Promoting and Enriching the Clinton’s

Best Buddies
Best Buddies

The news media was supposed to be a force for truth and report the facts in an ethical and unbiased way. Their job was to hold all politicians accountable to the people who elected them. Nowadays, instead of holding them all accountable by reporting the facts, they have openly picked sides. That’s why we affectionately refer to them as the Liar Czar Media. Looking over the financial records of the Clinton Foundation you begin to see that there were well over $25,000,000 in donations from major media corporations that represent the Liar Czar Media. These corporations not only donate money to the fraudulent foundation, their media puppets are frequently honored by the foundation at their annual galas. When the friendly collusion between politicians and media members takes place, the relationship between the two begins to develop into a more cozy and cordial one. When the two entities combine as one it creates a problem that blurs the line between truth and deception. You can see this problem at Public Broadcasting Service and CBS with news correspondent Charlie Rose.

The Public Broadcasting Service has not only donated public funds to the Clinton Foundation. They have also created programming for themselves partnering with the Clinton Foundation using their longtime host Charlie Rose. Charlie has partaken in many galas with Bill and Hillary Clinton and has gushed that Bill Clinton is the, “best political animal that’s ever been.” With all this hobnobbing with the Clinton”s and their foundation you can tell Charlie has a lot of love and devotion for the Clinton’s. In fact their old friends that go way back.

Interestingly enough when someone other than a friendly socialist-democrat politician shows up at a place where Charlie happens to work his mood changes abruptly and he behaves quite differently. This strange behavior from Charlie was observed when republican Rand Paul was invited on the CBS Morning Show to speak about his newly released book. When the interview began Charlie and a co-host became hostile and scorned the senator for appearing on the show. They then charged that the sole purpose for his appearance on their show was all about selling books.

Charlie Rose and the public corporation he works for donates thousands of tax payer dollars to the Clinton’s and their corrupt foundation. If the Clinton Foundation spends more money on fundraising than it does on charity, then the Clinton Foundation isn’t a charity. It is a slush fund. Charity Navigator is an accredited company that ranks charity foundations. They denied ranking the Clinton Foundation because it didn’t meet any of their proper criteria. Charlie Rose is no different than the other members of the Liar Czar Media. They have a loyal allegiance to the Clinton’s because they share the same political ideology. When you have Liar Czar Media clowns donating time and money to friends who are running a multi-million dollar foundation that turns out to be nothing more than a giant slush fund, then they are officially participating and implicit in the fraud. What we are witnessing is a multi-million dollar scam that is being perpetuated by the  Clinton family and their friends in the media for the sole purpose of not only promoting and enriching the Clinton’s, but themselves as well.