The Average Democrat?

It’s always difficult for people to come to grips with the awful reality when someone they know has passed away. Everyone goes through that emotional pain and suffering. It’s the natural order of life and death. The six stages people often go through is shock, pain, anger, guilt, depression and longing. These six stages can also be applied to when people lose political elections. Most notably the average democrat.

When Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election, the American left was in total shock and disarray. They foolishly believed in the liar czar media polls that showed Hillary winning by a landslide. Shortly after her loss they displaced their anger not at their failed candidate or her campaign, but at they guy who actually won.

Going back to the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, republican’s didn’t blame Barack Obama for defeating their respected nominee John McCain or Mitt Romney. They correctly blamed their own candidates for running horrible and ineffective presidential campaigns. Republicans moved on. Their were no republicans on capital hill calling for a resistance campaign against president Obama after he won his two elections.

When democrats lose, they never move on. Instead, they dwell on  screwball conspiracy theories to explain for their electoral losses. After six months, the democrats are currently locked into the depression stage after the political death of Hillary Clinton. The cold reality is they still haven’t got over the election. They first blamed Hillary’s loss on Russian hacking even when it was later found out the people who hacked the DNC were not Russians, but an American DNC staffer. The staffer was later found murdered in Washington, D.C..shortly after he reportedly sent thousands of emails to Wikileaks detailing how the DNC was corrupt in dealing with candidate Bernie Sanders.

Now that the bogus claim about Russian hacking has been disproved a new conspiracy has popped up. It also uses the Russians as the boogie man. This time the democrats are screaming that president Trump committed an impeachable act for giving away secret/classified information to the Russians so vital it poses a threat to our national security. Really? What the president did was give the Russians information that ISIS intends to not only blow up American airliners, but Russian airliners using laptop computers. Do the leftist kooks in this country want Russian jetliners and body parts falling out of the sky just because their candidate lost the 2016 presidential election? Ironically, when Obama shared intelligence with the Russians the democrats didn’t give a damn.

The six stages normal people often suffer from after the death of someone they know is shock, pain, anger, guilt, depression and longing. These six stages can also be applied when people lose political elections. Most notably the average democrat. What America is witnessing on a daily basis is the emotional crack-up of the American left. They are still stuck in this delusional stage following the political death of Hillary Clinton. They still long for her. There is a resistance for them to understand the cold reality of what really happened on November 8, 2016. That reality, whether they want to except it or not, is their hopes and dreams died on that day. It’s time for the average democrat to finally realize it.

Ended The War In Iraq?

imageRemember all the anti-war demonstrations from 2003 to 2008? President Obama was elected president because of his stance against the Iraq war. The same war Hillary Clinton voted for using the intelligence data gathered from her husband’s administration.  At every 2012 reelection campaign event Obama bragged over and over about ending that war. He couldn’t stop yelling at us about his supposed precious achievement. The end of the Iraq war was sold to us as one of Obama’s greatest achievements.

It turns out that ending the Iraq war was yet another Obama okie doke. it wasn’t a great achievement after all because the war in Iraq never ended. It not only never ended, it has gradually intensified to the point that we are sending additional American soldiers to the battlefield in Iraq. In March of this year, Obama signed off on sending additional troops after an American service member was killed in a town 75 miles southwest of Mosul. The total number of American troops on the ground in Iraq is now close to 4,647.

I thought leftists cared about our fighting men and women? We’re are the anti-war demonstrations? Why aren’t the television news networks providing footage of the fighting? Could it be that showing any news coverage could spoil and harm the false narrative that the president of the United States has been telling to the American people? Yes America, the war in Iraq is still going on. Ironically, the same president who loves to brag about ending the war in Iraq, will also be leaving troops in Afghanistan well past his ineffective time in office. The two wars that were supposedly ended by Obama are quietly raging on in perpetuity. You wouldn’t know it by watching the network news. Who do we have to thank for that? Barack Hussein Obama and his codifying liar czar media buddies in the press.  It also proves that when a socialist democrat is president, anti-war demonstrations are a thing of the past.