Just Like His Predecessors?

Why are people continuing to freak out over Donald Trump’s immigration stance? It is no different from his previous predecessors. All one needs to do is go back and do a little research and see what has been said and done in the past by the last two democrat presidents.

The election of 2016 has been over for months and the disbelief of the outcome continues to discombobulate many Americans and their beloved media. The mass hysteria over the Trump election and his immigration policy is way out of control to anyone who has cared to understand previous immigration policy. All Trump is promising to do is to follow existing immigration laws.

One wonders when the sensibility of many on the left will ever return. Two months have rolled off the calendar since the election of the current president. Yet, the freak out factor continues on everything he says and does. Including on his immigration stance. What the current president is doing on immigration is no different than what previous democrat president’s have promised. All Donald Trump is promising is to follow the rule of law. Just like his predecessors have promised.

Phony Immigration Outrage

Remember back in the good old days when we actually had presidents enforce the immigration laws of the United States. For instance, in 1995 we had a centrist president who was revered and applauded by leftists when he promised to stop the illegal immigration problem during his State of the Union speech. This guy got a standing ovation for something that is foolishly taboo today.

Just four short years ago in 2012, we had a president who actually banned immigrants from Middle Eastern countries from entering the country. His name happened to be Barack Hussein Obama. In fact, when Obama wrote his executive order, there was no public outrage or righteous indignation from anyone. The drama queens in Hollywood never uttered a peep.

The big difference is today we have someone other than a lovable, socialist democrat in the Oval Office. So when that person does exactly what a socialist democrat promised in the past on immigration, left-wing hypocrisy is on display at the highest order.

What Donald Trump is doing on immigration is the same thing other presidents have done in the past. So don’t believe in the manufactured airport protests that are being promoted by the liar czar media concerning his temporary immigration ban. It’s all being done on purpose to confuse the public. So far, it isn’t working. 65% of Americans approve of Trump’s temporary ban on immigration.



Damaged Political Aspirations?

img_0498Who would have ever thought that like her husband, Hillary Clinton presidential aspirations would be greatly damaged by a sex scandal. For Bill Clinton, it was his sexual escapades with Monica Lewinsky back in 1996 that ultimately dogged his administration until he was finally impeached by the House of Representatives. Now, nearly 20 years since that sex scandal, another one may ultimately stop his wife from becoming the 45th president of the United States.

Today, in what can only be described as a gigantic bombshell of epic proportions, the FBI reopened the investigation into the 2016 democrat nominee’s private email server investigation. Hillary Clinton’s secret email server was investigated by the FBI for several months and in May 2016 they issued a report clearing her of any wrongdoing. On July 6, Attorney General Loretta Lynch of the Justice Department also cleared Mrs. Clinton of any wrongdoing.

Today’s announcement by the FBI changes all that. With just eleven days before the 2016 presidential election, it is being reported there are new revelations that have surfaced concerning the email investigation into Hillary Clinton. The revelations have to do with new information pertaining to the sexting scandal of Anthony Weiner, aka “Carlos Danger.” He happens to be the husband of Hillary Clinton’s closest adviser, Huma Abedin.

If there is any classified information found on any mobile device belonging to Huma Abedin or her husband, that is a federal crime. Ironically, a sex scandal may not only have underminded the political aspirations of Bill Clinton back in 1996, it may also damage the political aspirations of his wife some 19 years later. It just goes to show you that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

It Has Happened Before?

imageIt was hilarious watching Bill Clinton talk to his wife’s old geezer friend Charlie Rose last night. These two old fools were downplaying Hillary Clinton’s alarming medical emergency earlier in the day at the 911 Memorial. According to bubba, her problem is only minor and is a result of dehydration. Bubba admitted his wife’s medical emergency “has happened before. She gets dizzy!” What?

Watching these two old guys, who looked dehydrated themsleves try to spin and downplay Mrs. Clinton’s awful 911 face plant was a akin to watching two senior citizens boringly discuss what kind of jello they wanted to dine on at the local senior center cafeteria.

Spinning Hillary Clinton’s medical emergency is in itself problematic for her and the country. One needs to understand that dehydration is the leading cause of hospital visits for the elderly. The statistics prove that dehydration can lead to many problems for seniors. When an old person doesn’t understand the serious problems that is associated with their old age, dire circumstances or even death may occur. Electing an old woman such as Hillary Clinton into the office of the presidency of the United States is not only dangerous to the health of Mrs. Clinton, but also to the health and well being of our great country.

Clinton News Network?

imageCNN has been on the Clinton bandwagon since 1992. In fact, you may remember the uber-liberal cable network was often referred by its critics as the, “Clinton News Network” for not reporting on the Clinton scandals in the 1990’s. Today, the cable network openly promotes the Clinton’s in every way possible. Whether it is Hillary’s uninspiring presidential campaign, the family’s corrupt foundation or anyone who happens to be associated with the Clintons. Be rest assured that CNN will always treat the Clinton’s like family. You can count on them to be the usual biased cable network we have now come to know. Just ask their adorable morning show couple.

Keep in mind when you watch CNN, their parent company donated thousands of dollars to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. Over the years many of their reporters and correspondents have been paid handsomely to attend and emcee Clinton Crime Family Foundation events.

CNN and the Clintons have a long and loving relationship with each other. They share the same un-American values such as open borders, illegal immigration and big-centralized government. Their coverage also reveals their sympathy for Marxist organizations such as Black Lives Matter, New Black Panther Movement and Occupy Wall Street.

For the past 25 years CNN has been nothing more than the unofficial house organ for Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. They have constantly rooted and tooted their cable news horn for them over the past quarter century. You come to realize what CNN really is. It’s isn’t a cable news network anymore. It is now official. CNN stands for the, “Clinton News Network.” That’s leftist anti-American propaganda!

Clinton Cash

imageClinton Cash, is a feature documentary based on the Peter Schweizer book that the New York Times hailed as “The most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle.”

Clinton Cash investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being “dead broke” after leaving the White House to amassing a net worth of over $150 million, with over $2 billion in donations to their foundation. This wealth was accumulated during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as US Secretary of State through lucrative speaking fees and contracts paid for by foreign companies and Clinton Foundation donors.

The Clinton Foundation dishonorably advertises itself as a charity. After an investigation using their own 2013 tax filings, it was learned that only 10 percent of the money was donated to charity. Any honorable charity sends up to 75 percent of all of its money to charity.

Charity Navigater is a company that rates charitable organizations. They found that they couldn’t properly rate the Clinton Foundation so they removed it from their list of recommended charities. It’s no wonder the Clinton Foundation was never mentioned by anyone at the 2016 Democrat Convention.

Are The Laws Applied To Everyone Equally?

imageThe American political system has become dangerously compromised this week. If you think the laws are applied to everyone equally, you are dead wrong. What we have seen with the Clinton’s over the past thirty years proves it. The law doesn’t apply to them. We are reminded of that this week when we learned Bill Clinton quietly hoped on board a tax payer funded airplane to have an impromptu meeting with the current Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Keep in mind that Hillary and Bill Clinton along with their foundation are being investigated for possible wrong doing. It would be seen as very inappropriate for him to have any contact with the person leading the investigation. But, then again Bill Clinton has been caught many times engaging in inappropriate behavior with woman. Nothing new here.

The Attorney General along with the FBI are investigating the Clinton’s for possible illegal improprieties concerning the Clinton Foundation and the influential role it may have had during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State during the first term of Barack Hussein Obama. It has become a popular assumption that Hillary, who is being investigated by the Obama Administration for violating federal laws pertaining to national security and record keeping may indeed be found guilty of breaking the law. If true, that would throw the whole democrat balance of power off quilter for the foreseeable future.

Why would Bill Clinton go out of his way to quietly meet the current Attorney General on a tarmac in Arizona? The meeting was supposed to be off the books and secret service personnel ordered people that picture taking during the meeting would not to be allowed. Why the secrecy? The whole matter reeks of political desperation by the Clinton”s. One thing is for certain. Wherever these two go, scandal is certain to follow. When you can get away with scandal after scandal and you are never lawfully implicated, this behavior continues to persist year after year. Scandals are inevitable with the make-up of the corrupt Clinton family. Will the conclusion of this scandal be any different?

Trump Mixes Up The 911 Attacks With 7-11 Convenient Stores

Campaigning in Buffalo, New York last night Donald Trump compared the 911 attacks to the 7-11 convenient stores. Before he made the ridiculous gaffe, he told the crowd he “had written it down.”

What? Is this the type of man you want running the United States of America? I can’t remember seeing this much buffoonery in a presidential campaign in years. Donald Trump’s gaffes reminds me of the ones made by Ross Perot and his running mate James Stockwell back in 1992. Perot eventually lost the election to Hillary Clinton’s impeached husband in 1992. We are sadly witnessing the same embarassing failure of another Ross Perot type candidate in 2016. Thank you Mr. Trump.