imageWho was that new, renegade, “Washington D.C. Outsider” candidate who we saw publicly denounced political Super Pacs eight months ago? This political newbie warned us about the danger of Super PACS and said they were “the biggest disaster” in American politics today? It was Donald J.Trump who boldly declared all this at a CNBC Republican Presidential debate way back in October 2015 in Boulder, Colorado.

Nothing is more annoying than watching a billionaire political hack pretending to be taking the high road on any given issue just to be different from all the other candidates. When in reality, what he is doing is the very same thing he is railing against. Take for example the Trump hypocrisy on political Super PACS.

Turns out Donald Trump does have an evil Super Pac. It is run by a Trump friend named Tom Barrack who gathered over 32 million dollars as of today. Thus proving Donald Trump’s denounciation against Super PACS from last October happens to be another major policy flip-flop on his part. It makes you wonder if ¬†Donald Trump will keep any of his previous campaign promises by the time the Republican Convention rolls around? Will his followers ever take notice or even care?