Barack Obama, Cory Booker, Loretta Weinberg, Barack Obama, Jon CorzineA new scandal is just starting to see the sunlight in New Jersey. It involves former mayor Cory Booker and the Newark Watershed Conservation and Development Corporation  It’s a non-profit corporation that watches over the city and state landholdings that surround the reservoirs in northern New Jersey. Booker was picked to be on the board of the company.

The problem for Booker, now a United States senator from New Jersey, is he used this company to enrich his buddies and political cronies for millions of dollars. Elnardo Webster who is an ex-law firm buddy and someone who worked on Booker’s campaign made over one million dollars in legal fees from 2007- 2011. Another political ally of Booker was Linda Watkins Brashear. She made close to a million dollars from the public funded organization in income and severance pay.

NWCDC is a public funded organization. Therefore it is subject to compliance with the Open Meeting laws of the state of New Jersey. This company and it’s board did not comply with the law.

You can read more about the corruption scandal now encircling the “rising star” and “reformer” U.S. Senator Cory Booker.