Defending The Real Cuba?

imageObama was given the propagandized, red carpet treatment yesterday by Cuban officials as he visited the country that is located just 90 miles off the Florida coast. In and odd and revealing press conference Obama said, “he wouldn’t disagree” with the communist dictator’s desire for cradle to grave socialism for everyone. Thats precisely what Obama and his socialist party wants for America.  As far as Obama is concerned, Cuba has a better human rights record than the United State. Excuse me!

When was the last time a current American president agreed with a communist dictator’s criticism of the United States? The answer is never. We have never had a sitting president visit the communist country of Cuba and defend their horrific system of government. Obama bizarrely praised their disastrous healthcare and educational systems.

It’s a shame that instead of shedding the light of day on the atrocities that occur on the island of Cuba, our extreme leftist president agreed with and defended the communist dictator’s agenda that keeps all Cubans enslaved against their will. Obama is defending a communist regime that has its own citizens fleeing at a rate of 46,000 per year since 2012. What he is actually doing is helping to prop up a repressive communist state that is dying from within because of its own failed political ideology. Obama needs to stop defending the communist dictatorship of Cuba and visit the real Cuba.

“When Bad Behavior is Rewarded, It Only Gets Worse”


The world was assured by Obama and his orgasmic news media that the nuclear agreement with Iran was not only a historic piece of greatness that enhanced the legacy of our young and tremendously gifted president, but that it was signed, sealed and ceremoniously delivered. We knew this because they couldn’t wait to tell us.

In what must be an embarrassing twist of fate, it turns out Iran’s parliament along with dictator Ali Khamenei voted against the Obama agreement altogether. They discarded and threw out the Obama/Kerry/senate democrat document and manufactuered their own that calls for the dismantling of Israel’s nuclear weapons program as well as the sanctions that were initially put in place against them.

The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu wisely warned the world at the United Nations last month that, “when you reward bad behavior, you get more of it.”

This is what continues to happen when our young president foolishly reaches out to the clenched fists of despotic dictators whether it is Iran, Russia, China or Cuba.  We can always count on the Liar Czar Media propagandists to tell us that after every meaningless photo op and/or agreement Obama makes with any world dictator that it is earth shattering and historic. They are correct! Dangerously so.

Extolling the Virtues of Something Quite the Opposite

lameOur lame duck communist-in-chief who has been president for over six years and is provided a lavish lifestyle by the U.S. taxpayer is on once again apologizing for America. Only this time he did it down in Panama City, Panama this weekend. He is attending a, “civil society” forum that essentially promotes dictators who practice communism. In a speech on Friday, Obama spoke of ending the longstanding idea of following the Monroe Doctrine. That doctrine was upheld by previous American presidents with the noble effort of expelling the spread and influence of communism in Latin America and the rest of this hemisphere. The spread of communism was once something the United States stood up too and fought against. Today, we have a president and his administration that brainlessly embraces it not only here at home, but around the world.

For Obama, the philosophy of Marxism is something he truly believes in. He believes in the redistribution of wealth. That’s the idea of government confiscating one person’s money and giving it to another in order to make everyone equal. Sadly, this foolish idea only makes people equally poor. Obama, like many leftists were indoctrinated in this failed philosophy in school. He wrote about this philosophy in both of his memoirs and taught it in a classroom while lecturing as a part-time adjunct professor in Chicago.

This is why our president shakes hands with the likes of Hugo Chavez, Nicolis Maduro and the Castro brothers. It’s also the reason he gives Russia’s Vladimir Putin more flexibility to expand his communist sphere in his quest to takeover a sovereign country like Ukraine or allowing his war ships that have the capability of spying on America to dock in Cuba.

At home Obama and his party use the idea of communism to implement policies that redistribute wealth using an agenda that hides behind the words, “reform” or “change” when formulating leftist policies such as; Obamacare, unemployment and welfare checks, the 2009 Stimulus Bill, the government takeover of the Internet, the Dodd-Frank bill, the Consumer Financial Protection Board, HUD, EPA, and so on. Obama and his party uses the bureaucracy of the federal government in abusive and often unlawful ways to evade congress in a way to fortify his redistribution scheme of taking from one group of people and giving to another.

For over six long years now Obama has preached the same foolish nonsense at home that he does when traveling abroad. It’s the same silly notion that America’s economic engine is the root cause of the world’s ills and therefore must be, “changed” from within. We used to have American presidents stand up for and herald the proven successes and virtues of free market capitalism as the engine of freedom and liberty. Today, we have an American president who openly extols the virtues of something quite the opposite.

Aligning with Communist Dictators

President Kennedy warned the world about the danger of communism in 1962 when he said,”Castro and his fellow dictators may rule nations, but they cannot rule people” Kennedy would be referring to the repressive rule of communism by the Fidel Castro regime 53 years ago. The United States would put sanctions in place to keep Cuba from acquiring Soviet missiles that posed a dangerous threat to our homeland.

Today, our dangerously naive president does not only disagree with the most heralded democrat president of our time concerning the communist island 90 miles to our south, he wants to altogether dismiss the potential threat that the communist country’s totalitarian ideology poses to the rest of the free world.

I guess we need to forget about the human rights abuses imposed by Cuba on its own people or their illegal missile shipments made to their communist ally, North Korea? How about their current associations with state run terrorism or their harboring of American cop killing murderers who have escaped the American justice system. All we heard last week was how rotten and inhumane America was for using enhance interrogation techniques on 3 terrorists that murdered 3,000 people. Now, we are to become friendly with a communist country that tortures and brutalizes its own citizens?

Obama and his party have more in common with this repressive, Stalinist ideology of Fidel Castro than they do with their own freedom loving country. The comparison to Cuba can be seen when it comes to their idea of redistribution of wealth, government run healthcare and greater government sanctions and regulations on private business that undermines American economic freedom. Sadly what seems to be, “foreign” to Obama and his leftist party are the ideals that created our country.

The president and his far-left, socialist party are so far-left these days that when they look down to see their toes they are actually staring at their ass! President John Fitzgerald Kennedy believed in the traditional ideals of America. His ideology was so diametrically opposite from the party of today. Kennedy was an anti-communist and was best friends with another anti-communist senator Joe McCarthy. He pushed for across the board tax cuts and a strong military. These are all things that the far-left despises and opposes today.

It is apparent that the democrats have forsaken the American ideals of John F. Kennedy and have aligned themselves with communist dictators who don’t believe individuals should have the power to behold their own liberty and freedom. They both want that power taken away from the individual and given back to the state so that the state can decide to redistribute to whomever they wish. They believe that the state shall have the ultimate power over the individual for the common good. These aren’t the values and ideals of JFK or America. They are the planks of a communist state.

Taking The Mask Off

globalwarmingWhy would an organization such as the United Nations which was founded by a communist spy who infiltrated the United States government in the 1940’s for the Soviet Union; have any credibility on the world stage today?

The United Nations is an organization whose membership consists of mostly socialist and communist countries that are run by tin-pot dictators who rule by an iron fist over their people using totalitarian government to stay in power. These same dictators would love to plant their socialist/communist policies in the United States to bring down the only enduring and successful economic engine that ever existed. That would be America’s free market capitalist system. How would one go about bringing down the most successful and productive economic engines in the world? Climate Change.

Climate Change is a scheme concocted by world communists and socialists to separate money from your pocket to their pocket. It is a redistribution plan that confiscates money from hard working people who live in free countries and then redistributes that money to countries that are run by dictators who are then free to use that money anyway they please. Ironically, these dictators hypocritically receive this money from an economic system that they supposedly despise. The Climate Change con artists use scare tactics while selling the notion that we humans are at fault and therefore guilty of causing the earth to warm and ultimately die. They use faulty computer models to falsely predict futuristic gloom and doom all while your everyday, accredited meteorologist can’t accurately  predict what the temperature will be in your neighborhood next week.

The organizations that supported the “Climate Change” rallies in the streets of Oakland, CA and New York City this past week were pure communist in nature. The rallies were held in conjunction with the opening session of the 2014 United Nations. Among the groups  participating were  Code Pink, Communist Party USA, Socialist Workers Party, Democrat Socialist Party, Eco-Socialist Organization, Workers World Party, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS).

These far left groups are not so much concerned about the lives of polar bears, melting glaciers or global warming. They are more concerned about overthrowing the capitalist system in the United States and replacing it with a failed economic system that mirrors that of North Korea, China, Venezuela and Cuba.

Most of these groups think and sympathize along with the democrat party. They share  a collectivist mindset that abhors individual liberty and freedom. They naively believe that government can and should take care of everyone’s needs and wants through over regulation, punitive taxation and redistribution of wealth. We can already see this in America today as well  over 49% of Americans rely on government subsidies to live, and these numbers will continue to rise as more poor and uneducated illegal aliens continue to flood through our porous southern border from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

With all the problems facing America today it is surprising to learn that 68% of democrats believe that climate change is the biggest danger that faces our country today. Democrats are more worried about the made up lies of climate change than the dangerous realities of Islamic terrorism, illegal immigration (and the diseases associated with it), exploding government debt or loss of individual freedom.

Alger Hiss and his fellow communist friends would no doubt be proud of the effort the United Nations and the American left are doing in trying to destroy our successful economic system in the United States. After all, that was the ultimate goal Hiss and his fellow communist travelers had when they successfully infiltrated a democrat administration back in the 1940’s. Hiss and his buddies did it in a secretive fashion. Today, the democrat party along with the UN, have brazenly taken the mask off and are now showing us who they are not only here in America, but around the world. They are also sending the dangerous message that freedom is being dismantled here in America for the false sense of security under a despotic form of collectivism also known as communism.