photo (13)Our socialist-in-chief community organizer will be destroying healthcare plans for 170,000,000 hard working Americans. After destroying the individual plans for millions who purchased their healthcare with their own money, our glorious president is going to punish tax-paying Americans who receive their healthcare from their employers.

This is what Marxist minded delusional dictators do. They implement major regulations on industries they abhor. This causes that industry they have over-regulated to be ultimately destroyed. Which is designed, in the end, to be completely owned by the all powerful growing Marxist state. This is all done under the banner that government “is looking out for you” or “government cares and wants to take care of you.”  What really is happening is that government is in charge of you. You begin to realize you have no liberty or freedom anymore.

Obama and his party despise America and it’s founding. It’s evident in his policies. He, his socialist democrats in congress and his marxist minded acolytes in his liar czar media, are hell bent on destroying America. Why you ask? All for their own power and greed so as to sit at the “Grand Alliance” table.

On April Fools day the president proclaimed these words, ““In the end, history is not kind to those who would deny Americans their basic economic security. Nobody remembers well those who stand in the way of America’s progress or our people,” This guy actually had the gall and arrogance to ask the networks for a prime time audience that night so he can tell the nation how wonderful he is. A speech to America after screwing America?  Enough already!

The only people who are “denying Americans their basic economic security” is Obama and his party.  They are the ones who are destroying healthcare plans for over 170,000,000 Americans. Its time to impeach this egomaniacal despot and send he and his party to back to the minority status they deserve.