Racism and the Forgotten Family

IMG_0357Is it me or does it seem like 1997 all over again? That was a time when scandalous reports were coming out of the White House and that an obsessed woman was stalking the first black president Bill Clinton.   It was a time when Mr. Clinton was serving late into his second term. It was also a time when republicans were in control of the house and the only way things could get done was through Triangulation 
Clinton and his handlers dodged and delayed his scandals for a few years, with the media’s help until a stained blue dress was finally discovered.

Fast forward to the politics of today. We are well into Obama’s second term. Multiple scandals have plagued his administration such as; Fast and Furious,
Benghazi,  Spying on the press as well as everyday Americans  and the IRS targeting of his political enemies. Which by the way was used in Article 2 in the impeachment of Richard Nixon back in 1974.

With all these scandals facing Obama and his little minions in his administration, what do they do? They do the same stall, dodge and delay tactics as president Clinton used. Only this time, Obama and his team bring out the race card. They’ve been using this tactic on anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their agenda. We’ve seen this from day one beginning in 2008. This week we get statements from baseball’s Hank Aaron claiming Obama’s problems stem from the KKK and racist white people.

Other examples of Obama hacks blaming whitey are Eric Holder and blabber-mouth troublemaker and NBC cable host Al Sharpton.

Ever since he began running for the White House in 2008, I couldn’t understand why everyone from the DC establishment to the media as a whole, referred to Obama as a “black” man or as “African American.”

For the record, Obama is half black and half white. It’s as if Obama never had a white family. It’s as if they never existed and that no one from his white side even exists now. I would love for someone in the press to find someone from his white family and ask the question. “What is it like to have a family member be the first African American president?” That question would never be asked because it would ruin the whole fake narrative that the media and his handlers created for Obama.  It would also make the “race card” in reality, ineffective.

The socialist democrats can’t hide from their scandals without mobilizing their base with the race card. That’s how they try to “shut up” anyone who doesn’t agree with them on policy. They disguise the truth using false charges of racism. That’s more disgusting than racism itself.

2 thoughts on “Racism and the Forgotten Family”

  1. For the record Hank; and everyone else playing the race card and the politics of hatred for that matter. The KKK was founded and formed by southern DEMOCRATS back in 1866. Educate yourselves.

  2. I remember the minute Obama got elected. I wasn’t exactly excited about it….but something very interesting happened…..the TV started flooding me with images of blacks around the world cheering for the first black president. (Convenient that they had these rallies already prepared to be shown live to the world, btw…) Anyway, it wasn’t until that exact instant that I even considered Obama to be black at all. It just simply hadn’t even crossed my mind. It felt dirty — not because he was black, but just because such a big deal was being made of it. If you want racism to go away, stop making such a damn big deal of what race people are. It’s irrelevant. Let it go.

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