing Accomplice?

imageToday marks the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country that killed nearly 3,000 people. Shortly after these horrific events in New York City, Shanksville, PA and Washington D.C., we were promised by many of our duly elected politicians who held high office that they would, “Never Forget!” They gave us the 911 Commission Report that was issued after a thorough and extensive examination of all the facts were put forth. 1,200 people from 10 countries were interviewed and 2 1/2 million classified documents were reviewed. This report was put together in 2004 to piece together what had occurred to try and prevent it from happening again.

What we learned from the 911 Commission Report is that Afghanistan was not the only country sheltering and aiding Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, Iran was also doing so before the attacks on our country between October 2000 and February 2001. The report stated on page 240, “Our knowledge of the international travels of the al Qaeda operatives selected for the 911 operations is fragmentary. But we now have evidence suggesting 8 to 10 of the 14 Saudi “muscle” operatives traveled into or out of Iran between October 2000 and February 2001.” The commission report would further conclude by saying that the topic of Iran assisting the hijackers would, “require further investigation by the U.S. government.”

Further investigations were held and after seven years of litigation. attorneys representing family members who had love ones murdered in the attack successfully won their case. In December of 2011 a United States district court ruled that Iran was behind the 911 attacks. The judge ruled that Iran and Hezbollah materially and directly supported al Qaeda in the September 11, 2001 attacks and are thus legally responsible for damages to over 100 family members who lost loved ones in the attacks on that day. The judge ruled that, the Islamic Republic of Iran, it’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Hosseini Khamenei, former Iranian president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, and Iran’s agencies and instrumentalities, including, among others, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (“IRGC”), the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security (“MOIS”), and Iran’s terrorist proxy Hezbollah, all materially aided and supported al Qaeda operatives before the 9/11 terrorist attacks

Fifteen years after 911, it is sadly ironic that the same Islamic theocratic country that provided material aid and support to the Islamic fanatics that butchered nearly 3,000 Americans is now being rewarded by an American president. Last year president Barack Hussein Obama happily signed a nuclear agreement that suspended economic sanctions against Iran. The unpopular agreement allowed Iran to keep spinning its nuclear centrifuges. It also gives Iran billions of dollars they can use to build-up and strengthen their terrorism apparatus worldwide.

What does America get in return from this deal? We get a bolder, wealthier and dangerous enemy that continues to publicly chant, “death to America!” America will never forget about the tragic events of September 11, 2001. However, some in Washington D.C. seem to have forgotten altogether the knowledge that Iran was a willing accomplice before and after that tragic day. Knowing all this, Barack Obama still rewarded this dangerous theocracy with with what we now know is up to $33 billion dollars. Thanks to our president, Iran will now have the ability to bring more death and destruction to our shores by agreeing to allow them to build a nuclear bomb. “Never Forget?”

The Clown Prince of Islam

imageThis week our Islam defender-in-chief will be flying to Baltimore, Maryland to attend a prayer service at the Islamic Service of Baltimore to hold talks with Muslim community leaders in an effort to show public support for Sharia Law. It won’t be the first time our president visited a mosque. He attended a mosque as a child and read the Koran daily as it was part of his mosque’s curriculum. This seems to be the reason he can never denigrate Islam the same way he does with Christianity. For Obama, he foolishly believes in the false notion that the religion of Islam is more ingrained in the fabric of America society than any other religion.

In Obama’s own biography, “Audacity of Hope” he is quoted on page 261 as saying, “I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” If Obama is willing to “stand with Muslims” then he can “stand with the violence and bigotry of Islam” and its violent and deadly jihad that is currently engulfing the entire globe for the sole purpose of creating a Islamic caliphate. If Obama only stands with Muslims, he then stands with nations that adhere to sharia law. Here are just a few.

Iran – laws against women are voluminous.

Saudi Arabia – Conversion by a Muslim to another religion is punishable by death. Bibles are illegal. Churches are illegal. Easter celebrations are illegal. It is punishable by death for a non-mulsim to enter the “holy” muslim cities of Medina and Mecca.
Yemen – Bans proselytizing by non-Muslims and forbids conversions. The Government does not allow the building of new non-Muslim places of worship.

Kuwait – Registration and licensing of religious groups. Members of religions not sanctioned in the Koran may not build places of worship. Prohibits organized religious education for religions other than Islam.

Egypt – Islam is the official state religion and primary source of legislation. Accordingly, religious practices that conflict with Islamic law are prohibited. Muslims may face legal problems if they convert to another faith (up to and including death). Requires non-Muslims to obtain what is now a presidential decree to build a place of worship.

Northern Cyprus – About 133 churches, chapels and monasteries have been converted to military storage facilities, stables and night-clubs. Seventy-eight churches have been converted to mosques, and dozens more are used as military facilities, medical storage facilities, or stockyards or hay barns, according to statistics from The Republic of Cyprus. Agia Anastasia Church in Lapithos was converted into a hotel and casino, while the Sourp Magar Armenian monastery – founded in the medieval period – was converted into a cafeteria.

Algeria – The law prohibits public assembly for purposes of practicing a faith other than Islam. Non-Islamic proselytizing is illegal, and the Government restricts the importation of non-Islamic literature for distribution. The country has passed the “Regulation of Religious Practice” law, which stipulates a punishment of two to five years’ imprisonment and heavy fines for anyone convicted of urging a Muslim to change his religion.

Syria – The constitution requires the president to be a Muslim and specifies that Islamic jurisprudence is a principal source of legislation. Sharing your Christian faith is discouraged as “posing a threat to the relations among religious groups” and carries a penalty of up to life in prison. A Christian is not allowed to proselytize – ever. Churches who want to hold an extra service must get a government permit. Sermons are routinely monitored, as is church fundraising.

Jordan – Has the death penalty for any Muslim selling land to a Jew.

Sudan – Conversion by a Muslim to another religion is punishable by death.

Pakistan – Conversion by a Muslim to another religion is punishable by death. Bans proselytizing by non-Muslims. Christians regularly put in prison for charges of blasphemy. Islam is the state religion, and in a court of law the testimony of a Christian carries less weight than that of a Muslim. Section 295(c) of the Penal Code calls for a death sentence for anyone who defiles the name of the Prophet Muhammad and requires the testimony of four Muslims for a conviction. This fosters an environment in which Muslims can feel free to use intimidation and violence against religious minorities for personal gain. Also, if any criminal Muslim rape with any Christian female and then take plea that she has accepted Islam and marry with him. Such person is not culpable under Pakistani criminal law

Qatar – Islamic instruction is compulsory in public schools. The government regulates the publication, importation, and distribution of non-Islamic religious literature. The government continues to prohibit proselytizing of Muslims by non-Muslims.

Malaysia – Under Malaysian law, any convert to Christianity must apply to a shariah (Muslim law) court to legally renounce Islam. Many Christians prefer to remain silent converts rather than take their battle to the shariah courts, where apostasy or conversion out of Islam is punishable by whipping, fines, imprisonment and—in the most extreme application—death. In a country where Muslims account for more than half of the population, conversion from Islam is punished with a 5-year prison sentence and a $3,000 fine. A Malaysian Muslim who marries a non-Muslim and who converts the non-Muslim to Islam is rewarded with an apartment, a car, a one-time payment of $2,700, and a monthly stipend of $270.

The Maldives – In the island paradise visited by tens of thousands of tourists each year, Christianity is simply not tolerated. While local Christians – said to number around 300 out of a total population of 300,000 – do get together to worship, they do so at the risk of imprisonment or worse if discovered by the Muslim authorities. Bibles are banned, and tourists can be arrested for trying to bring them into the country.

England – Bradford, Yorkshire, UK. Pop. 300,000 – 20% Islamic. Local police required to tell community elders the location of girls who run away to escape arranged marriages. Bars and liquor stores in the Lumb Lane / Manningham Lane area of the city ‘requested’ to close on Fridays. Schools, colleges, and health clinics have to have separate areas for women, with a copy of the Koran available. Public critcism of Islam or it’s adherents, such as letters to the local paper, emails to friends, speeches etc, can and has led to criminal charges ‘Using words intentionally and wilfully to cause fear, hate, or distress. Christmas decorations not to be put up, as this may make the Muslim’s feel ‘culturally overshadowed’. Shops ‘requested’ not to display easter eggs for the same reason. The term ‘requested’ means not legally enforceable but local police warn that they cannot intervene if your premises get ‘damaged’ somehow. Local councillors and MPs have encouraged all this for the past 15 years. Bradford Northwest MP Ann Cryer regularly appears with long sleeves and her head covered. She once stated that women in Islam are properly liberated and that Islam is an example to us all.

If the clown prince of Islam and the democrat/socialist party continue to defend and enable those who adhere too and promote sharia law here in America for the purpose of buying votes, then they are no longer defending America and her constitution.

“Consistent with the Obama’s Strategy?’

imageWhite House spokesperson Josh Earnest said last week that it is entirely “consistent with the Obama strategy” to have our Navy personnel get captured, then be held hostage at gun point and then get released by the number one state sponsor of terrorism, Iran. It’s exactly what the Prime Minister of Israel warned us about last year when Bibi Netanyahu said, “when you reward bad behavior, you get more of it.”

The question was asked by a Fox News reporter. It’s a shame that no other reporter from any other news network would dare ask or follow up on a question regarding the murky nature of learning any real news detailing in the capture, the holding and then finally the release of U.S. Navy personel by the Iranian government.

It’s another example of the Obama administration false assertion that, “they are completely transparent” on any given issue when in reality, all they do is play the “news blackout” game designed to keep the truth hidden from the American people. This same strategy was used by this administration when dealing with other Obama scandals such as, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, Berghdal terrorist swap, the Veterans Affair scandal, funding failed energy companies, illegall immigration scandal, Obamacare and the Associated Press spying scandal.

It is a shame that the American people will never get to learn the real truth of what really happened to our Navy soldiers in the Persian Gulf. You can be rest assured that the Obama administration and the Iranian government know exactly what went down.

Dangerous Threats To This Country

imageAmericans outside of the the northeast corridor understand that the United States government cannot protect them from radical Islamic terrorists. The terrorist attack in San Bernadino, CA taught us that. That’s why millions of Americans are buying guns and ammunition in record numbers. They want to protect themselves and their families. Terrorism is what troubles most Americans these days followed by illegal immigration and the economy. Yet, what is president Obama’s main agenda item for the first week of 2016? Why, it is to trample the second amendment rights of every single American. Of course, he would have to bring, “The Children” into the argument sprinkled in with a few fake alligator tears at an organized White House event earlier this week.

Obama”s agenda isn’t stoping radical Islamic terrorists. It isn’t stoping North Korea and Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb. It isn’t even stopping foreign citizens that legitimately belong to other countries from illegally walking over our southern border in order to live on America’s welfare state. Obama doesn’t want to stop any of this because it helps him with his sole objective of fundamentally transforming America. The only people Obama wants to, “stop” are average Americans.

Someone needs to remind president Obama that even though a brand new year was ushered into existence just seven days ago, the growing dangers that reared its ugly head in 2015 are still with us this new year. Whether it is a teetering economy, radical Islamic terrorism, illegal immigration, dangerous countries such as Iran and North Korea continue with their hell bent desire to build weapons of mass destruction. America remains in the cross hairs of dangerous enemies who wish to do us harm. The only practical way for Americans to counter these threats is to protect themselves and arm up. If president Obama has a problem with that and wishes to take away the second amendment rights of every single American, then he too can be added to the list of dangerous threats to this country.

A Sad and Disappointing Day at the White House


It must be a very disappointing and embarrassing day for the White House. The champagne glasses and caviar were suddenly whisked away and replaced by tissue boxes as the disappointing news from the Middle East began to permeate throughout the hall ways of the people’s house.. The solemn mood was understandable considering there was an epic election in Israel today and the White House’s radical socialist buddy lost big time. Despite sending hordes of immature, “Hope and Change” election dorks to Israel with millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to illegally interfere and undermine the reelection chances of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he triumphantly overcame those obstacles to win and remain a key ally with America in the fight against radical Islamic extremists.

Barack Hussein Obama’s ultimate Middle East wet dream is to weaken Israel in order to strengthen Iran has turned into an colossal failure of epic proportions. It means Israel can stay aggressive as well as responsive to any threat in the region whether it is Hezbolla, Hamas or Al Qaeda. All three terrorist organizations are proxy warriors for the mullahs in Iran. Also, with the hard-line terrorist fighting government staying in power in Israel, Iran’s ambition of nuking up with the willing approval of the Obama administration has thankfully been thwarted.

Obama’s track record of helping fellow radical candidates get elected in America and abroad is statistically pathetic. He lost the House of Representatives in 2010 and then the Senate in 2014. His only big win was his own in his reelection in 2012. Obama, Iran and his political wiz kid acolytes that helped him over the threshold back then, became big time losers last night. The big winner was Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel and the United States of America. When Obama loses, America wins!

Nothing Like What George W. Bush Had To Hear…

When a republican accidentally resides in the White House it is quite ordinary and acceptable for the opposing party and their media enablers to outright lie, attack and besmirch the president of the United States. If on the other hand, should a socialist-democrat justly occupy the Oval Office any such attacks or criticism is deemed right wing hate speech and brushed off as totally unwarranted. This came to mind this week when house minority leader Nancy Pelosi implied that. “We never treated George Bush they way they treat Obama.”

Shockingly! It’s the first time I heard this blithering idiot actually say something that was factually correct. Pelosi and company did treat George W. Bush differently than Obama. They treated Bush as if he was a loathsome, hardened criminal during his presidency.

On the other hand these same moronic imbeciles embarrassingly suck up to Obama as if he is God’s gift to not only America but the rest of the good earth. Obama can do no wrong even when he is caught doing something wrong.

The media’s love affair with Obama continues even as his approval rating plunges to 38%. They simply don’t report or under-report the bad news.

As Obama ramps up another war in Iraq and Syria that may lead to a wider conflict involving Russia and Iran, remember Bush had a real coalition of 48 nations whereas Obama has none. Congress voted two different times for legislation that authorized the use of military force (AUMF) bills as it pertained to Bush. As of today Obama has no such authorization from congress and intends to use one Bush’s 2001 permission slips to legally justify his military action.

We were told by the rabid leftists and their lap dog media enablers back in 2003 that George W. Bush was a dangerous and war mongering cowboy that needed to be stopped and articles of impeachment were hastily drawn up.

Today, their pampered adolescent is in charge of building a non-existent coalition to wage an unpopular war in a far-off land. What do we hear from the far leftist crazy plebes today regarding this odd reversal of fortune? You can bet it will be nothing like what George W. Bush and the rest of us had to hear 10 years ago.