imageIn light of what happened in Dallas last night, would Martin Luther King admire the cop hating organization called Black Lives Matter? Barack Hussein Obama does. He admiringly praised the group saying they are better at community activism than he was. The group was at it again last night aggressively protesting against law enforcement in multiple cities across the nation. Including Dallas. The organization aggressively incites ignorant young people to chant phrases such as, “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon!” or “when do we want dead cops? We want em dead now!” They also carry imbecilic signs that read , “End White Supremacy.” It is no surprise that when a militant, radical group continues to rail against police officers in the inner-cities across the country you are furthering the demise and destruction of your own community. Without law enforcement, chaos will follow. Yet, Obama continues to be greatly supportive of the hate group to the point of inviting them into the White House for anti-cop strategy meetings.

Obama mentions all the great work that DeRay McKesson does. All this guy seems to do is get arrested for inciting riots and agitating police officers. In Obama’s world,  that’s good enough to receive the presidential Medal of Freedom Award.

Obama’s friends at Black Lives Matter do more harm than good to the communities they pretend to care for. Police officers have been shot at and murdered following Black Lives Matter demonstrations in New York City, Ferguson, MO, Dallas, TX last night and today in St. Louis. Statistics reveal that white people and police officers do not kill an inordinate amount of black people. The data overwhelmingly proves this.

In fact data from 2013 shows that: a “white” homicide victim is over twice as likely to be killed by a black than a black homicide victim is to be killed by a “white.” Also in 2013, blacks made up 42 percent of all cop killers whose race was known. The 200 or so reported killings of blacks by police officers — nearly all justified – pale in comparison to the 6,000 or so killings of blacks by other blacks. Given the fact that blacks are less than 13 percent of the national population, their homicide rate against whites and Hispanics combined is vastly disproportionate to their share of the population. There were 431 black killers of “whites,” compared to 193 “white” killers of blacks.” The displaced anger of the Black Lives Matter crowd at cops and whitey is totally unjustified. The blame should be placed squarely on the people who are doing the actual killings. Just who are they? Black people.

In Dallas, Texas five police officers were unnecessarily murdered in cold blood for protecting the protest rights of whacked out losers who are devoid of the factual data concerning the real culprits of black violence in the black community. Yet, they still gathered together at a radical leftist movement and held hateful, racist signs that were derogatory towards law enforcement officials and white people in general. Is it no wonder that shots were fired last night? What is most embarrassing is that this same hateful group named Black Lives Matter has been openly endorsed by the Democrat National Committee, Hillary Clinton and the president of the United States.  Along time ago Martin Luther King  said that people should stop judging others by the color of their skin. When are Obama, Hillary and the American left going to wake up and start judging people by the content of their character?