Destroying Their Own Credibility?

Democrats and their fake news media cohorts are freaking out over the recent revelation their year long propaganda campaign portraying president Trump as someone who deliberately colluded with Russia was never true. We know this from an explosive report from the Washington Post. The real people who actually colluded with Russia were Hillary Clinton and every democrat operative in her orbit. They were all aware of the fake Kremlin dossier. They used it anyway to get a FISA court order to spy on the Trump campaign and later his transitioning team. The information contained in the Kremlin dossier was all fabricated bullshit bought and paid for by the Clinton presidential campaign. Now they suddenly want you to believe they had nothing to do with it. It was a disinformation plan to destroy a sitting president. They failed in their attempt to do so. However, what they did succeed at was successfully destroying the their own credibility.

When a senior member from Hillary’s campaign was recently asked by fake news cable network CNN to debunk the idea Hillary Clinton knew anything about the discredited Kremlin dossier Brian Fallon responded, “she may or may not have known.” You will notice the reporter asks the question again to Mr. Fallon because his first answer didn’t totally absolve Mrs. Clinton. His second answer did not either.

If anyone wants to find out if Hillary Clinton knew anything about the fake dossier used to try and politically damage a sitting president, all you need to do is read her book. There is damning evidence that reveals Hillary Clinton was well aware of the fake Kremlin dossier crafted by Russian intelligence. In her newly released book “What Happened” Hillary divulges this telling paragraph below exposes her knowledge of the Russian dossier.

“In the summer of 2016, according to the Washington Post, the FBI convinced a special Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that there was probable cause to believe that Trump advisor Carter Page was acting as a Russian agent, and they received a warrant to monitor his communications. The FBI also began investigating a dossier prepared by a well-respected former British spy that contained explosive and salacious allegations about compromising information the Russians had on Trump. The Intelligence Community took the dossier seriously enough that it briefed both President Obama and President Elect Trump on its contents before the inauguration. By the spring of 2017, a federal grand jury was issuing subpoenas to business associates of Michael Flynn, who resigned as Trump’s national security advisor after lying about his Russian contacts.”

The question of whether Hillary Clinton knew about the Kremlin dossier or not doesn’t have to be asked anymore. She knew. Obama knew. Her whole campaign knew. The DNC knew. The FBI knew. The fake media knew. They all used the fake information acquired from the Kremlin to create a disinformation campaign to destroy the sitting president of the United States. Instead of successfully destroying the current president of the United States, they were suuccessful at is destroying the own credibility.

“Chicago Way” Con Job

imageIt seems Steve Croft of CBS’s, “60 Minutes” is the go-to-journalist embattled democrats run to when they need to weasel out of any kind of political trouble.  Barack Obama is no exception. They can always count on Steve to humbly sit there and get blatantly lied too. This pathetic behavior was again on display as Barry outwardly lied to Steve about not knowing about Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Thw president’s answer to Steve Kroft was complete bull crap based on new evidence released by Wikileaks, several news outlets and the FBI. Recently released email chains from John Podesta, who is the Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, suggests that everyone including the president was aware of her illegal email server back in 2015. The standard practice was to lie about it.

Ok. Sounds like people are putting words into his mouth.

On Mar 8, 2015, at 7:56 AM, Jennifer Palmieri
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Suggest Philippe talk to Josh or Eric. They know POTUS and HRC emailed. Josh has been asked about that. Standard practice is not to confirm anything about his email, so his answer to press was that he would not comment/confirm. I recollect that Josh was also asked if POTUS ever noticed her personal email account and he said something like POTUS likely had better things to do than focus on his Cabinet’s email addresses.

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On Mar 8, 2015, at 12:40 AM, Philippe Reines <<>> wrote:

I find it odd the NYT didn’t actually quote the President saying what’s in their headline. Especially since the story has a disbelieving tone to his not noticing. One of us should connect with the WH just so they know that.

Several media outlets have now reported the president not only knew about Hillary’s private email account, he used an alias email address to secretly contact her all along. This whole idea that president Obama’s administration has been the most transparent in our lifetime is a complete joke! What really has been going on for the past eight years is a “Chicago Way” con job so large it would make Chicago mobster Al Capone jealous!

A Radical Islamic Terrorist Control Problem


Don’t worry America! Our fearless, dear leader assured us just last week that, “there is no imminent terrorist threat.” He would go on to infer that our federal government was on the job working hard 24-7 at keeping all Americans safe during the holidays. Yea right? Tell that to the families of the 14 individuals who were butchered yesterday at a Christmas party by two radicalized Islamic terrorists in San Bernardino, California.

After the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris, France and now in San Bernardino, California, it couldn’t be more clear that Obama and his entire administration believe radical Islamic terrorism isn’t something they are too concerned about. During this administration, the words “radical Islamic terrorism” or “jihad” are never spoken. It’s as if they don’t exist. To them, the greatest threat to our national security is climate change. That’s right. They would rather wage war against carbon dioxide, instead of radical Islamic terrorism. Why would carbon dioxide pose the greatest danger to civilization as we know it? Without it plants and humans could not exist. These pathetic, idiots who believe in eliminating carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere have obviously never attended a biology class let alone heard of the term photosynthesis.

Simply put, these people are dangerous and out of touch with reality. The dirty little secret is that over the last two years there have been over 20 cases of terrorist plots against the United States by Muslim immigrants. Most people don’t know about it because these incidents have been kept quiet by the government. The FBI currently has 900 ongoing investigations in all 50 states on individuals who have fought with or collaborated with ISIS. The data proves the cold harsh reality that climate change and fire arms do not pose the greatest threat to mankind, it is Muslims who have been indoctrinated into radical Islamic terrorism. It’s time for the president and everyone else in this country to come to grips with the startling realization that there has been more Islamic terrorist attacks against Americans, than mass shootings by Americans. America doesn’t have a gun control problem. It has a radical Islamic terrorist control problem.


Fading into Oblivion?

imageDonald Trump’s presidential poll numbers continue to skyrocket while Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are suddenly plummeting. Donald Trump speaks to stadiums with enthusiastic crowds of well over 30,000 people while Hillary speaks to a gathering of less than a few hundred. Hillary Clinton was billed by many in the Liar Czar Media as the smartest woman on the planet. We the people were constantly told by her media surrogates that as a presidential candidate she was unbeatable. Just a few short months after her official announcement that meme has all but vanished with new polls suggesting that Hillary is not only beatable, she is already toast. What does a wounded and weak political candidate do to try to stay in the game? You use the methodology of Marxist Saul Alinsky. You pick the target. Freeze it. Personalize it. Then polarize it using your free Liar Czar Media hacks. This exact strategy is being implemented by NBC Universal’s late night court jester Seth Meyers. Below, Mr. Meyers personally ridicules and mocks Donald Trump by comparing him to Jared Fogler. Mr. Fogle just so happens to be the Subway sandwich pitchman who faces a long prison term for buying sex from underage children.

Keep in mind that Seth Meyers is a close and personal friend of the Clinton’s. He has hosted four Clinton Global Citizens awards banquets for the Clinton Foundation slush fund. He has reportedly been paid up to $25,000 for each appearance. Mr. Meyers also works for a media conglomerate that is pro-Clinton. NBC Universal has donated thousands of dollars and free air time to prop up and promote Mrs. Clinton’s foundation using NBC’s on-air-talent.

When the book, “Clinton Cash” came out detailing the unethical and illegal practice of influence peddling between the Clinton’s and foreign governments while Hillary was Secretary of State, Seth Meyers vehemently denied any wrong doing and bashed the book’s author as a typical right-winger and proclaimed, “that republicans would treat the book as if summer is coming!”

In the paranoid world of Seth Meyers and NBC Universal, anyone who dares to expose the criminal and unethical activities of a the Clinton’s, that someone must be mocked and vilified in order to protect their political investment. It isn’t the republicans or Donald Trump who are destroying the political career of Hillary Clinton, it is Hillary Clinton and the Liar Czar Media who have downplayed and suppressed the truth. If it weren’t for the acknowledgment by the FBI, CIA and a few inspector’s generals the public would have never known about Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server that contained classified and top secret information. Someone needs to remind Hillary Clinton and NBC that summer is upon us and they can smear and laugh all they want at any republican presidential opponent. In the end, all that smearing and laughing may not be at the expense of a republican candidate, but at the expense of a democrat candidate whose presidential aspirations are quickly fading into oblivion long before the summer of 2015 concludes.

Lack of Honesty and Truthfulness


Hillary Clinton is no different than any other dishonest politician. The truth must always be hidden. Anyone or anything that shines the light of truth on their dangerous agenda must be quickly removed and extinguished. This is why Hillary Clinton has continued to obfuscate and deny she never sent or received any top-secret information using her illegal,  private email server. Never mind that the server was unsecured in the million dollar estate of a former impeached president of the United States. It was only on June 25, 2015 that Hillary Clinton whole heartedly denied any rule breaking on her part.

According to newly obtained documents by government officials, Hillary Clinton did lie. She sent and received classified and top secret emails from five government agencies. On Tuesday the FBI and the Justice Department have presumably confiscated Hillary’s thumb drives and servers to further investigate the illegality and criminal activity on the part of the democrat presidential front runner. Never before in our nations history has a presidential candidate been investigated by the federal government during a presidential campaign. One can only imagine the disfunction and turmoil that is suddenly rifling through the bowels of the Clinton campaign this week?

New polling data released this week doesn’t foretell good news for the Clinton campaign either. Socialist senator Bernie Sanders has overtaken Mrs. Clinton in New Hampshire in a new Franklin Pearce/Herald poll. The poll results give Bernie Sanders 41% to Mrs. Clinton’s 37% in the Granite State. In Iowa, Public Policy Polling in April showed Hillary Clinton leading by four points. Today, she is losing to four republican contenders by four points. A recent Quinnipiac University Poll found that Hillary is losing to three republican contenders in the all important swing states of Colorado, Iowa and Virginia. The truth is finally beginning to see the light of day concerning the criminal activity regarding the former Secretary of State and the presumed democrat presidential nominee. In June, 57% of voters viewed Mrs. Clinton as not honest and trustworthy. With the damning new email revelations that surfaced on Tuesday, that undoubtably highlights Hillary’s lack of honesty and truthfulness, look for those negative poll numbers to eccelerate causing what little momentum her flailing presidential campaign once had to falter.