imageRemember this guy? He came out of the gate running as an anti-establishment political outsider. He promised to use his own money to fund his own presidential campaign. It was a brilliant strategy never used before in history of the United States of America. He wasn’t going to be beholden to the Washington D.C. establishment. He promised not to be a typical politician who said one thing while doing another. He wasn’t going to hire establishment Washington D.C. lobbyists to assist him in winning the White House. He promised he was going to have a new, young and innovative campaign staff that will unabashedly, “Make America Great Again!”

Turns out everything this guy said in the beginning isn’t true. After winning the republican nomination everything this guy promised suddenly were all just “suggestions.” Since announcing his run for the presidency back in June 2015, this supposed anti-establishment candidate was the only republican running to have weekly meetings in Washington D.C. with republican insiders. He hired D.C. lobbyists to help run his political campaign. Instead of funding his own campaign with his own money, he hired party insiders to help him raise millions from all the big Wall Street banks and Hollywood. His billionaire friend, Sheldon Adelson promised to donate $100 million dollars to aid his general election campaign.

We now know everything this guy promised such as; funding his own campaign, temporarily halting Muslim migration, deporting 11 million illegal aliens, defunding Planned Parenthood, abolishing Obamacare, building a wall on the southern border (making Mexico pay for it), getting rid of Common Core, abolishing the EPA, kicking out Syrian refugees, persecute Hillary Clinton, bringing back jobs from China and Mexico, forcing American industries to come back to the United States and getting rid of sanctuary cities were all just buzzwords and suggestions to fool people into voting for him. A majority of republican voters saw through this huckster and declined to vote for him.

This is why this man is the only republican nominee in the history of our country to not attain a majority of the republican vote. Ironically, it turns out this guy isn’t the political outsider he claims to be. Who is this man? Why it is Donald Trump. He is actually a typical inside the beltway politician. How can you tell? He promises one thing while doing another.