It was heralded by his media to be a magnanimous moment for his presidency. There he was today standing confidently in the Rose Garden with his usual cockiness patting himself on his back on national television. He was guaranteeing to the whole world that through his hard negotiating skills an historic deal was finally struck on a framework for nuclear peace between the U.S. and Iran.

Not two hours after this glorious and epic announcement by our golden boy president, the foreign minister of Iran, who is leading the negotiations for Iran defiantly blasted Obama and called on him, “to stop lying to the American people,” and “that the talking points the White House had released were not agreed to.” The Iranian foreign minister would also say that nuclear enrichment would still continue and that nothing they were doing would change.

It must be very embarrassing to our boy president to get a total beat down from a small country such as Iran. Did he think he was dealing with the republicans? Just when he is bragging about a gigantic nuclear deal he supposedly orchestrated to further make the Middle East and the world Obama proof. Boom! We learn the whole deal is a lie and a total farce. In order to get negotiations started in the first place Obama had to cede the nation of Iraq to Iran. He has given Iran the use of US air strikes in that effort to control Iraq while bombing ISIS forces through out the whole region.

Our young and naive speech-giver-in-chief has proven to be a dangerous fool on the world stage for everyone to see. Obama was punked, played and totally embarrassed today as he thought he achieved something epically noble and notorious. Something that no other U.S. president could possibly achieve, but he. What Obama really achieved today was to totally embarrass himself by unknowingly acquiesce to a deceitful and dangerous Middle East power. He finally revealed to the United States and to the rest of the world just how dangerous and naive he is when negotiating with an extreme radical Islamic regime.