HillaryBack in the 1990’s when Hillary Clinton’s husband was chasing interns around the Oval Office  and selling the Lincoln bedroom for campaign cash, Ms. Clinton herself was illegally collecting FBI files on her husband’s political allies and  telling the nation that his scandalous behavior was nothing serious at all and just a  “vast right-wing conspiracy.”



Now, some 16 years later with her eyes set on the White House, Hillary wants us all to forget about her past transgressions as well as her failures as Secretary of State and just move on. As if to say, “What difference does it make”



Speaking to a group of women this past Thursday Hillary said,  “There is just pure ideology, pure partisanship. We disguise a commercial interest behind a political facade and the result is that we’re kind of marching backwards instead of forward.”

Pardon me if I see a little hypocrisy here coming from Hillary. What she is trying to do is hide the truth and create the notion that any disagreements that people may have with her on policy and scandal should  all be cast aside as just baseless and sheer “partisanship” issues that should then be tossed away as irrelevant and old news.  What team Clinton is really doing with the help of AP is stifling free speech so we can never get to the truth about anything in her past. This is exactly how Obama won in 2008.