It Looks More Like Bill Clinton?

The fake drama this week from the American left is concerning president Trump using his constitutional authority to fire the acting FBI director James Comey. The same FBI director the American left wanted “to fade away into oblivion” after he reopened the email scandal case against Hillary Clinton during the presidential election. The liar czar news media is trying to make the case that what the president did yesterday is exactly akin to what Richard Nixon did during the Watergate scandal. When in reality, what Trump did looks nothing like Richard Nixon. It looks more like Bill Clinton.

Now that Comey has been fired, contrary to what you hear from the liar czar media, every FBI investigation is still alive and ongoing. The only change for the FBI is a new deputy Attorney General takes over for the interim. His name is Andrew McCabe. His boss is deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. The Senate was so confident in Mr. Rosenstein ability, they confirmed him in late April with a 94-6 majority vote. He has been applauded by many on the left for working with republican and democrat administrations. Mr. Rosenstein is so popular his predecessor testified two days ago that she had full confidence in him.

The organized drama orchestrated by the left this week over the firing of the FBI director is fake and phony. It is all done in their attempt at damaging the president of the United States by creating a false aura of impropriety. They all know president Clinton did the same exact thing in 1994. Two things need to be remembered here. The investigations will still continue on as usual at the FBI. The other thing that will continue is the left’s day-to-day effort to throw a duly elected president out of office by any means possible. So don’t believe the fake drama you see on your television. What president Trump did in firing James Comey doesn’t look anything like Richard Nixon. It looks more like Bill Clinton.

The Evidence Is In Her Own Words

imageWhen running for her senate seat in New York way back in 2000, Hillary Clinton admitted on tape that using a personal email account would open her up to possible investigations. She understood way back then that she could be caught in a big time scandal and using an email account could possibly be used to damage her career.

This proves Hillary Clinton’s “intent” to illegally keep her work related email server secret. She knew she would eventually be investigated. Ironically, Mrs. Clinton would ultimately be investigated by not a rascally republican administration, but the friendly government of Barack Hussein Obama.

The FBI director concluded his investigation by saying Hillary Clinton never had any proof of  “intent” to hide or conceal any classified  material. Quite the contrary. Her intent goes all the way back to 2000. The evidence is in her own words.