Dial It Back?

Liar czar media host Chuck Todd of NBC tweeted this out Friday, “I would hope that our leaders would never believe that any American desires to make another American an enemy. Let’s dial it back.” Chuck was responding to the president’s tweet which stated that the, “American press was the enemy of the American people.”

I’m sorry if Chuck can’t handle a little criticism coming his way. He sure can dish it out, but when it is time to take a little incoming criticism he sure can’t handle it. I don’t recall Chuck ever asking democrat president Barack Hussein Obama to, “dial it back” when he called for his supporters to, “punish his enemies” while he served his time in the Oval Office?

Furthermore, I don’t recall Chuck or anyone else in the leftist media  brigade getting their panties in a wad when their 2016 democrat presidential candidate publically admitted to having republicans on her enemy list? I don’t think anyone ever demanded that Hillary, “dial it back!”

When it relates to republicans, the liar czar media goes out of its way to criticize and inpune them when they may say something that may be perceived as slightly aggressive or a tad uncivil. Interestingly enough, when it comes time that a liberal democrat says the same exact thing, they never demand or ask for that democrat to, “dial it back.”

Ended The War In Iraq?

imageRemember all the anti-war demonstrations from 2003 to 2008? President Obama was elected president because of his stance against the Iraq war. The same war Hillary Clinton voted for using the intelligence data gathered from her husband’s administration.  At every 2012 reelection campaign event Obama bragged over and over about ending that war. He couldn’t stop yelling at us about his supposed precious achievement. The end of the Iraq war was sold to us as one of Obama’s greatest achievements.

It turns out that ending the Iraq war was yet another Obama okie doke. it wasn’t a great achievement after all because the war in Iraq never ended. It not only never ended, it has gradually intensified to the point that we are sending additional American soldiers to the battlefield in Iraq. In March of this year, Obama signed off on sending additional troops after an American service member was killed in a town 75 miles southwest of Mosul. The total number of American troops on the ground in Iraq is now close to 4,647.

I thought leftists cared about our fighting men and women? We’re are the anti-war demonstrations? Why aren’t the television news networks providing footage of the fighting? Could it be that showing any news coverage could spoil and harm the false narrative that the president of the United States has been telling to the American people? Yes America, the war in Iraq is still going on. Ironically, the same president who loves to brag about ending the war in Iraq, will also be leaving troops in Afghanistan well past his ineffective time in office. The two wars that were supposedly ended by Obama are quietly raging on in perpetuity. You wouldn’t know it by watching the network news. Who do we have to thank for that? Barack Hussein Obama and his codifying liar czar media buddies in the press.  It also proves that when a socialist democrat is president, anti-war demonstrations are a thing of the past.

American Exceptionalism?

imageBack in 2009 at a NATO summit, Barack Obama failed to directly answer a question by a press official who wanted to know if Barack Obama believed in American exceptionalism. Back then many people were startled by Obama”s answer and were quick to denounce the president for not directly answering the question correctly. Some of those people worked at Fox News. Others like Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and Rudolph Giuliani were some of the harshest critics and jumped all over Barack Obama for his peculiar answer.

Ironically, today many of these same people who portray themselves as conservative standard bearers for American exceptionalism are sitting on Team Trump promoting his candidacy all across this country via Fox News Channel and conservative radio. Maybe they should have asked their guy if he believed in American exceptionalism before they jumped on the Trump bandwagon? Turns out the Donald not only doesn’t believe in it, he doesn’t even want to talk about it. To the Donald, the term is like really gross!

Next time Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich or Rudy Giuliani or anyone else wants to sell a certain candidate to the American people, wouldn’t it be best for them to look into the previous statements of that candidate? Not only do these statements make Donald Trump look like a fool, it also makes the old trusted conservative standard bearers who are out there campaigning for him look like one too.

Super Pacs Are A Disaster?

imageWho was that new, renegade, “Washington D.C. Outsider” candidate who we saw publicly denounced political Super Pacs eight months ago? This political newbie warned us about the danger of Super PACS and said they were “the biggest disaster” in American politics today? It was Donald J.Trump who boldly declared all this at a CNBC Republican Presidential debate way back in October 2015 in Boulder, Colorado.

Nothing is more annoying than watching a billionaire political hack pretending to be taking the high road on any given issue just to be different from all the other candidates. When in reality, what he is doing is the very same thing he is railing against. Take for example the Trump hypocrisy on political Super PACS.

Turns out Donald Trump does have an evil Super Pac. It is run by a Trump friend named Tom Barrack who gathered over 32 million dollars as of today. Thus proving Donald Trump’s denounciation against Super PACS from last October happens to be another major policy flip-flop on his part. It makes you wonder if  Donald Trump will keep any of his previous campaign promises by the time the Republican Convention rolls around? Will his followers ever take notice or even care?