Boneheaded Political Ideology?

It’s always amusing to watch a liberal suddenly become surprised to learn thier own liberalism is nothing more than a boneheaded political ideology. This was on display today on CNN when host David Gregory asked the number one question pertaining to the chemical weapons attack on a hospital in Syria. “Why were they (chemical weapons) still there?” We were promised by the Obama administration that Syria was chemical weapons free.

Perhaps the best people to answer David Gregory’s question would be Barack Obama, John Kerry and Susan Rice. It was those three who proudly proclaimed to the free world that Syria was now free of chemical weapons.

This only proves that liberalism is nothing more than a political philosophy devoid of all facts and reality. Those that believe in such lunacy have once again proven to all that they are inherently dangerous and inept at running anything meaningful much less the federal government.

Why did innocent people have to die in Syria from chemical weapons when they were promised by the Obama administration they didn’t exist? We can thank CNN and David Gregory for giving us some clues. We can now surmise those people were not only murdered by lethal chemical weapons, but by the boneheaded political ideology of the Obama administration.


Bullshit Artist?

It certainly looks like president Trump has been vindicated once again on his insistence the Obama administration intentionally spied on him and his transition team.. The new information was put forth yesterday from the  House Intellegence Committee Chairman and California congressman Devin Nunes. This new information will no doubt make all of Donald Trump’s detractors in the commiecrat party and the liar czar media eat crow for years to come.

After weeks of calling president Trump, “unhinged, “crazy” and “unfit” for believing that he was spied on or wiretapped by the Obama administration. Some media fool even suggested that the president was a, “bullshit artist” for even suggesting such an outrageous idea.

I wonder if the liar czar media gasbags will now offer an apology to president Trump for making him out to be a dangerously, unhinged president who can’t be believed in anything he says? These people that were constantly describing the president as unhinged are the ones who are actually unhinged. Take a look at this lunatic from fake news outlet CNN. Serial plagerer and unhinged Hillary supporter Fareed Zakaria used the phrase “bullshit artist” to describe the president of the United States. This globalist asshole gets to keep his job after calling the president a “bullshit artist?” What a freaking asshole!

Is this the kind of despicable language CNN wants its reporters to spew across their airwaves? The election has been over for four months already. Your candidate lost. I realize that you gave millions of dollars and airtime to Hillary Clinton in the hopes that she would advance your socialist ideology yet, she lost! Big time!

Americans don’t appreciate having their commander-in-chief called nasty names by hissy fit lunatics like Fareed Zakaria. Can you imagine if someone at a Fox News described Obama as a “Bullshit artist?” Remenber, Obama was the guy who promised, “if you like your plan , you can keep your plan.” That was the “Lie of the Year” according to Politifact in 2013. The real bullshit artist isn’t Donald Trump. It’s CNN, Fareed Zakaria and Barack Obama.

Damaging Themselves

CNN is continually orchestrating fake news in its selfish effort to undermine the president of the United States. What they may actually be doing is successfully undermining their own credibility and damaging themselves.

Today’s big story from CNN is concerning a Russian spy ship that is lurking along the east coast of the United States. According to CNN, the spy ship can ease drop on email and communications from the United States. Oh my! CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is breathlessly trying to portray president Trump as somehow being negligent by not doing anything about this sudden made up international crisis.

Anyone with a brain knows that the spy ship named Viktor Leonov has been patrolling the international waters off the US for years. It often docks in Havana, Cuba to refuel. How do we know this? Well, during the lovable Obama years CNN reported on the ship’s many voyages and never really seemed to be too alarmed by the ship’s destinations. A report by CNN about the spy ship back in March 2015 didn’t reflect any consternation or alarm. They didn’t even bother to mention who the president was at the time.

The crybaby left wing media still doesn’t want to believe that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election in a historic electoral landslide. The fake news from CNN and the other liar czar news outlets is being created to do two things. First, to delegitimize and harm the president on a daily basis. Two, use the false news to mobilize anti-Trump anger from their stupid base. CNN is making fake news up to damage the president on a daily basis. In the end, all they are doing is undermining  their own credibility and damaging themselves.

The Official Tea Bagger of CNN

Tea Baggers
Tea Baggers

When conservative voters mobilized across the country to form the Tea Party movement back in 2009, many leftists in the media downplayed the significancy of the movement as nothing more than a right wing, fringe group. They didn’t care or want to know what the Tea Party stood for. It was a large coalition of millions of voters who believed in cutting the deficit, slowing the rate of government spending and fiscal responsibility.

Who knew that holding the United States government fiscally in check was a danger to lunatic lefties? We saw how bat shit leftists like CNN host Anderson Cooper reacted to all of this. He was the first to refer to individuals in the Tea Party movement as, “Tea baggers” who “like to Tea bag.” What?

When Anderson Cooper first used the term, “tea bagger” to describe millions of Americans who associated themselves with limited government, most Americans had no idea what Mr. Cooper was talking about. Most everyday commoners across the country never understand or knew what the term meant. They certainly didn’t know it was a pejorative.

It wasn’t until later when many began to understand where CNN host Anderson Cooper was coming from. He was basically using a homosexual slang term to denigrate anyone who associated themselves with the Tea Party movement. Being an openly gay man as Mr. Cooper is, one can only assume he has been tea bagged on multiple occasions by many male partners in his lifetime. So you would think he would have first hand knowledge of what he is talking about. You could say Anderson Cooper is the official “Tea Bagger” of CNN.

On Sunday night. CNN host Anderson Cooper will try to his best to convince you that Donald Trump is the establishment rich guy who can’t possibly relate to the average American voter. When in reality. It is the CNN host Anderson Cooper who can’t possibly relate. He has proven this fact by using the CNN cable network to publicly insult and impugn a large portion of the American electorate by equating them to a slang term used in describing a homosexual sex act. We have CNN and Anderson Cooper to thank for dragging America down into the gutter of homosexual deviancy. This is CNN.

Clinton News Network?

imageCNN has been on the Clinton bandwagon since 1992. In fact, you may remember the uber-liberal cable network was often referred by its critics as the, “Clinton News Network” for not reporting on the Clinton scandals in the 1990’s. Today, the cable network openly promotes the Clinton’s in every way possible. Whether it is Hillary’s uninspiring presidential campaign, the family’s corrupt foundation or anyone who happens to be associated with the Clintons. Be rest assured that CNN will always treat the Clinton’s like family. You can count on them to be the usual biased cable network we have now come to know. Just ask their adorable morning show couple.

Keep in mind when you watch CNN, their parent company donated thousands of dollars to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. Over the years many of their reporters and correspondents have been paid handsomely to attend and emcee Clinton Crime Family Foundation events.

CNN and the Clintons have a long and loving relationship with each other. They share the same un-American values such as open borders, illegal immigration and big-centralized government. Their coverage also reveals their sympathy for Marxist organizations such as Black Lives Matter, New Black Panther Movement and Occupy Wall Street.

For the past 25 years CNN has been nothing more than the unofficial house organ for Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. They have constantly rooted and tooted their cable news horn for them over the past quarter century. You come to realize what CNN really is. It’s isn’t a cable news network anymore. It is now official. CNN stands for the, “Clinton News Network.” That’s leftist anti-American propaganda!

Donald Trump And His New York Values

imageIn light of the fake controversy involving Ted Cruz’s comments suggesting Donald Trump’s “New York Values” are different than places like Iowa, certain news outlets such as MSNBC, Fox News and CNN should do a little reporting on this particular subject. It just so happens Ted Cruz was correct in his initial analysis on, “The Donald.” Want proof?

The proof is found in an interview “The Donald” did in 1999 on “Meet The Press.” On the show, Trump admits twice that being born and raised in New York City has given him, “a little bit different viewpoint than someone who lived in Iowa his whole life.” Trump admits to believing  many anti-conservative ideas such as abortion, partial birth abortion and gays serving in the military.

It’s disturbing to learn that when Trump is caught flip-flopping on any given issue and is correctly called out on it by anyone, that person suddenly is called a liar and is then attacked, maligned and denigrated by Trump and his supporters.

That’s what a phony politician does. When they get caught telling a lie, they attack the person who recognizes and exposes the lie. Ted Cruz isn’t the liar that Trump and his supporters have claimed. Ted Cruz has exposed the truth about Donald Trump. He is a typical liberal progressive with New York values who will flip-flop on any given issue at the spur of the moment. It only proves that Trump doesn’t have a moral belief system to stand on. So stop blaming Ted Cruz for simply pointing out what Donald Trump believed in 17 years ago. If you need someone to blame for Donald Trump’s New York values. Blame Donald Trump!

This Unfortunately is CNN


CNN continues to funnel money and attention into the Clinton Family Slush Fund. Their so-called, “foundation” rakes in over $160 million dollars a year and only 10% of that money goes to actual projects that help people. What CNN and the Clinton’s have now become for all to see are partners in promoting the Clinton Family Slush Fund and the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential run. No time since our country’s founding has a media outlet openly spent this amount of time and money supporting and promoting one family’s business and political interests at the same time. In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” host Jake Tapper, who himself has partaken in many Clinton Foundation fundraisers, interviewed the former president at the Clinton Global Initiative in front of an adoring audience filled with lame brain socialists. Check out the mocking banter concerning the GOP field between Mr. Tapper and the former impeached president.

It seems that CNN has now become nothing more than a infomercial for an old and tired politician who is selling the same snake oil from years gone past while he sits in front of a foundation logo for the sole purpose of promoting his phony foundation. For CNN to continue to be the official broadcast partner of the Clinton Foundation and continually promote the Clinton’s on a daily basis is scandalous and obscene in itself. Not only does CNN continue to donate to the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund, they and their reporters continue to fundraise, host and attend activities on behalf of the snake oil foundation.

CNN is one of the lowest rated cable news networks in America and it isn’t hard to understand why. CNN has now thrown away any credibility and objectivity it may have once had and become the official broadcast partner that simultaneously promotes and supports the Clinton family political machine and their unethical snake oil foundation. One can only wonder why the people who work at CNN are not ashamed and embarrassed at what they have now become. They are nothing more than a promotional arm for the Clinton family. CNN is shamelessly promoting the Clinton Family Slush Fund and themselves. Welcome to socialist-democrat politics in 2015. This unfortunately is CNN.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

chippy061315It’s quite obvious in the Liar Czar Media world that birds of a feather definitely flock together. Examples of this flock include George Stephanopoulos of ABC, Charlie Rose of PBS and CBS and Erin Burnett of CNN. One more example would be her colleague Fareed Zakaria. He is another Liar Czar Media puppet who works at CNN. They were a broadcast partner for the Clinton Global Initiative back in 2014. The parent company of CNN is Time Warner Inc. A company that has donated money to the Clinton Foundation. Mr. Zakaria has participated in many activities at the fraudulent Clinton Foundation. You will find that the CNN lackey often pushes socialist ideals on the far-left cable network. Below he suggests that communist, “China should be celebrating Thanksgiving and that America should have a big Mardi Gras party because that’s what we have become. A culture of over-consumption.” He would go on to say that, “American’s aren’t that wonderful and they are the big problem.” Yeah right! America needs to be like Communist China?

What Fareed Zakaria is advocating is global socialism. It is the socialist worldview that, “we” are all, “global citizens” and therefore, “we” as Americans should not be selfishly worried about the well-being of ourselves and our own families, but to the rest of the world. Fareed Zakarias and other socialist diehards who think this way are dangerous to our freedoms. People like him believe that in order for the whole world to survive and prosper, our nation must be less prosperous and surrender more of its liberty and freedoms in order to even the playing field for the rest of the world. This same elitist anti-American message can be heard from the likes of the United Nations, Barack and Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton or any other American socialist-democrat politician.

Days after the attacks on the American compound in Benghazi he shilled for the Obama administration in saying there was no clear evidence that the administration had any intent to lie to the public. He would further say that the idea that CIA officers at the Benghazi compound were denied requests for help were untrue. The truth would later reveal the opposite. As for the Obama’s foreign policy failures in Egypt, Russia, Syria and Libya, Fareed would ignorantly declare in 2012 that Obama’s foreign policy has been, “pretty successful.”

Fareed Zackaria is a Liar Czar Media puppet who works for a company that donates to the Clinton Foundation slush fund. He openly despises Americans and the country they live in. He has more in common with socialist, globalist elites that mingle at Clinton Foundation galas than he does with average Americans. The perverse political thinking he espouses don’t necessarily harm the one-percenters in America or the rest of the world for that matter, It is harmful and destructive to ordinary working people who bust their butt everyday to make a living. They can see the failure of Fareed Zakarias’ideology. They have been living through it for the last seven years.