lameOur lame duck communist-in-chief who has been president for over six years and is provided a lavish lifestyle by the U.S. taxpayer is on once again apologizing for America. Only this time he did it down in Panama City, Panama this weekend. He is attending a, “civil society” forum that essentially promotes dictators who practice communism. In a speech on Friday, Obama spoke of ending the longstanding idea of following the Monroe Doctrine. That doctrine was upheld by previous American presidents with the noble effort of expelling the spread and influence of communism in Latin America and the rest of this hemisphere. The spread of communism was once something the United States stood up too and fought against. Today, we have a president and his administration that brainlessly embraces it not only here at home, but around the world.

For Obama, the philosophy of Marxism is something he truly believes in. He believes in the redistribution of wealth. That’s the idea of government confiscating one person’s money and giving it to another in order to make everyone equal. Sadly, this foolish idea only makes people equally poor. Obama, like many leftists were indoctrinated in this failed philosophy in school. He wrote about this philosophy in both of his memoirs and taught it in a classroom while lecturing as a part-time adjunct professor in Chicago.

This is why our president shakes hands with the likes of Hugo Chavez, Nicolis Maduro and the Castro brothers. It’s also the reason he gives Russia’s Vladimir Putin more flexibility to expand his communist sphere in his quest to takeover a sovereign country like Ukraine or allowing his war ships that have the capability of spying on America to dock in Cuba.

At home Obama and his party use the idea of communism to implement policies that redistribute wealth using an agenda that hides behind the words, “reform” or “change” when formulating leftist policies such as; Obamacare, unemployment and welfare checks, the 2009 Stimulus Bill, the government takeover of the Internet, the Dodd-Frank bill, the Consumer Financial Protection Board, HUD, EPA, and so on. Obama and his party uses the bureaucracy of the federal government in abusive and often unlawful ways to evade congress in a way to fortify his redistribution scheme of taking from one group of people and giving to another.

For over six long years now Obama has preached the same foolish nonsense at home that he does when traveling abroad. It’s the same silly notion that America’s economic engine is the root cause of the world’s ills and therefore must be, “changed” from within. We used to have American presidents stand up for and herald the proven successes and virtues of free market capitalism as the engine of freedom and liberty. Today, we have an American president who openly extols the virtues of something quite the opposite.