billionsLet me state here in the preamble to this hideous screed – that I am lifting my entire content from John Oliver.

His new HBO show is brilliant, and since I cannot say it better than he did; hell why not just plagiarize the cockney bastard?

With this as my setup – these inbred cretins on the left coast of Oregon, decided it would be a really smart idea to spend a quarter of a billion dollars on a website that does not work. As if was not enough? A quarter of a billion dollars, billion with a capital B. WTF?

Jesus god almighty, my coders in Nebraska could of built a site that does work for under $200 grand. And granted, they might be panty-sniffing reprobates, but they are taxpayers -AND- they do build websites that work! You just cant make shit like this up.

In any event, for good or ill – and with out further bloviating on my part – here is John Oliver with better content than I could ever come up with…for now anyway: