imageTea Party surrogate Sarah Palin had it exactly right back in 2012 when she correctly predicted that the Liar Czar media was sucking up to Mitt Romney during that season’s primary contest. They were only doing so because they knew they could tarnish him in the general using their old playbook to paint Romney as an out of touch millionaire, white guy who hated women and minorities.

Palin was proven correct in her media analysis back in 2012. That’s exactly how the media will treat Donald Trump this year should he make it to the general election. Unlike Romney, this year the media will have access to  a voluminous library of damning material on Trump that will no doubt be used to crucify him in the general.

Back in 2012, Sarah Palin was one of the principle defenders of the Tea Party movement. She understood that conservative candidates needed Tea Party support for them to win elections. Donald Trump was never on board supporting the Tea Party movement in any way shape or form. This is why it is so surprising she would endorse someone who isn’t conservative. During this current election cycle, don’t expect the Tea Party to emulate Sarah Palin and go out of its way to support Donald Trump while he gets the “teabagger” treatment from the media. Why would a conservative movement support and vote for someone who isn’t conservative in the first place?